Groomers, pederasts and child molesters

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

No big deal -- we do it every day -- and we make big bucks doing it  More
What's the hurry?  More
Whatever happened to, "first, do no harm?"  More
Laws mean nothing to these people -- transition at all cost!  More
Pedophile, with a "license to groom," advocates for “MAPs” (minor attracted persons) -- says pedophiles are “vilified” and “marginalized,” and shouldn’t be referred to as pedophiles  More
Left-wing activists have smuggled radical gender theory into more than 4,000 schools  More
The quicksand that pulls vulnerable people deeper into transition, even when they know it’s wrong for them -- Gender Transition and the Sunk Cost Fallacy  More
It's not always rainbows and unicorns  More
This groomer has a PhD in "wanking"  More
Drag-queen shows for little children have the imprimatur of the degenerates at the Washington Post  More
Scroll through the Portland Public Schools, “Understanding our Bodies,” targeting Kindergarteners through fifth graders -- you won't believe it!  More
Homosexual couple charged with using adopted kids to make child porn ( )  More
Telling kids to hate their biology is evil and it might be what’s actually killing them  More
Now these weirdos have set up a network to illegally distribute testosterone, estradiol and spironolactone to kids ( thread ) ( )  More
Genderism reaches its logical conclusion -- and this teacher doesn't like it one bit  More
An Iowa school district is being sued over its radical gender policy that allows kids to hide their trans identity from parents  More
This elementary school teacher is the best organized groomer in America  More
No teacher has the right to subvert the will of a parent -- if they believe there's a problem, then notify appropriate authorities  More
Drag queens teach little children how to make money dancing for perverts  More
A public library in Oregon has teamed up with a middle-high school to create a “gender affirming closet” in school  More
And you thought groomers were only after children  More
Teacher hides students' "gender identity" from parents, and teaches that being a girl or a boy has nothing to do with biology -- it's all about how one "feels"  More
When this insanity infects Nebraska, you know we got a really big problem  More
The New York Times has joined the groomer community  More
The steps predators take to groom children for sexual abuse bear a remarkable resemblance to many lesson plans in America's elementary schools ( )  More
Mom really wanted a little girl, and she's going to get one -- one way or another.  More
When they start having drag queen shows in a Catholic church, you know it's all over  More
The "groomer" panic is intimately tied to explicitly neo-Nazi ideology ( thread )  More
Pedophile drag queen exposes his genitals to kids in Coeur d’Alene Idaho  More
If you are confused about what a groomer is, this is one  More
"We need to talk to preschoolers about gender and sexuality because . . ." we gotta get 'em young!  More
Didn't the medical community tell us that puberty blockers were completely safe?  More
Tulsa Schools have the sexually explicit and pornographic books, "Gender Queer" and "Flamer" available for students  More
Maryland school district requires assisting child "gender transition" and lying to parents  More
Doesn't Twitter's defense of groomers and grooming make Twitter a groomer, or at least an ally of groomers?  More
Elementary school teacher who’s also a drag queen, shows his classroom covered with LGBT decor, that he turns into a “nightclub”  More
Multiple trans activists arrested for sex crimes against children  More
G.A. Stetson Middle School, West Chester (PA) recommends 8th grade male students should dress in drag -- one male teacher teaches in high heels  More
Montgomery County Schools (MD) provides a chat room on their site for LGBT students -- it has a “quick escape” feature for kid to hide it from their parents  More
Get your kids out of the public schools  More
Degenerates, aka Democrats, defend the presence of pornographic LGBT graphic novels in the "Young Adult" sections  More
A "teacher," whose entire second-grade class changed pronouns, is upset about the "unsafe" adults they hide it from  More
Michigan public school employee, who supports teaching an LGBT curriculum and mocked parents, was arrested for attempting to hook-up with a minor for sex  More
No child has an innate sense of being "genderqueer," "pansexual," "two-spirit," or "gender-fluid"  More
LA School District encourages kindergartners to experiment with non-binary pronouns, trains teachers to subvert “mainstream white cis-heteropatriarchy society” and more  More
At least 181 K-12 teachers were charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022  More
Non-binary teacher proud that her outreach helped a first-grader come out as transgender  More
Academics can talk about "grooming" for decades, but it becomes a "slur" once conservatives use the term  More
All of this LGBTQ activist's kids are trans or non-binary -- what are the chances?  More
The Alphabet People are destroying Disney with their "queering of America" agenda  More
3rd grade teacher discusses her grooming approach  More
"Flamer" is currently in at least 12 public schools in Nashville area  More
And she spends more time with those kids than most parents  More
Planned Parenthood provides transgender hormone therapy across the USA -- some locations treat minors  More
The funding for many of these events is coming straight from Joe Biden's EO ( )  More
Does your child's school have a Parental Secrecy Policy (which may or may not have the same title) -- learn more about this monumental lawsuit here  More
Drag queen admits that drag is a political tool used to destabilize kids' early understanding of sex  More
Maine's education bureaucrats cite George Floyd to justify trans lesson for kindergartners  More
NPR is using Biden money to promote “queer” sex ( )  More
Alphabet teachers see grooming your children as a good thing -- mainly because they don't see your children as belonging to you  More
Washington state school board director plans "sexual pleasure" workshops for 9-year-olds  More
The Biden administration is directly funding these activities ( )  More
Biden’s latest top nuclear hire defended the website  More
Children’s Library Association is pushing gender confusion onto kids with its Pro-LGBTQXYZ summer reading list  More just got moved into the "Groomers" column  More
Children, who have yet to reach the age of reason, should never be exposed to sexuality and gender instruction  More
Wholesome, innocent, beautiful family-friendly entertainment  More
Disney -- America's new porn channel for children  More
Why aren't these adults in prison?  More
The National Association of Independent Schools is hosting seminars encouraging child transgenderism in partnership with medicos who perform sex change operations on children  More
Disney's Marvel Comics will debut a gay Spider-Man, who is effeminate and dresses in lace  More
Doctor aexplains how to teach 8-year-olds to masturbate  More
"Sexologist" says t’s good to teach 4-year-old toddlers how to safely “explore” their vaginas  More
There is no doubt that federal and state governments are funding and driving the queering of America  More
Disney's plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality  More
It's springtime for groomers  More
Now this is something the Alphabet People can really be proud of  More
It's working! -- Transgender-identifying youth nearly doubled in U.S.  More
Website helps minors circumvent their parents to get illegal transgender hormones or legally emancipate themselves  More
Don't let this guy anywhere near your children  More
A Pennsylvania social worker and drag queen was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography ( thread )  More
6th grade teacher assigned the pornographic book “Gender Queer” as summer reading for 11-year-olds  More
LA school promotes "Queer All School Year" calendar  More
What would @HonorHealth be helping 12-year-olds hide from their parents?  More
Suicides rise in states allowing teens to seek medical care without parental consent  More
An awful lot of teachers seem to have a real problem with parents who have a problem with their kid "transitioning"  More
The school nurse cannot give my kid a tylenol, w/o a stack of papers, but somehow the Gay-Strait Alliance club sponsor can get a student hormone therapy?  More
If children weren't at these transvestite strip-shows in the first place, the problem wouldn't exist  More
Disney bus driver is among 12 arrested in child predator sting  More
Hawaii teacher arrested after reportedly having sex with a 13-year-old student during lunch breaks  More
*** "Every child they convince is transgender and in need of medical transition, generates $1.3 million to pharma" ***  More
Just so you know, this is what a "family-friendly drag show" looks like  More
Drag queen says, compared to other degeneracies, drag queens are pretty harmless  More
The queering of America is enthusiastically supported by Democratic politicians at all levels of government  More
"No one told me any of what I’m going to tell you now"  More
Decriminalizing pedophelia was always on the agenda -- and they're almost there  More
This "gender" stuff has become a fad, like "Goth," for young girls, but this fad opens many doors prematurely  More
How do you stop this stuff when it's being pushed by the federal government?  More
It isn't a virus -- it's their teachers  More
It's all about, "me, me, me, me, me!"  More
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