Groomers, pederasts, child molesters and their facilitators

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

High school cuts ties with LGBTQXYZ club that is running a "dick match" game  More 2022-12-02
A NJ high school recently held a drag show during school where students performed for select staff to watch ( thread )  More 2022-12-02
When high fashion and QAnon collide  More 2022-12-01
The animated film for kids, "Mama Has a Mustache," is sponsored by the company that sells chemical castration drugs to convicted pedophiles and "transgender children"  More 2022-12-01
Wisconsin middle school quietly helped a young girl transition against the wishes of her parents ( thread )  More 2022-11-30
“Drag queen story hour” a nonprofit which receives tax dollars to go into schools and public libraries to teach kids about drag- admits that they use drag to introduce kids to queerness  More 2022-11-29
In far too many classrooms, if you don’t agree with the narrative of 57 magical genders (or however many they’ve come up with now), then you’re not welcome ( thread )  More 2022-11-28
Wisconsin Children’s Hospital is stacking its bench of chaplains with trans activists  More 2022-11-28
Interesting comment about the new play about pederasts that the Left is ga-ga about  More 2022-11-28
The schools are full of these people  More 2022-11-28
Adm. Rachel (Richard) Levine sought studies favoring gender transitions for minors  More 2022-11-28
Drag Queen Story Hour provides a generative extension of queer pedagogy into the world of early childhood education ( )  More 2022-11-27
It's the federal and state governments that are funding and promoting the queering of America ( )  More 2022-11-26
The schools are infested with these people who indoctrinate rather than educate  More 2022-11-26
The Bethel (OH) school board has been sued by Christian and Muslim parents seeking to end "preferred gender identity" lavatories  More 2022-11-25
Demon says Republicans' transgender rhetoric is "demonic"  More 2022-11-23
Trans ideologues who cheer cutting off healthy genitals should not be setting federal medical standards  More 2022-11-23
"Misgendering" children is an "act of violence" and "needs to be dealt with accordingly  More 2022-11-22
NBC News reporter says drag queen story hours are just good clean fun  More 2022-11-22
"Educator" explains why parents should trust experts like herself to teach gender and identity  More 2022-11-18
How to deal with a local school board that is intent on screwing-up your kids  More 2022-11-16
Tattoos are child abuse, but gender affirming surgery is not  More 2022-11-15
This is politics and politic do not belong in a classroom  More 2022-11-15
When they call us “book banners” they’re referring to parents not wanting their kids to read porn in school ( thread )  More 2022-11-15
Credit to the NY Times for writing this unflinching look at how puberty blockers have been handed out to kids as young as 8 with almost no data on their safety ( thread )  More 2022-11-14
A “family-friendly” pride event this weekend in Florida featured a dildo ring toss game for kids  More 2022-11-14
The Walt Disney Company became America's foremost groomer -- now Disney is paying the price ( )  More 2022-11-13
America's foremost groomer, The Walt Disney Company, is learning that when you go WOKE, you go broke  More 2022-11-12
Father confronts principal about porn in school -- principal calls cops -- bans father from school grounds  More 2022-11-11
The schools -- public and private -- are infested with these deviates  More 2022-11-11
Author of an LGBTQXYZ, non-binary joy book, "Jamie." tells kids on TikTok that they should read her book even if their parents don’t let them  More 2022-11-11
Mom always wanted a girl  More 2022-11-10
Little, by little they are turning children into deviants -- it's the plan  More 2022-11-10
Groomer propaganda -- do not take medical advice from this  More 2022-11-08
The schools are filled with these people -- can't be an accident  More 2022-11-07
Director of the “Gender Health” at Children's Minnesota says kids can know they are transgender from the moment they can talk and that not all boys have penises  More 2022-11-07
Groomers should be called "groomers"  More 2022-11-06
No! Free speech doesn’t mean porn in schools  More 2022-11-04
Three out of four Americans say the transgender insanity targeting children has "gone too far"  More 2022-11-04
The other side of "transitioning" ( thread )  More 2022-11-04
Pennsylvania taxpayers have paid $16 million for child gender reassignment surgeries  More 2022-11-03
Making the normal, abnormal and the abnormal, normal  More 2022-11-01
"A palpable sense that liberal transgender ideology seeping into America's schools is a bridge too far for most parents"  More 2022-10-29
Kids go through phases -- surgery is forever  More 2022-10-29
Kids don't go through "phases" -- now they transition -- mom always wanted a boy  More 2022-10-29
Philadelphia schools to hold drag queen story hour for 6-year-olds  More 2022-10-28
There's grooming and then, there's beyond grooming  More 2022-10-27
Judge rules that ex-wife can take former husband’s child out of state for gender transitioning  More 2022-10-23
Most Americans support outlawing transgender surgeries, drugs for minors  More 2022-10-23
Who wants sex change operations on minors?  More 2022-10-22
This is who "educators" want their students to look up to and learn from  More 2022-10-22
Convincing autistic kids they’re trans  More 2022-10-21
Sexually mutilating children is beyond criticism, says a guy in a dress  More 2022-10-21
Leftists are trying to get Muslim parents fired from work for speaking out against sexually explicit schoolbooks  More 2022-10-21
"Gender-affirming" mastectomies for children soared 389% from 2016 to 2019  More 2022-10-19
California teacher assigns sophomores an essay that graphically described 9-year-old girls watching a grown man masturbate until completion  More 2022-10-19
"We were told to follow the science, except when boys are in a girls' bathroom, which is a public safety issue"  More 2022-10-19
Children learn by watching adults  More 2022-10-19
Fact! -- Joe Biden is queering America with billions of our own tax dollars ( )  More 2022-10-18
A pub in Eugene (OR) is defending its hosting of 10-year-old drag queen event -- says those who criticize the event are the ones sexualizing the child  More 2022-10-18
Child sex-crime epidemic in K-12, one arrest per day so far this year  More 2022-10-17
"Porn literacy" aims to make sure that schools are exposing kids to the broadest range of sexualized matter  More 2022-10-17
The Muslim community is not too thrilled with Democrats trying to convert little Muhammed into Mariam  More 2022-10-16
Dr. Mark McLaughlin, the superintendent of Conejo Valley (CA) Unified School District's says masturbating in front of one's classmates "happens once a year," and is no big deal  More 2022-10-14
The Left wants to cancel parents -- the ACLU has filed a complaint against a Pennsylvania school district for requiring parental consent for minors' gender transition  More 2022-10-13
Catchy tune -- "today we do some research, can these pedophiles fly... "  More 2022-10-13
What ever happened to, "first, do no harm?"  More 2022-10-13
A Dearborn Public Schools board meeting in Michigan was shut down as hundreds of Muslims protested the use of LGBTQXYZ books  More 2022-10-13
Under Michigan’s constitution, "Prop 3" will give boys a right to be castrated, and girls the right to be sterilized -- without their parents' consent  More 2022-10-12
Montgomery County (MD) public schools saw a 582% increase in reported "gender nonconforming" students in 2 years -- it's the curriculum  More 2022-10-12
The director of the Boston Childrens Hospital Gender Clinic admitted that puberty blockers can cause infertility and are given to kids, "like candy" ( thread )  More 2022-10-12
Actor tells jury that Kevin Spacey abused him when he was 14-years-old -- Spacey is a rich, liberal, old, Hollywood pederast -- he'll probably get "community service"  More 2022-10-10
Multiple female teachers in New York City have been accused of inappropriate behavior involving students  More 2022-10-10
Kids are being manipulated on a massive scale by the Alphabet People. The numbers are shocking -- this is the direct result of Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order  More 2022-10-08
"Groomer" is too nice a word for pedophiles  More 2022-10-08
New Jersey has made it mandatory for schools to teach 10-year-olds about "gender identity"  More 2022-10-08
Demonic freak John Fetterman is a groomer -- wants "mandatory grooming" in public school  More 2022-10-07
Many people still refuse to believe this is happening in school districts all across America  More 2022-10-07
Democrats go "full groomer" in New York, passing bills for mandatory sex education starting in kindergarten  More 2022-10-07
Shrinks' LGBTQXYZ committee said it would pick up gay kids who didn't like their parents and resettle them with new, "queer friendly guardians"  More 2022-10-06
"Puberty blockers" are the same chemicals as those used to chemically castrate sex offenders and these people are all excited about using them on kids  More 2022-10-05
Father of 11-year-old speaks out as New York hospital, courts attempt to medically transition his child  More 2022-10-04
Pedophilia goes mainstream -- "The purpose of drag for kids is, it’s to teach them to live queerly and introduce queer pedagogy"  More 2022-10-04
An Endocrinologist at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital says kids as young as 2 can be transgender and it’s not a choice.  More 2022-10-03
The NEA is distributing “safe space” badges to teachers across the country -- the badge has a QR code thath leads to sites containing sexually explicit content  More 2022-10-03
Trans treatments are the new lobotomy  More 2022-10-02
Beginning in kindergarten, the Pittsburgh school system teaches abstinence is not the "expected norm" for the school children  More 2022-10-02
San Francisco schools encourages teachers to facilitate secret child sexual transitions, and affirm students who use the gender pronoun "it" -- genderism's "n-word" ( thread )  More 2022-09-30
Millions of children will pay a very heavy price for Joe Biden's gender equity agenda ( )  More 2022-09-28
Clinic featured at child trans summit sends legal demand to Post Millennial to censor our reporting  More 2022-09-28
They're everywhere, and they're all elementary school teachers -- they have a sign language to identify themselves as whatever!  More 2022-09-25
If this doesn't enrage you, nothing will ( )  More 2022-09-25
The NEA is mainlining Queer Theory into the public schools -- Queer theorists believe that transgressive sex is a method of liberation  More 2022-09-24
Dr. Katherine Gast happily describes some of the “gender affirming” surgeries she offers to adolescents  More 2022-09-23
Operating on healthy bodies defies surgical ethics  More 2022-09-23
Whaddaya think? -- is this promo directed at children or adults?  More 2022-09-23
"The only interdisciplinary clinic in the state that provides gender affirming care to patients under the age of 16 years" -- OUCH ( thread )  More 2022-09-22
Why does the NEA want school kids to learn "butthole licking?"  More 2022-09-22
Doctors at Vanderbilt openly bragged about how there is a lot of money to be made providing phalloplasties  More 2022-09-21
Meet the taxpayer-funded group pushing "transgender identity" on two-year-olds ( )  More 2022-09-21
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