Fruits of Equity

The Fruits Of "Equity"

Fruits of Equity

Fruits of Equity

In A Nutshell
Fruits of Equity

Fruits of Equity
The Man Behind Equity
Fruits of Equity
Barack Obama
Fruits of Equity

Fruits of Equity
The Man Getting The Credit
Fruits of Equity
Joe Biden
Fruits of Equity

Will Joe Biden be remembered as the man who destroyed America?

The Executive Orders

Last May, I responded to the announcement of Joe Biden's 'Equity and 'Gender Equity' executive orders by writing, "Joe Biden has always been a 'summary' guy. Give him twenty-five words or less and let him wing it. He was never much of a details kind of a guy."

So, it occurred to me, that Joe Biden had no idea what he had signed up for, or what havoc would occur as a result of his actions. After all, it was only a decade earlier that Biden was eulogizing Robert Byrd, the Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan, saying, "He was a friend. He was a mentor. He was a guide."

It's important to note, that Biden signed his "equity" and "gender equity" executive orders on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021 -- before lunch -- and remember, Biden hadn't been anywhere near the White House or the Executive Office Building in months, as he campaigned from the basement of his home in Delaware.

Fruits of Equity

So, who wrote those executive orders? Why, Barack Obama's people, of course -- but why would Biden agree to sign them? I can think of two possible reasons:

    1. Joe Biden wanted to be president so badly that he agreed to be Obama's beard, and to front the fundamental transformation of the United States that Obama loathed.

    2. Obama made Biden an offer he couldn't refuse. Either he front Obama's racist and socialist schemes, or Obama leaks the documented evidence of the Biden Crime Family's deals to his friends in the media, and Joe, James and Hunter all go to Leavenworth.

The two executive orders that Biden signed have the capacity to completely destroy the United States of America as we know it -- of that, there can be no doubt.


"Equity," as defined by the Biden administration is unlawful. Biden's executive orders create special rights, privileges and benefits for different classes of Americans, and that is a violation federal law:

    Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on a person's national origin, race, color, religion, disability, sex, and familial status.

Yet, Joe Biden's executive orders do exactly that.

It is important to realize that "equity" is not equality. Equality concerns itself with opportunities, while "equity" with outcomes. To put it in terms everybody will understand, "equity" is a handicapping system.

Here is the "Equity Scorecard" that the social justice warriors in the Biden administration use to identify the different classes of Americans, based of their personal, and often immutable, characteristics.

Fruits of Equity

Handicapping, in sport and games, is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or other advantage given to different contestants to equalize the chances of winning. It makes all players "equal." The worst golfer, with a handicap of 30, who shoots a 98, ties with the scratch golfer, who shoots a 68.

Political "equity" is the same thing, except it applies to "real life" and not sports, and is now interpreted by the Biden administration to mean that it is the job of the federal government to make sure that little or no disparities exist when comparing the outcomes of different demographic groups, and if you are not in a "preferred group," you're basically screwed -- that means you, straight, white people.

Tilting at the windmills of equity is an impossible task. The only economic and political system that even contemplates the possibility is communism. And that is why placing "equity" at the center of literally every political decision the Biden administration makes is an existential threat to the American dream, to individual liberty, and even to the family itself.

Racial equity

In reality, policies aimed at achieving "equity" -- the catch-all term for blatant discrimination against anyone not described as a "person of color" -- are fundamentally incompatible with America and America's laws, because equal opportunity cannot, and never will, lead to equal outcomes. Equal outcomes can only be the result of a level of social engineering antithetical to the basic tenets of American society. Equity must be rejected, or quite soon we will no longer recognize our nation. It is an insane and dangerous fallacy.

"Equity" has become the lit fuse of the worst racial strife ever, and don't point at the Civil Rights Movement as being similar, because it isn't.

Dr. King and company were rational, civilized people, who were correctly seeking to overcome the crimes and atrocities of the past. Their movement was righteous. That is not the case with the "equity" movement, which is 180 degrees opposed. "Equity" is actually the death knell of Dr. King's "Dream" -- to have his children judged on the strength of their character, and not the color of their skin.

Color that over! Done and gone!

There are groups that under perform in ways that really are a big problem. The situation of non-immigrant black Americans is unique in myriad ways, and attempting to do something with the problems of the Black community really are at the heart of the "equity" concept. Nobody really cares if more Asians become doctors, or more Whites become plumbers, but we do and should care that for far too many in the Black community, fatherlessness, promiscuity, early school dropouts, joblessness, criminality, drugs, and incarceration exist at levels that truly are an emergency. These problems must be targeted not in terms of how Blacks compare and compete with other groups, but rather on the basis of policy solutions that address their specific conditions.

That's reality. Pretending it isn't is foolish.

Chaotic scenes, such as the one that unfolded in downtown Chicago this weekend have become a normal occurrence, as Black teenagers run wild, destroying cars and property and each other. Gunfire is common.

The Left has told the Black community, “You have no control over your situation” and Black people are responding the way anybody being told there is no hope would respond. They headed out to get their own "reparations."

Many, motivated by the teachings of Critical Race Theory and the false history of the "1619 Project" have decided that they have a right to make up for the horror of slavery. So, they have given themselves license to go out and beat the sh!t out of white people -- and they most often attack in gangs.

That young woman has every right in the world to hate Blacks after that beating, as is the man who is attacked in his suburban home by inner-city thieve bent on stealing his automobile.

It's the Black culture, that has evolved separate from mainstream America, that is most concerning. This behavior would be bizarre in a private setting, but on the New York subway system? Wow!

Liberals and blacks are embarrassed and angry that these videos appear on social media and describe the posters as "racists," but it is black people themselves that star in, record and post these video clips -- and there are hundreds, if not thousands of them on the Internet. The Black community has a problem, and all the reparations in the world won't change that. They must change it themselves.

None of this was seen before "equity," and it isn't going to get better unless we get the culture war radicals out of government -- a daunting challenge, seeing how Democrats proudly manipulate the electoral process.

Gender Equity

In my opinion, this stuff is truly evil. The Alphabet People have every single right that any other American has, but they want more. "Gender equity" is all about making the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal, and they "demand" normal people accept their abnormal lifestyle.

The Alphabet People want you to accept there are no differences between men and women, and that anybody can be any gender they want to be. This leads to situations like this, in which a biological man fractures a woman’s skull. We used to call this violence against women. Now Team Biden calls it a victory for trans rights.

Three weeks ago, the nation witnessed a transgender "female" shoot up a Christian school, and within 48 hours the massacre was swept under the rug, and the murdered victims were forgotten, just like the killer's manifesto, that will remain in a deep, dark place forever.

Instead of the nation grieving for the murdered victims, the Left held the biggest celebration of transgenders and transgenderism in history.

Even so-called "responsible" organizations, such as the NCAA, have bought into the insanity by declaring a physical man its Woman's National Swimming Champion.

Lia Thomas, a biological male, has no business competing against biological women in swimming. In fact, pretend-women athletes have no business competing directly against real women in women’s sports, period, but the NCAA see things differently.

Fruits of Equity

That photo should piss off every red-blooded American as unfair and a perversion of sport and reality, yet Team Biden has every intention of shoving this stuff down our throats, whether we like it or not.

The Alphabet People are keenly aware of this, and so excited about their new political power that they mock the straight community.

Fruits of Equity

That image conveys a truth. Joe Biden is bound and determined to impose the broader LGBQTXYZ agenda, which includes the trans agenda, on America, whether Americans want it or not, and down the road, you can expect to see American citizens, who oppose being force-fed the gay and trans lifestyle, arrested and jailed.

Those opposed, who are primarily conservatives and Christians, are already targets of Biden's DoJ and FBI, and opposition to "equity" and "gender equity" provides one more reason to arrest and jail them for the new federal crime of "hate," which, unfortunately, is a one-way street in the Democrats insane new world, because only people on the Right can ever be found guilty of "hate."

We are in a strange new world, and it's of the federal government's making, yet here we are. If the Democrats are not removed from power in 2024, America, the one that has existed for almost 250 years, is over and done.

Oh, and by the way, so are your children.

These people are not playing.

Related: EO #14091: Advancing Equity

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Fruits of Equity
Fruits of Equity

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Fruits of Equity

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