Groomers, pederasts and child molesters

are corrupting America's children under the guise of education

State Farm is donating transgender books for five-year-olds to Florida schools More
Valley View Schools (IL) instructed teachers to place pride flags in their classroom and wear ally pins as part of a teacher training More
Virginia middle school teacher charged for possessing child porn on Snapchat More
Male teacher writes about how good it feels wearing women’s undergarments to school and coming out as non-binary to his students More
Disney releases LGBTQ pride-themed toys marketed to children More
"Sexuality education starts the minute you're born" -- distrust "bigoted, misinformed parents," especially if they are "religious" ( thread ) More
At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone More
As corporate America readies rainbow filters for company logos for Pride month in June, Disney launched a new LBGTQ Pride Collection of merchandise aimed at children More
A mom in Clark County Schools (NV) reads from a graphic assignment her daughter was required to do -- her mic then gets cut off because it’s inappropriate for a public discussion. More
Coulda been a great 2nd baseman More
Philadelphiaschools encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on "kink," "BDSM," "trans sex," "bigger dick energy," and "banging beyond binaries." ( thread-video ) More
It's not "top surgery!" More
Bellingham School District (WA) board director is holding a “queer youth open mic” for ages 0-18 taking place in her sex shop More
How nice! -- middle schools in New York are bringing drag queens in to read with students More
Middle school students in Kentucky were recently asked to pen letters to an imaginary friend "struggling with homosexuality" More
Seattle's Nova High School claims 80% of its students identify as "LGBTQ+, non-binary, and transgender" More
Adults can’t handle hearing this pornographic material, yet they readily give it to kids in school More
Federal court halts Biden mandates forcing religious employers to pay for, perform irreversible trans surgeries More
You know, science! More
Arizona school counselor who arranged drag show for students is accused of having sex with a 15 year-old student More
Johns Hopkins Child Sex Abuse Center has hired the "minor attracted" pedophile guy ( ) More
A prominent trans activist has been arrested in Utah for the rape and sexual abuse of a boy More
Federal and state governments are the biggest groomers -- and they have money and power More
Dr. Frankenstein describes "gender-affirming care" for teenagers More
The National Science Teacher Association held a conference for K-12 teachers with a presentation called "Queer Your Classroom" More
New Jersey says schools can’t inform parents if their child comes out as trans More
"They are actively grooming children" More
A Missouri school district approved a “coming out closet” where students can get chest binders and clothing to express their new gender identity More
Groomer is placed on leave, which probably means she'll be back after a couple of weeks ( ) More
"Gender Queer" can’t be read in front of adults yet is available for kids to read in schools across the country More
Have you ever visited your child's classroom? More
The schools are filled with people who believe it is proper for them to queer your kids More
Oregon public schools are stocking feminine products in boys’ bathrooms More
The president of Disney-owned, Marvel Studios, praises queer Latina heroine, named "America," who has two moms More
Visit your kids' school -- get to know who their teacher is -- it could be this one More
Sometimes, "mother" is half a word More
Tranny porn company owners sentenced for forcing 7-year-old girl into sexual exploitation More
How TikTok became "a strip club filled with 15-year-olds More
Let's be clear -- America's institutions are grooming your children More
Discovery+ perverts history to make its series, "The Book of Queer" More
"My classroom is one of the gayest places probably on the planet" More
LGBT activist explains how young girls can hide chest binders from their parents More
"How do you know what gender you are?" -- New Jersey's plan for scrambling a 5-year-old's mind More
An NBC news anchor terminated after he was caught hooking up with a minor in a ''predator hunter'' sting video More
Everything is perspective -- this is disinformation the Left approves of More
What is shocking is that the government is facilitating the queering of children as young as 5 years-old More
Ben Shapiro addresses the concept of teachers teaching what they want in the classroom and just, wow! More
AFT's Randi Weingarten is pissed that teachers are being prevented from grooming little kids More
Disney communications chief has been shitcanned after four months More
Discovery+ goes full groomer! More
An event presented by the Gay Sexuality Alliance Club at the Hempfield High School has created a shitzstom ( thread ) More
In Massachusetts, one tranny student can upset an entire school and if your kid doesn't like it they can see the shrink More
Preschool teacher says she “loves taking every opportunity” to break down gender stereotypes More
They are desperate for kids to have access to porn books like “Gender Queer” without parents knowing More
Proper nouns and pronouns confuse alleged teacher More
Disney stock has dropped 11.4% in the last 5 days More
There is little doubt that the Biden administration supports the queering of America's children More
The Disney Company would never, ever tolerate the grooming of children -- hah! More
Exposing these pedocrats is the reason why the Left want to shut down Libs of Tik Tok More
Jenna Ellis Esq. supports Disney's campaign to become America's foremost groomer More
Pedocrats sue to stop Florida's grooming law More
More secret "gender transition closets" discovered in public schools More
“The parents guess the baby’s gender based on genitals and sometimes they make a mistake” More
If war is what you want, Randi, so be it More
In the war between pedophiles vs parents the Left has chosen the side that thinks sex with children is OK More
Professor says an adult wanting to have sex with a 12-year-old girl is accepted as being wrong, but "it’s not obvious to me that it is in fact wrong" More
Florida Senate, on a 23-16 vote, just passed legislation ENDING Disney’s tax privilege, self-governing power & special exemption status More
This is what Taylor Lorenz, WaPo and the liberal establishment are supporting -- if you are critical of this "minor attracted person," you are a bad person ( watch its eyes ) More
Governor DeSantis plans on clipping the wings of the country's foremost groomer -- The Disney Company More
These women need to be arrested -- Christopher Rufo thread More
Team Biden says transgender kids are entitled to "gender-affirming" medical care -- Chloe/Leo disagrees -- powerful, heartbreaking story More
"Defending American democracy requires we start by crushing the public school weirdos" More
If you criticize groomers, you are a bad person More
Massachusetts school sued for secretly promoting gender transition of pre-teen siblings More
These people seem to believe it's their mission in life to mess with children More
Leftists can rationalize anything, even sexual relations between adults and children More
GroomerGate, or how Democrats transitioned into the Trans-Extremist Party More
A parent dressed up as the Easter Bunny and handed out eggs with condoms inside to children at an elementary school in Austin (TX) More
The Associated Press has joined the ranks of groomers with this attack on parents More
Bellingham (WA) middle school awarded children $2,000 to put on a drag queen show More
"This has gone too far. It’s going to get worse. I don’t want any part of it" More
Don't say gay -- say "child molester" More
What do you do when the government is the groomer? More
68 Percent of Americans, including nearly half of all Democrats, are "less likely to do business with Disney" following revelations about the company's sexual politics More
Visit your kid's school -- meet your child's teacher More
Like we don't have enough of our own -- five sexual predators arrested in West Texas border sector in one week More
It looks like the whole Disney family is in the grooming business More
California teacher arrested for allegedly molesting 7 students -- school is for 5 to 12-year-olds More
Abagail Disney accuses those mean right-wingers of interfering with Disney's plans to be the world's foremost groomers ( ) More
"I'm your parents now" More
Kindergarten teacher brags about using the game "playing with pronouns" so 4 year old students can practice using they/them which “sparks conversations” More
A teacher from Crossroads Christian School in Lakeland (FL) was arrested by the sheriff’s office for having inappropriate sexual conduct with two students More
Man, who livestreamed sexual assaults of a toddler, gets 30 years in federal prison More
For thousands of years, humankind had no problem distinguishing men from women -- then came progressives More
The Walt Disney Company, loved for decades by billions as "Disney," is headed in an entirely new direction More
Brought to you by -- it's a "non-profit" -- they do this stuff for free! More
The State of New Jersey will begin the grooming of 1st and 2nd-graders this fall More
Bills to protect little kids are being falsely attacked as anti-LGBQXYZ -- if they have to lie to make their case, their case has no merit More
Grooming 3-year-olds is child-development and age appropriate and if you don't think so, you're homophobic More
The state of Maryland begins the grooming process in kindergarten More
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