What kind of a psycho
goes after a child?
line flipped

Groomers, pederasts, child molesters and their facilitators

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

*** Senator Karen Berg (D-KY) proposes sex dolls that resemble children as a way to stop pedophiles from raping children ***  More 2024-03-04
Joesph Giampa is the first child rapist to face the death penalty under Florida’s new law. Giampa was caught because he shared videos of himself raping a 5 year little boy  More 2024-03-04
A teacher at a Brooklyn Catholic school forced a crying 3-year-old boy into a cardboard box, inside a closet, held the door shut, and threatened him with the "Grinch" -- she was arrested for unlawful imprisonment and endangering a child’s welfare  More 2024-03-03
Progressive parents are desperately trying to keep their boys from becoming conservative  More 2024-03-03
Joe Biden's attempt to destroy athletic opportunities for women and girls is immoral as it is illegal -- our daughters shouldn't pay the price so Biden can cozy up to gender theory radicals  More 2024-03-02
Some very sick adults at Deer Creek School District, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, organized an event where school children suck on adult's toes  More 2024-03-02
“I don’t think you can be racist towards white people” -- grooming isn't just about gender  More 2024-03-01
What are the odds that a nonbinary teacher has four “trans kids” in a middle school class?  More 2024-02-29
Lesbian mom at a "pride" parade says her 15-month-old baby uses they/them pronouns  More 2024-02-29
Parents don't have rights -- their children do  More 2024-02-27
Radical Democrats and courts are kidnapping gender-confused kids for ideological ransom  More 2024-02-26
It’s a crime to push personal sęx ideologies onto children -- being fired is the least that should’ve happened to this "teacher"  More 2024-02-26
How the gender psychos manipulate people  More 2024-02-25
MSNBC outdoes itself with guest, Heidi Przybyla -- just WOW!  More 2024-02-24
Dr. Phil blasts medical associations for pushing "gender affirming care" on children  More 2024-02-21
Assistant principal, Garrett Jones, says he thinks it’s appropriate for 8-year-old kids to be reading pornography and dirty magazines in school  More 2024-02-17
This atrocity is funded by Joe Biden's Executive Orders #13988 ( ) and14075 ( )  More 2024-02-15
Illinois bill would make parents abusers for denying children sex changes -- parents would be considered child abusers and could lose custody of their children  More 2024-02-15
This is a teacher in the Lewisville Independent School District (TX) named Rachmad Tjachyadi  More 2024-02-15
The Department of Defense has deceived military parents by doubling down on DEI initiatives in K-12 DoD schools  More 2024-02-14
Worship "Pride" or else!  More 2024-02-14
Florida & Wisconsin youth pastor, Jordan Huffman, has been sentenced to an additional six years in prison for kidnapping a child for sexual purposes, while he was out on bond for the rape of another child that he was counseling  More 2024-02-12
Woke Kindergarten is a real organization that sells their services to schools -- their mission is teach kids we can abolish work, landlords, Israel, and borders!  More 2024-02-10
Father fights off a pervert who tried to kidnap his four-year-old son in the middle of a busy pharmacy  More 2024-02-09
Meet Caley Gervais -- a preschool teacher in Vermont  More 2024-02-08
These people need to be removed from elementary schools  More 2024-02-08
A NYC public school aide who is obsessed with "queer vampires" has been accused of sexually molesting an eight-year-old girl  More 2024-02-05
Drag queen resigns as school principal after Libs of TikTok exposes prior child porn charges  More 2024-02-05
Remember this when politicians and the media tell you they are not "transitioning" minors  More 2024-02-03
This person is teaching 4-year-olds -- she doesn’t know if she’s a male or a female  More 2024-02-02
Thousands of kids and adolescents are sold the lie that they’re born in the wrong body and if they permanently alter their body they can be happy  More 2024-02-01
"Revered" Long Island 3rd-grade teacher accused of sexually abusing more than 50 students  More 2024-02-01
"First, do no harm" no longer applies to many doctors  More 2024-02-01
Seven minutes into the Netflix series, "Alexander, The Making of a God'," they have a sex gay sex scene between Alexander and another man  More 2024-01-31
Students never had these problems until the schools filled up with queer teachers and genderism  More 2024-01-31
Gender-affirming care!  More 2024-01-30
Anne Hathaway wants a new world order full of maimed and sterilized kids  More 2024-01-29
Should this be considered child abuse?  More 2024-01-29
This "expert" should just go back to Canada  More 2024-01-29
“I don’t think parents should be notified --- we never notify the parent on these issues -- I don’t think we should notify parents on many issues that we notify parents on”  More 2024-01-28
The Alphabets are now promoting throuples and are demanding more representation for kids who have three parents  More 2024-01-26
Reading, writing and arithmetic are taking a back seat to insanity  More 2024-01-25
They bought a baby who will never have her mom  More 2024-01-24
Over a quarter of Gen Z now say they’re "queer"  More 2024-01-23
Transgender golfer in line to win a spot on the prestigious LPGA Tour  More 2024-01-21
Grown man who dresses up as a woman teaches boys on TikTok who are confused about their identity how to “tuck”  More 2024-01-21
Former teacher who mocked conservatives online over grooming accusations has been sentenced to 17 years prison for child porn  More 2024-01-20
Proposed Maine bill would allow the state to take custody of a minor child if the parents oppose sex change surgery and the chemical castration of their kids  More 2024-01-19
Pronoun people are the most insufferable people that have ever existed  More 2024-01-19
First grade teacher says she teaches her six-year-olds "inclusivity" by introducing students to alternate gender identities like nonbinary  More 2024-01-19
The executive director of the Rainbow Resource Center, a prominent LGBTQ+ support center based in Modesto (CA), has been identified as one of 17 men apprehended on suspicion of attempting to engage in sexual activities with a minor  More 2024-01-17
Half of the members on WHO's "transgender health policy committee" are not qualified medical experts, and the majority are social justice activists  More 2024-01-15
“I will sign an executive order to cut federal funding for any school pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content on our children" ~ Donald Trump  More 2024-01-15
A Delaware day care owner and her lackey were busted for running a drug-trafficking operation out of a home-based playschool  More 2024-01-13
A Seattle, Washington, high school teacher who calls himself a communist is accused of telling his students that identifying as a “straight” person is offensive  More 2024-01-12
Texas "Teacher of the Year" groomed this female student in sexual relationship for years  More 2024-01-12
Seven men assaulted and filmed two toddlers in the public restroom at a Huston (TX) high-end mall  More 2024-01-11
Ex-teacher charged over sex videos with her former eighth-grade student  More 2024-01-08
Former Planned Parenthood director commits suicide after police raid his home in child porn case  More 2024-01-03
Police must use criminals’ self-provided names and pronouns says a new California law  More 2024-01-03
The ridiculousness of being pressured to go along with the lies of transgenderism ~ Dave Chappelle  More 2024-01-02
The normalization of child molesters continues apace  More 2024-01-01
Florida man arrested after he attempted to kidnap a child from Walmart  More 2023-12-31
Steve Pigeon, the former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman, was sentenced to 364 days in jail after admitting to the sexual abuse of a nine-year-old child  More 2023-12-24
Disney World employee has been arrested and charged with 32 counts of child pornography  More 2023-12-24
Newton is the most liberal city in Massachusetts  More 2023-12-20
The new CoComelon Lane on Netflix has a boy in a dress dance for his two gay dads  More 2023-12-20
Queer activists are putting pornographic books in little free libraries  More 2023-12-20
Accused Florida pedophile could be first in state to be put to death due to "severity" of child sex crimes  More 2023-12-17
Yale professor, who describes bestiality and necrophilia as "sweet," wants your kids to see gay sex in "Pride" parades  More 2023-12-17
Karl Frisch, the chairman of the Fairfax County (VA) School Board, was sworn in on a stack of gay porn books -- and there's a copy-cat deviuate ( )  More 2023-12-16
Nonbinary middle school teacher gets gender euphoria and affirmation when students refer to her with male gendered language  More 2023-12-14
Let kids be kids!  More 2023-12-13
California day care center drugged three and four-year old children in its care  More 2023-12-13
Buying and selling humans is frowned upon -- unless they're baby humans  More 2023-12-12
Normalizing pedophilia has always been one of the stated goals of Queer Theory  More 2023-12-11
California teacher arrested over sexual abuse of student on school grounds ( )  More 2023-12-08
Portland babysitter sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for creating, distributing child pornography  More 2023-12-08
Teacher says parents’ rights are dangerous -- she wants teachers to keep crucial information a secret from parents  More 2023-12-04
A substitute English teacher at New Beginnings High School in Lakeland (FL) sent teens “videos of himself masturbating, via Snapchat"  More 2023-12-02
TikTok is a superior platform for groomers and pedophiles, Elon  More 2023-12-02
Are you buying this nonsense?  More 2023-12-01
*** Disney Grooming Syndicate CEO Bob Iger admitted defeat Wednesday, pledging to stop with the left-wing propaganda and start entertaining again ***  More 2023-11-30
A twice convicted prostitute who was working as an active escort, was on various school committees and decided the sex ed curriculum in Texas school district  More 2023-11-30
Is this why you send your kids to school?  More 2023-11-29
Arizona's largest school district teaches kids how to hide gender transition from parents  More 2023-11-28
A Texas A&M administrator has been arrested on child pornography charges  More 2023-11-24
This display of "pride" flags is a show of Alphabet power  More 2023-11-22
The media tries to convince you that no surgeries are being done on minors -- they lie  More 2023-11-22
Ex-Maryland Democrat mayor sentenced to 30 years in prison from 150-year plea deal for child porn case involving over 500 victims  More 2023-11-21
Matthew Zakrzewski, 34, was found guilty of 34 felony counts for his evil abuse of children which included molesting 16 young boys trusted under his care -- gets 707 years in prosion  More 2023-11-19
Slade Sohmer, former editor of The Recount boasted of duping young boys into sex  More 2023-11-17
Watch this and then tell me there aren’t any pornographic books in schools  More 2023-11-16
Buzzfeed celebrated Slade Sohmer discussing his homosexuality with kids -- now he’s in jail for distributing child porn  More 2023-11-15
North Carolina child psychiatrist hit with 40 years for filming minors, using AI to make child porn  More 2023-11-12
The Disney Grooming Syndicate is facing a $350 million disaster, with Marvel's "Captain America: Brave New World" -- looks like it will crash-dive this weekend  More 2023-11-11
The U.S. Census Bureau proposal to add gender, sexuality questions for those ages 15 and up is to produce data to support the goals of Queer Theory  More 2023-11-10
Rarely is it called "misinformation" or "disinformation" when it comes from the Left  More 2023-10-27
The homeless man camped outside a San Francisco school with the "Free Fentanyl" sign has a conviction as a pedophile  More 2023-10-22
Balboa High School in San Francisco demonstrates that there's all kinds of grooming  More 2023-10-20
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