Lesbians, gays, groomers, and trannies

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

LGBTQ, DEI activist leader faces cocaine, meth, firearms charges in Georgia after failed city council bids  More 2024-06-16
Why are trans-people so violent?  More 2024-06-13
The military’s obsession with LGBT radicalism and other neo-Marxist ideologies is undercutting its overall readiness  More 2024-06-13
San Francisco declares itself a transgender sanctuary city.  More 2024-06-13
For some reason, the FBI is doing whatever it can to block the release of the Covenant School shooter's manifesto, but stuff continues to trickle out  More 2024-06-13
The absurdity of "Pride"  More 2024-06-13
Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas fails in challenge to rules that bar him from Olympics  More 2024-06-13
Only 19% of Joe Biden supporters believe prioritizing marriage and having children is beneficial for society  More 2024-06-12
LGBTQ activists violently attacked a man outside the LGBTQ center in South Best, Indiana during a drag show for kids -- he ended up in the hospital with 6 stitches on his head  More 2024-06-11
The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) “Portrayal Guidelines” has declared it “harmful” to reference transgender athletes as “biological male” or “biological female”  More 2024-06-11
Urgent reading for Queers for Palestine  More 2024-06-11
This "Pride" crosswalk just went up in Huntington (WV) -- if you dare drive or scooter on this public road and leave marks, you can be arrested and face felony charges  More 2024-06-11
"I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion"  More 2024-06-10
Woman has a TikTok channel promoting field trips to LGBTQ centers and “gender affirming care” doctor’s offices to kids.  More 2024-06-10
"Pride people are sacred -- we are divine"  More 2024-06-09
Drag queen speaking at Texas Democratic Convention promotes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex change surgery for minors  More 2024-06-09
Covenant School murderer, Audrey Hale, used federal Pell Grant funds to buy the guns she used in the March 2023 mass shooting at the Christian School  More 2024-06-08
Distributor of “Pedo Lives Matter” child pornography chatroom sent to prison  More 2024-06-08
The American College of Pediatricians is calling out all the major medical associations to "immediately stop the promotion of social affirmation, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries for children and adolescents  More 2024-06-08
The Tampa Police Department rolls out LGBTQ police badges for Pride Month -- imagine if our law enforcement officers focused on fighting crime instead of promoting cultural Marxism  More 2024-06-08
Grooming works!  More 2024-06-08
Americans approve of LGBTQ+ people living as they wish, but their support drops for trans people  More 2024-06-07
Another trans-identified person has committed murder  More 2024-06-06
Joseph Leedy, a man who likes to dress up as a woman, was arrested in Florida after he crashed his car into Martin County Jail in an attempt to kiII the officers inside  More 2024-06-06
"Pride" events aren’t safe for work or children  More 2024-06-06
This is why most of Oregon wants to join the Red State of Idaho  More 2024-06-06
The new Star Wars series, "The Acolyte" is the “gayest Star Wars yet” according to the producer and cast  More 2024-06-05
Philly Pride!  More 2024-06-04
Is this an ad for home-schooling?  More 2024-06-04
Awesome!  More 2024-06-04
Perverting scripture to justify one's perversions  More 2024-06-04
Federal agencies go all-in for "Pride" -- the first and greatest of the Seven Deadly Sins  More 2024-06-03
The prestigious medical journal The Lancet insists those submitting articles “should use the term ‘sex assigned at birth’ rather than ‘biological sex,’ ‘birth sex’ or ‘natal sex’ as it is more accurate and inclusive”  More 2024-06-03
In honor of Pride 2024, Philadelphia (PA) hosted the largest Drag Queen Story Hour event ever  More 2024-06-03
That California female prison guards are required to strip-search transgender inmates informs us how much power the Alphabet lobby has  More 2024-06-03
Ladies and gentlemen, our Federal Bureau of Investigations  More 2024-06-03
This "gender" crap is microfascism  More 2024-06-03
Defense Department records show the U.S. Air Force hosted "Drag Queen Story Time" and other such events  More 2024-06-02
Do you think a woman with a beard can be beautiful?  More 2024-06-01
Walmart goes all-in on Pride Month 2024  More 2024-06-01
All four of her kids are LGBTQ -- what are the odds?  More 2024-05-31
Psychos are now "mental health professionals"  More 2024-05-31
A woke Spokane city leader who goes by they/them pronouns says that “white supremacy is the biggest problem in our country” and it is “killing” not only minorities but white people as well  More 2024-05-30
What will be your coping mechanisms to get through the overbearing month of June?  More 2024-05-30
But would they do this in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?  More 2024-05-30
Special laws for "special people" have no place in America  More 2024-05-30
A Spokane city leader breaks down in tears while talking about someone vandalizing a street pride mural  More 2024-05-30
This man thinks he’s a woman because he wears dresses and so Democrats think he should be able to go into the women’s bathroom with your daughters  More 2024-05-29
Seemingly every day of the year is taken up by these aggressive celebrations of left-wing ideology masquerading as banal and necessary acknowledgments of cultural diversity  More 2024-05-29
Oklahoma pedophile convicted of abusing 7-year-old stepdaughter quickly becomes trans and appeals her conviction  More 2024-05-27
A manhunt is underway after a driver did donuts on a pride mural in St. Petersberg (FL) -- he will be charged will a felony count of criminal mischief  More 2024-05-27
The trans movement is a really just a contest to see who can be the most depraved  More 2024-05-27
Sweeping up the trash  More 2024-05-27
Grooming works!  More 2024-05-27
Jared Ravizza. a trans activist, has been arrested for the stabbing of four girls at the Braintree (MA) AMC theater  More 2024-05-26
The California Senate passed a bill making purchasing sex from 16- and 17-year-olds a misdemeanor and making buying sex from children 15 years or younger a "wobbler" that cannot include prison time  More 2024-05-25
LGBTQ -- Let's Get Biden To Quit!  More 2024-05-22
Joe Biden believes 8 and 10-year-old children should be allowed to have transgender surgery  More 2024-05-22
Celebrated transgender inmate charged with raping female  More 2024-05-21
The Oregon School Activities Association has threatened to ban high school students who complain about males competing against the girls  More 2024-05-21
This is the proper way to treat males who compete in women's sporting events  More 2024-05-20
A federal appeals court has ruled that the parents of elementary-school children attending the largest school district in Maryland do not have the right to opt their children out of attending LGBTQ indoctrination classes  More 2024-05-18
A federal appeals court has ruled that parents must submit their 5 to 10-year-old children to Queer Theory brainwashing  More 2024-05-16
The Department of Health and Human Services will withhold federal funding from hospitals, and, by extension, the doctors who practice there, to force them perform sex-change operations  More 2024-05-16
A teacher and coach who worked at Riverside Elementary School in Chattaroy (WA) was arrested for sexual crimes against a minor and producing, possessing, and distributing child pornography  More 2024-05-16
The ACLU has filed a federal complaint against the Harrison County School District (MS) on behalf of a boy who was forbidden from attending his band concert while wearing a dress  More 2024-05-16
Do you know who's teaching your little ones -- feeding this garbage to children who have not yet reached the age of reason should be a crime  More 2024-05-15
Drag Queens take over the National Mall and create a spectacle at the Lincoln Memorial and White House  More 2024-05-08
Grooming works!  More 2024-05-08
New Jersey teacher groomed, groped her 14-year-old female student  More 2024-05-06
Three big wins racked up by college transgender runner would have placed him at the bottom of the heap in the men’s divisions  More 2024-05-06
Trans student arrested for plans to shoot up two Maryland schools  More 2024-05-03
Gender dysphoria is real and its sad to witness  More 2024-05-02
A transgender sex offender tried to kidnap an elementary schooler during recess  More 2024-05-02
Arizona Democrats and Planned Parenthood hosted a drag queen story hour at the state's capitol encouraging parents to transition their children  More 2024-05-01
There’s apparently a new more inclusive pride flag  More 2024-05-01
Democrat lawmaker gets only one year in jail for molesting a child  More 2024-04-29
This boy’s parents belong in prison for what they are doing to him  More 2024-04-29
Can this be fixed, or will it keep getting worse?  More 2024-04-29
The Alphabet People want to redesign the American flag  More 2024-04-28
A little blasphemy for you Sunday morning -- as a woke "minister" claims drag is holy -- says, “Jesus was and humanity is God in drag”  More 2024-04-28
Rachel (Richard) Levine’s recognition of many small identity groups is intended to justify a diversion of political power from mainstream heterosexuals and from the well-recognized gay and lesbian minorities  More 2024-04-26
A drag queen tells a room full of little children to chant “Free Palestine”  More 2024-04-25
Mandatory queer indoctrination at school causes huge uproar  More 2024-04-22
Lawmakers decry U.S. military’s drift toward DEI culture  More 2024-04-22
Seattle (WA) Police body camera video showing cops shooting dead an armed pedophile suspect -- here’s the backstory  More 2024-04-21
Imagine this guy showing up at your house demanding your little daughter  More 2024-04-21
What are you doing in the women's bathroom?  More 2024-04-20
UN report calls for legalizing sex between adults and children  More 2024-04-18
Exactly when did "equal rights" become "special rights?"  More 2024-04-16
Washington elementary school denies student prayer club, but allows gay pride club  More 2024-04-16
Far-left "social justice" groups oppose a California bill that would strengthen penalties for purchasing or soliciting a child for sex  More 2024-04-15
Nonbinary doctor claims pronouns affects kids' mental health so you must make sure not to misgender  More 2024-04-15
Many public schools are joining in to celebrate yet another day dedicated to the mental delusion that a man can somehow become a woman or vice versa  More 2024-04-12
State Rep. Liz Reyer (MN-D) suggests using the wrong pronouns is harmful and misgendering and is an actual act of violence  More 2024-04-12
What kids have been learning in school under Joe Biden's regime  More 2024-04-11
Allegedly, 20% of transgender people in the U. S. have served in the military -- more than 134 thousand veterans are transgender and they want transgender operations  More 2024-04-09
The Vatican clarified its stance on surrogacy, gender surgery and gender theory proclaiming that all three are “violations of human dignity”  More 2024-04-09
Why is there a Facebook “dating group” for LGBTQ people as young as 8-years-old with a requirement to post a photo of yourself and write your age? ( thread )  More 2024-04-09
It's plain as day -- declaring National Transgender Visibility Day on Easter is an attempt to replace Christianity with Satanism  More 2024-04-06
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