Groomers, pederasts, child molesters and their facilitators

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

For those that believe genderism isn't harmful  More 2023-03-27
Kentucky's Democratic governor vetoed a bill that bans sex change surgeries and hormones for minors  More 2023-03-26
This is the inevitable leftist future -- a 13-year-old boy in drag, dancing for pedophiles  More 2023-03-25
Some might accuse this mother of torturing her child over a fantasy  More 2023-03-24
Pentagon doctors claim 7-year-olds can make decisions about taking puberty blockers and hormones  More 2023-03-23
Why would the Pulaski Community School District be asking these questions of kids?  More 2023-03-22
Will Witt asks the Hillsborough School Board (FL) if they would read a pornographic book to their children?  More 2023-03-22
Boston school distributes explicit survey on oral sex, transgenderism to middle-schoolers  More 2023-03-20
Paedos won't like this cartoon  More 2023-03-20
What ever happened to, "first, do no harm"  More 2023-03-20
A Minnesota music teacher says her goal is to confuse her students about their gender  More 2023-03-20
"Drag is holy" -- sayeth the blasphemers  More 2023-03-20
Middle America discovers its edge -- and runs right off it  More 2023-03-19
Biden HHS official, Rachel (Richard) Levine says changing kids’ genders will soon be normalized  More 2023-03-18
What "they" are really doing is marketing "Trans World" to kids -- Joe Biden's Gender Equity executive order is funding it ( )  More 2023-03-17
They shove it down your throat and when you push back, you're "inciting violence" -- that's their game  More 2023-03-17
This is what 10-year-olds are being taught in school  More 2023-03-17
Parent-approved!  More 2023-03-17
The Stoopids hold a drag queen party for the little ones  More 2023-03-17
Pray for this child  More 2023-03-17
The Democratic Party is 100% behind the queering of America  More 2023-03-17
Hi, my name is James, my pronouns are "she, them" -- I'm a child molester  More 2023-03-17
Police escort little kids in to venue to be groomed during story hour with the drag queens  More 2023-03-16
Nebraska Democrat, who support sex change surgeries for children, vows to “burn the session to the ground” and "I am going to make it painful -- painful for everyone"  More 2023-03-16
A lot of children are going to pay a very heavy price for having crazy parents  More 2023-03-16
Miami hotel may lose liquor license after kids shown "sexually explicit" drag show  More 2023-03-15
Grooming goes corporate as Netflix presents a cartoon bison coming out as nonbinary in show for preschoolers  More 2023-03-15
These are the books that schools across the country are promoting for your kids to read  More 2023-03-15
California state senator, Scott Weiner, wants schools to keep secrets from parents  More 2023-03-14
This is a new book being promoted for little kids  More 2023-03-13
Trans-identified biological male daycare worker charged with sexual abuse of infant in Kentucky  More 2023-03-12
Colorado school district hires "genderqueer shapeshifter witch" to train staff on transgenderism  More 2023-03-12
Why little Billy can't read  More 2023-03-12
Why are people bringing their kids to this?  More 2023-03-11
*** “Because I’m a molecular geneticist” -- THIS IS A KEEPER! ***  More 2023-03-10
Michigan's attorney general (D) lobbies for drag queens in every school to help emotional students  More 2023-03-09
Would you recognize evil if you saw it?  More 2023-03-07
The Gender Spectrum  More 2023-03-06
Why would a parent expose their child to this degenderacy?  More 2023-03-06
“She was transgender before she could even speak” -- guessing "she" was born a male?  More 2023-03-06
Biden World -- a 31-year-old Colorado woman, pregnant by a 13-year-old boy, faces no jail time  More 2023-03-05
A Georgia middle school teacher has been fired and arrested after being caught in a closet with a partially undressed student  More 2023-03-04
Pedophile librarians are distressed  More 2023-03-04
Johns Hopkins chief psychiatrist says that transgenderism is a mental disorder  More 2023-03-03
Just remember, the Biden administration is funding and supporting this "trans" insanity  More 2023-03-02
This is a girl’s forearm -- her muscles have been farmed to create a fake phallus that doesn’t function -- they will never grow back  More 2023-03-02
Sometimes, "mother" is only half of a word!  More 2023-03-02
Why would a right-thinking parent expose their young children to see these degenerates? -- liberalism IS a mental disease  More 2023-03-02
A parent's nightmare -- a 5th grade teacher is being sued for repeatedly calling a young girl by a boy's name until she felt suicidal  More 2023-03-01
This is child abuse -- plain and simple  More 2023-03-01
The Wichita, Kansas, public school district trains teachers that not using a “preferred pronoun” with a “transgender”-identifying student “could lead to death,”  More 2023-02-28
Extreme groomers, such as this lunatc, should not be allowed near children  More 2023-02-27
A teacher asks how is sex between an adult and a minor "abuse" if the minor wanted it?  More 2023-02-27
“Here’s the other thing about chest surgery -- if you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them!” ~ Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, head of the gender clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  More 2023-02-27
Drag shows for children are vital to the LBGTQXYZ agenda ( )  More 2023-02-26
This is what the Hillsborough (FL) schools are giving 12-year-olds to read in school  More 2023-02-25
Why would a school be asking 12-year-olds these questions?  More 2023-02-24
"The LGBQ community is sick of being used as a scapegoat for these destructives practices that are ruining kids lives..."  More 2023-02-23
Rate of US adults identifying as LGBTQ doubles in a decade  More 2023-02-22
The truth is the truth -- it is what it is -- check it out!  More 2023-02-22
Abington (MA) school superintendent admits district knowingly provided book on sex apps, extreme fetishes and orgies to kids  More 2023-02-22
Physician equates lopping the breasts off of young girls to a hair transplant  More 2023-02-22
The Left is hell-bent on normalizing pedophilia  More 2023-02-22
This is what Broward County (FL) is giving 12-year-olds to read in school  More 2023-02-22
This is in the curriculum for middle schoolers in Washington state -- they're teaching 12-year-olds about gay sex, pronouns, kids becoming transgender, terms like "cisgender" and "gender fluid" and that doctors assign a sex to babies  More 2023-02-21
Primers on how to be trans -- 45 picture books targeting pre-schoolers with trans ideology  More 2023-02-21
"Gender-affirming care" is NPR's euphemism for the sexual exploitation of children by adults  More 2023-02-21
Public schools are indoctrination camps -- this is an ideological war  More 2023-02-20
"Born this way," says the monster's flag  More 2023-02-20
"You just think it's stupid" -- exactly!  More 2023-02-20
Virginia school's Satan Club holds first meeting  More 2023-02-19
Conundrum? -- how is a groomer supposed to respond when an oppressed person is pissed-off she put his grandson in a dress?  More 2023-02-19
Florida teacher mocks the Florida Department of Education for removing books from schools containing pornography, CRT, and gender ideology  More 2023-02-18
Trained to hate their sex and selves, 1 In 3 teen girls now considers suicide.  More 2023-02-17
The WOKE trend of "family friendly" drag shows for kids ~ Joe Rogan  More 2023-02-17
Thread pushes back against unhinged trans activists pushing "gender-affirming-care" for minors  More 2023-02-16
Leftism is a sickness  More 2023-02-16
America must submit to the Trans-NAZIs ( )  More 2023-02-16
Little children should be protected from people like this freak  More 2023-02-16
"This court is so sick and tired of seeing adults ruin and abuse children"  More 2023-02-14
This creature, a pre-kindergarten teacher, attacks the idea of "childhood innocence," and claims toddlers are not too young for "sexuality" discussion  More 2023-02-14
Montgomery County (MD) public school teacher claims the idea of parental rights is based in fascism  More 2023-02-12
Mom fuming as daughter, 13, gets chest binder at school -- and is urged not to tell parents  More 2023-02-12
"Detransitioners" are being abandoned by the medical professionals who devastated their bodies and minds  More 2023-02-10
A parent reads from pornographic books available to students -- the books encouraging the use of sex apps and graphic sexual content  More 2023-02-10
Why did Boston Children’s Hospital remove their YouTube video about gender-affirming hysterectomies?  More 2023-02-09
This is being funded and promoted by the Biden administration ( )  More 2023-02-08
Doctors require a “letter of readiness” from a licensed counselor for sex change surgery -- this Florida counselor will give anyone a free one in 15 minutes.  More 2023-02-07
Young, confused people are being rushed through transition to have life-changing surgeries  More 2023-02-07
Disturbing transgender speech in Minnesota House by a transgender person who has transgender children  More 2023-02-04
Mr. Rogers would be tarred-and-feathered and run out of town on a dildo if he sang this today  More 2023-02-03
ABC News investigative reporter, James Gordon Meek, was arrested and charged with "transporting" images depicting the sexual abuse of children  More 2023-02-02
"The Sims" game is advertised for ages 12+ -- it has the option to make a teen character non-binary or transgender by giving them double mastectomy scars and chest binders  More 2023-02-01
America's teachers have abandoned reading, writing and arithmetic-- it's all Queer Theory and CRT now  More 2023-01-31
NBC is upset that Utah has banned the sexual mutilation of minors  More 2023-01-29
A man arranges a meeting with a 12-year-old girl -- ends up meeting the father and his dogs  More 2023-01-28
Teacher explains that teaching “absolutely is an activist profession” -- kids today don't have a chance  More 2023-01-27
Putting pedophiles in the prison's general population works a lot better  More 2023-01-26
Burberry apparently believes a troubled young women’s mutilated chests make a great fashion statement  More 2023-01-26
Non-binary kindergarten teacher recounts telling a student that they can decide what gender they want to be  More 2023-01-26
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