Groomers, pederasts, child molesters and their facilitators

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

"Heaven must have as much glitter as a pride parade"  More 2023-09-29
WTF is going on in Cleveland -- and why isn't this national news?  More 2023-09-28
A new poll reveals a major shift in Republican voters’ attitudes, emphasizing "culture war" issues such as the transgender agenda  More 2023-09-27
California will fine schools that attempt to ban LGBTQXYZ pornography from school libraries  More 2023-09-27
Adults who harm children should receive the harshest penalties  More 2023-09-26
Knotts Berry Farm has an attraction called “Knott’s Scary Farm” which is open to kids -- it includes this show which has people dressed up as Satan and in bondage/fetish gear, dancing extremely provocatively.  More 2023-09-26
Non-binary author of book about a trans 4th grader says, "parental rights really anger me"  More 2023-09-25
Too graphic for a room of adults but totally cool for minor kids in school  More 2023-09-24
Utah gender clinic performs sex changes on minors despite being "fully aware" of permanent side effects  More 2023-09-24
Meet Rick Vandenhole, a kindergarten teacher -- he dresses as a woman to teach 5-year-olds and boasts about confusing his students about his gender  More 2023-09-22
Social media has uncovered the fact that there are a lot of psychos identifying as teachers in the elementary schools of America  More 2023-09-21
"Gender Ideology has no limiting principles and if left unchallenged, it devolves to the point of savagery -- it is a religion without a God"  More 2023-09-20
Drag queen sings “suck my d*ck” and twerks in front of children at a “family-friendly” pride fest in Dallas (TX)  More 2023-09-18
The California legislature has passed four bills that are designed to remove children from their homes  More 2023-09-18
Where is the American flag?  More 2023-09-15
Leaders of a radical New Jersey non-profit revealing how they sneak sick sexual and LGBTQ+ content into children’s classrooms without parental knowledge  More 2023-09-15
Salem (MA) teachers were given a guide for using gender neutral terms -- they have been told to stop using the terms, “boys and girls,” and “mother or father”  More 2023-09-13
The Dark Side Of The Groom  More 2023-09-12
Insane "preschool" teacher says she teaches her Florida students to be gay  More 2023-09-12
Grooming is indoctrination and it works, as demonstrated by this student  More 2023-09-12
Will Gavin Newsom sign the California bill that allows the state to take children away from parents who oppose their gender transition?  More 2023-09-12
Have you ever noticed how absolutely, positively, certain liberals are about their wacky notions  More 2023-09-11
A fourth-grade teacher in Covington (TN) has been arrested for raping a 12-year-old boy  More 2023-09-11
Meet John Money, the pro-pedophile pervert who invented “Gender”  More 2023-09-11
Her school "transitioned" her to a male without letting her grandparents/adoptive parents know -- then she/he went through Hell  More 2023-09-11
A Virginia mother is suing her local school district for pushing her daughter into transgenderism, prostitution, and sex trafficking  More 2023-09-09
Creating a gender inclusive classroom  More 2023-09-09
This person is an “early childhood music specialist.” He sings to kids about how gender is pretend and children can be trans  More 2023-09-07
What, exactly, are the qualifications and duties of an "adult advisor to the LGBTQ student club?" -- Rhode Island has a bunch of them.  More 2023-09-07
Elementary school classrooms have become indoctrination centers  More 2023-09-07
A California Judge has halted a school rule that required parents to be notified when their child changed genders or used a bathroom that didn’t align with their birth gender.  More 2023-09-07
We will groom your children whether you like it or not!  More 2023-09-04
Shane Murnan -- who goes by the alter ego Ms. Shantel Mandalay when in drag -- was recently named principal of John Glenn Elementary School in southwestern Oklahoma City  More 2023-09-03
Teachers union directs educators to destroy evidence of student surveys on gender identity  More 2023-09-03
Hoping to remain, "the Wokest of them all," The Disney Company will spend millions to hire public relations experts to battle its string of bad news  More 2023-09-02
Sexual predatory behavior is now allowed in many schools under "gender inclusion"  More 2023-09-02
Oregon’s new guidelines for sex ed starts kids questioning their gender in the first grade -- they recommend discussing gender identity, gender expression, and gender norms  More 2023-09-02
The indoctrination begins on the first day of school  More 2023-09-01
"What are we talkin' about?"  More 2023-08-31
San Diego (CA) schools invites students to change their name and/or gender and instructs kids that they can hide it from their parents.  More 2023-08-31
A doctor explains how giving a child puberty blockers will shut down the hypothalamus, which controls emotions, sexuality, and the aesthetic sense -- "to shut down that system is to shut down what makes us human."  More 2023-08-30
California attorney general sues school district in order to keep sexual secrets with children  More 2023-08-30
A Chicago teacher who was found with a boy at the airport has been charged with making child porn  More 2023-08-28
Barbarism operating under the guise of "medicine"  More 2023-08-27
QR-Code badges are given to teachers by the NEA and link to resources for anal sex, bondage, fisting, and all kinds of extremely graphic sexual content.  More 2023-08-27
A gazillion little girls were "tomboys" and grew up to be healthy and happy women and moms  More 2023-08-27
Would you recognize child molestation if you saw it?  More 2023-08-26
Price of Disney shares drop to lowest level in nearly nine years  More 2023-08-25
Mom always wanted a boy  More 2023-08-25
Librarians should not get to decide for the community ( )  More 2023-08-25
Alphabet power -- and they're not afraid to use it  More 2023-08-23
It would be better if these WOKE educators cared as much for reading, writing and arithmetic  More 2023-08-22
The public school system is one huge groomer -- thank the teachers unions  More 2023-08-20
Why is this little boy dressed like a whore?  More 2023-08-20
Gotta go with Oprah on this one  More 2023-08-19
HHS Secretary Rachel (Richard) Levine praises gender clinic that calls women "egg producers"  More 2023-08-18
The American Psychological Association published this guidebook for diagnosing children as "gender smoothies," "gender hybrids," "gender prius[es]," and "gender minotaur[s]."  More 2023-08-18
The Left redefines "innocence" -- alphabet ideologists don’t believe in the concept of sin  More 2023-08-15
Nudity, fetish gear, pornographic cartoons on display in front of young children at Austin Pride (TX)  More 2023-08-14
Was it a requirement for these school kids to march in Austin's (TX) Pride parade?  More 2023-08-13
The Disney+ streaming service lost 300,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada in the most recent quarter -- an ominous sign for the studio as it pours billions of dollars into content that people don't want  More 2023-08-11
Walt Disney has hired a biological male who identifies as “gender-fluid” to market all of their girls’ clothing across their social media platforms  More 2023-08-11
Mother confronts a man taking pictures of her daughter ( )  More 2023-08-11
Kevin Lentz, 49, a Kentucky teacher, was charged with ten counts of distribution of obscene matter to a minor and seven counts of use of a minor under 16 in a sexual performance.  More 2023-08-10
Almost 100 arrested in global pedophile and child sex trafficking ring  More 2023-08-09
California reduces penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a minor child -- California believed homosexual men were disproportionately charged -- surprise!  More 2023-08-08
What you see in almost every Barnes & Noble bookstore  More 2023-08-07
The Bidens are well versed in sweetheart deals -- Delaware AG Beau Biden gave Du Pont heir Robert Richards a “no jail” plea deal after the pedophile admitted to raping his 3-year-old daughter in 2009  More 2023-08-03
In Virginia, if you don’t want your five-year-old to have access to porn, you have to notify the school.  More 2023-08-03
The FBI found 200 sex trafficking victims and more than 125 suspects during a two-week child exploitation operation in July  More 2023-08-02
Newly released footage of Ashley Biden confirming that her leaked diary was legitimate ( )  More 2023-08-01
A group in Ohio is holding a youth drag tutorial to teach kids how to be drag queens -- funded by tax increases on local residents  More 2023-08-01
“Have you ever raped a toddler girl? -- it’s amazing”  More 2023-07-30
The American College of Pediatricians has formally stated there is "no evidence that transgender interventions are safe for children."  More 2023-07-29
Martha's Vineyard police refuse to identify the "second paddleboarder" ( )  More 2023-07-28
This man should be arrested -- and then the parent(s)  More 2023-07-28
Groomers have even been known to groom members of Congress  More 2023-07-28
Pediatric clinic says kids can make their own medical decisions at age 13 -- revokes parents’ access to their kid’s medical records  More 2023-07-27
The very first trans lawmaker in the country turns out to be a pedophile -- what are the odds? ~ Matt Walsh  More 2023-07-26
The media is more upset about the "Sound of Freedom" than convicted child molester and ABC News' producer, James Gordon Meek, who fantasized about “abducting, drugging, and raping” a 12 year old girl  More 2023-07-24
The Left is perfectly OK with this -- it's an expression of love  More 2023-07-23
The author of "Welcome to Sex" a book for children aged 11+ -- or for “mature and smart 8 year olds” -- to teach them how to perform sex acts.  More 2023-07-23
Every picture tells a story, don't it?  More 2023-07-23
These are the books they’re giving 12-year-old kids to read in school  More 2023-07-21
There is no such thing as a transgender toddler  More 2023-07-19
Nowadays, if you oppose such books being read in school, you're considered a right-wing extremist and a bigot  More 2023-07-19
Trans activist, Stacie Marie Laughton, was elected multiple times as a New Hampshire state lawmaker by Democrat voters. Laughton has now been federally charged with aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of 3–5-year-old children at a daycare  More 2023-07-19
One of the most dangerous men in America  More 2023-07-18
Leftists are criticizing Jim Caviezel's movie, "Sound of Freedom," as a QAnon conspiracy film -- check this out from almost ten years ago  More 2023-07-17
Pederast Pied Piper -- “I have trained all the children at my summer camp to come to me whenever I play my recorder"  More 2023-07-17
Know your pederast  More 2023-07-17
These weirdos have no limits  More 2023-07-16
Politics do indeed make strange bedfellows  More 2023-07-16
“Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influencer your child?”  More 2023-07-15
Jennifer Knight, a teacher at Centennial Elementary (Olympia WA) encouraged a 10-year-old to transition and taught the child how to destroy the trail of their communications  More 2023-07-14
Oregon plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Blair Peters, brags about performing trans sex change operations on young children  More 2023-07-14
They are out there and they're busy corrupting little children  More 2023-07-14
This is truly bizarre -- watch it all  More 2023-07-13
This is an elected official ( Nebraska? )  More 2023-07-12
Why is the Left so terrified of a movie that seeks to bring attention to the horrors of child trafficking?  More 2023-07-11
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