Hunter Biden cocaine

Hunter's Cocaine?

Hunter Biden cocaine

Hunter Biden cocaine
Probably Not Coke

But It's Something!
( Count The Blinks )
Hunter Biden cocaine

Hunter Biden cocaine
Cocaine In The West Wing
Hunter Biden cocaine
A Biden Family Mystery
Hunter Biden cocaine

Hunter Biden cocaine
Is There A Connection
Hunter Biden cocaine
Zelinskyy Is An Addict
Hunter Biden cocaine

What was your first thought when you heard about the cocaine?

Everybody knows it was Hunter's

A small amount of a white powdery substance was found in the White House on Sunday evening, July 2nd. An initial test conducted by a fire deprtment HAZMAT team idenitifed the substance as cocaine and everybody's first thought was, "Hunter Biden." They'll deny it of course, but it was the first thing that flashed through the minds of Democrats as well -- "Oh no, it's Hunter's!"

The cocaine must have had legs on it, becaus it traveled. The initial dispatch call stated that the white, powdery substance was found in the White House Library on the ground floor of the building. Then the cocaine was found in a holding area in the West Wing that is accessible to both White House staff and guests. Reuters reported that the cocaine was discovered in a cubby hole in a West Wing entry area where visitors place electronics and other belongings before going on tours. It ended up in a "limited access" space, near the Situation Room, a location that "average people" just can't get into.

Officials and the media were working overtime to estblish that the coke was found in the White House and not the West Wing and the drug was found in a place where lots of people went. Both of those stories are lies. The coke was found inside the office of the President of the United States, which are not open to the public.

Hunter Biden cocaine

Only armed Secret Service agents and members of the First Family are allowed to enter the White House and West Wing offices with little or no security precautions unlike others. Joe Biden took Hunter to Camp David on Friday evening. The cocaine stash was found Sunday evening. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here. Hunter took a "traveler" with him to Camp David, where he spent the weekend with the rest of the family, and left another baggie cached where he thought it would be safe -- it wasn't.

On Thursday, even MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was forced to acknowledge that, contrary to the idea that a random tourist left cocaine in the White House in what officials have described as a “heavily trafficked” area, the cocaine was actually found in a “limited access place” near the Situation Room.

Independence Day!

It had been a big two weeks for Hunter. The DoJ let him slide on tax evasion and gun felony charges, and he had settled the long-running child support case in Arkansas The deal was struck June 16, just days before it was revealed that Biden had agreed to a plea deal over misdemeanor tax charges with the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware. Hunter was no longer depressed. He was free. He needed to celebrate -- and went into his manic stage -- and cocaine.

For his own preservation, Joe has been keeping Hunter on a short leash. Hunter has been living at the White House for weeks and Joe takes him everywhere he goes -- to formal state dinners, to Camp David with him -- everywhere -- and these two forces, the freedom and the mania, collided during the White House 4th of July celebration.

On the third and slowest series of frames, at 27 seconds, you can clearly see the "coke bullet" in Hunter's left hand while he wipes the excess white powder from his nostrils with his right hand (go full screen).

Hunter Biden cocaine

That’s not Hunter “allegedly” doing a bump of coke. That is 100% Hunter doing a bump, and based on the other video from the balcony, that was probably his 50th of the night. This is the 4th of July. The "baggie" of coke was found two days earlier, on Sunday evening, July 2nd, during a routine Secret Service sweep. Maybe it IS a coincidence?


America needs to know that Hunter Biden was always on coke. He's never not been on coke -- whether he has any, or not. Hunter has been a cocaine addict since he was eighteen when he was arrested for possession. He was thrown out of the U. S. Navy one month after he was handed a commision for the same reason. He couldn't keep his nose clean. He quickly got a million-dollar-a-year gig with Burisma and millions more from the Chinese, and Romanians and Russians. Unfortunately, the worst thing that can happen to a coke addict is money, and Hunter forgot what he did put his laptop.

By doing a bump in public, Hunter wants everybody know. Joe and Jill especially. They both watched him snort that coke on that balcony. Hunter wanted them to know -- and he made his coming out public. A lot went on that evening on that balcony.

Hunter Biden cocaine

Hunter was breaking out and acting out. He was as high as a kite on powdered cocaine -- in front of God and everybody. Hunter Biden, the coke junkie telling his father, "you can't keep me prisoner."

Dr. Jill knows what she’s into here. She’s enabled the situation and now it’s all on camera and she would like to bolt, but can’t. Click the image and look at her face in the larger photo. It’s a picture of stress. Her blood pressure is throught the roof. Her neck is pulled tightly and she is both pulling and pushing on the railing.

Hunter knew cameras would be on him and still didn’t give a damn. Hunter knows he can do what he wants when he wants. Why not?

The FBI and DoJ will cover everything up for him -- and now the Secret Service has to eat it, but if you went to the Capitol on Jan. 6, you got raided, sent to the DC gulag, and then sentenced to years in prison while this POS does what he does -- drugs, prostitutes, money laundering, bribes and threats.

What we see in that clip should put Hunter back in court, followed by ten years in prison for violaing the conditions of his DoJ plea deal -- but it won't.

Something's rotten in DC

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says "there’s absolutely ZERO chance anyone other than a family member brought that cocaine inside the White House complex. No chance that anybody would make it past the security checkpoints. Family bypasses those.

Bobby McDonald, a former Secret Service agent for Joe Biden when he was vice president,, said that the report that the coke was found where tourist groups are allowed to access is a lie. The coke was found in a high security area, the area that houses the president's staff, just across from the Situation Room. He also said that during a holiday weekend public tours don't happen under the Biden's and that the coke had to be recent because the Secret Service would have known about it and that Secret Service has a good idea of everyone in attendance of the White House that could have left it.

In other words, the Secret Service already knows who the coke belongs to. It's not like the president's staff are all well-known coke users. That no one has been arrested already underscores what everybody suspects. That's why they’re saying stuff like “we’re unable to specify whose cocaine it is.”

The coverup commences

When Biden's people and the press came to work on Wednesday morning they were faced with the questions and they responded predictably.

Karine Jean-Pierre scolded the press and attempted to shame them for even asking if Hunter was involved. Her defense for the First Family was that the Bidens were not at the White House on Sunday when the cocaine was found as though that has some relevance

Politico tells us that the "identity of the owner may never be known." The reason they say is that the source of the drug was unlikely to be determined given that it was discovered in a highly trafficked area of the West Wing, which we now know to be nonsense.

    The White House is supposedly equipped with state-of-the-art security that would make finding the druggie who lost his illegal loot incredibly easy. 

    White House staff and visitors are required to go through multiple security checkpoints before entering areas like the West Wing. Some of these screening areas are even equipped with dogs that are trained to alert to illegal substances and items. Where metal detectors and cameras may fail, swarms of Secret Service and White House visitor logs are designed to prevail. 

    Against a bag of cocaine, however, Politico’s inside man suggests all of these measures are moot.

    “Even if there were surveillance cameras, unless you were waving it around, it may not have been caught,” the anonymous official told Politico. “It’s a bit of a thoroughfare. People walk by there all the time.” 

The ever-reliable MSNBC has already decided we'll never know who the coke belongs to.

The White House is equipped with state-of-the-art security that would make finding the druggie who lost his illegal loot incredibly easy. White House staff and visitors are required to go through multiple security checkpoints before entering areas like the West Wing. Some of these screening areas are even equipped with dogs that are trained to alert to illegal substances and items. Where metal detectors and cameras may fail, swarms of Secret Service and White House visitor logs are designed to prevail. 

If the Secret Service wanted to, they could find this person. But given how they reportedly ran interference when Hunter Biden got into gun trouble, can they be entrusted with investigating Cocainegate? 

Thats why, with all the videos and security and Marines and spies and FBI crime scene geniuses, they still haven't found out who the coke belongs to. Reminds me of the Mueller Investigation. All that time, money and effort and he never discovered Hillary was behind it all. Investigations during the Biden era have moree to do with covering up crimes than solving them.

In closing . . .

Someone in the White House has been snorting cocaine, and the probability that it's one or more of the White House staff is somewhere around zero. That the coke belongs to a "visitor" is possible, but the "visitor" would have to do one of those "Mission Impossible" stunts to evade all the cameras and guards, and to know where to go to hide the stuff. It's a crazy notion and tells you how desperate the supporters of Joe Biden are. Some officials are even absurdly claiming they can't respond to questions because of the Hatch Act.

This is the first and only report of cocaine being found anywhere on the White House grounds in the history of the United States and it just so happens that there is a cocaine addict living there.

It could be a coincidence, but he odds of that are terrible.

Cocaine near the Situation Room, topless perverts on the lawn, a felon drug addict running through the halls and a corrupt pedophile in the Oval Office. Could the Bidens possibly bring more disgrace and shame to America?

It's beginning to take a toll on The Big Guy.

Hunter Biden cocaine

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Hunter Biden cocaine
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Hunter Biden cocaine

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Hunter Biden cocaine

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