Watching the Defectives

The Equity Plan

Whose Plan Is It?
And Is It Based Upon A Lie?

How much of this stuff does Joe Biden even know about?

I'll bet it isn't a lot.

Joe Biden has always been a "summary" guy. Give him twenty-five words or less and let him wing it. He was never much of a details kind of a guy, so when the Biden administration published a summary of its "Equity and Racial Justice Plan," it occurred to me, that Joe Biden had no idea what is happening in his name.

The Biden administration's "Equity Plan" is breathtaking in its audacity and scope and I truly believe Joe Biden doesn't know what half of the words in it mean..

Biden Equity Plan

Advancing Equity and Racial Justice Through the Federal Government, spells out, in great detail, the fundamental transformation of the United States of America that is being implemented by his administration, and in Joe Biden's name.

The page at the link is a summary of the Biden administration's "Equity Plan." It's five paragraphs that describe the plan's rationale, components and implementation. Its first paragraph is italicized for emphasis and it lays it right on the line:

  • “It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. Affirmatively advancing equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity is the responsibility of the whole of our Government.”

The first thing we know from these words is that it was not written by a real, re-blooded, American, but a cabal of commies. There's no doubt about it, and they have absolutely no interest in advancing anything for all, but only for advancing left-wing causes, organizations and protected classes. The billions and billions of taxpayer dollars that are being disbursed and that will be disbursed from government coffers never end up in the People's hands, but to to left-wing interests, that continue to work towards socializing every aspect of American life, and if you resist you'll get to meet the DoJ's domestic terrorist SWAT teams.

The second paragraph contains a whopper of a lie. It is the most important lie, because the administration's entire "Equity Plan" is dependent upon this lie. It falls apart without it.

  • On his first day in office, President Biden signed Executive Order 13985, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. The Order recognized that although the ideal of equal opportunity is the bedrock of American democracy, entrenched disparities in our laws, public policies, and institutions too often deny equal opportunity to individuals and communities. The President’s Order emphasized the enormous human costs of systemic racism, persistent poverty, and other disparities, and directed the Federal Government to advance an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the challenges we face as a country and the opportunities we have to build a more perfect union.

"Systemic racism" is against the law in the United States. It is expressly forbidden by the Constitution, and federal and state law. The above paragraph is a lie. Ever since Derrick Bell made that false assumption, many years ago, the Left has hung its hat on that lie, and here it now is, enshrined in official federal government policy -- "the American system is racist" -- and that dumb son-of-a-bitch, Joe Biden, has put his signature, as president, to it.

The second sentence, "the ideal of equal opportunity is the bedrock of American democracy," is dismissed because America's "entrenched disparities in our laws, public policies, and institutions too often deny equal opportunity to individuals and communities." They don't quite say what those disparities are. They just leave it up to the readers' imagination.

"Equal opportunity" stands in the way of their socialism so it gets sh!tcanned. "Poof!" It doesn't exist anymore. It's inconvenient. It's in the way. Equal opportunity has been replaced with equal outcome. One person shouldn't be allowed to excel over another.

No, no, no! We can't have that. Building good proletariats requires uniformity of thought, sameness of expectations. Fall in. The pursuit of happiness is selfish.

Now that the American system has been officially, in government documents, described as a racist system, these commies have begun to replace it with a system that is totally dependent upon race, gender and what you sleep with.

It's also a system that views an entire segment of society as The Other -- the enemy.

  • Over 90 federal agencies across the federal government, including all Cabinet-level agencies as well as over 50 independent agencies, mobilized quickly and effectively to implement the Executive Order. Agencies conducted equity assessments of 3-5 of their agency’s high-impact services for the American people, to uncover where systemic barriers to access may exist. Using those findings, agencies developed Equity Action Plans for addressing—and achieving—equity in their mission delivery for all Americans. Equity Action Plans were required to include accountability mechanisms and to identify success metrics and key milestones toward progress.

Every business unit in the executive branch of government, from the White House, down to the smallest office, is awash with social justice, diversity, and equity seminars and workshops. Annual reviews for promotion and salary increases are now dependent on a manager's or staffer's acceptance or rejection of the "Equity Plan."

There are accountability mechanisms, success metrics and key milestones toward equity progress. They'll tell the commies which managers and staffers are greasing the wheels of equity, and conversely, those opposing.

One has to admire the balls of the authors for inserting this little piece of nonsense -- "for addressing—and achieving—equity in their mission delivery for all Americans" -- all Americans as long as their great- grandparents didn't come from Europe and they don't have rainbow flags and Black Lives Matter signs outside their houses.

  • Advancing equity is not a one-year project – it is a generational commitment that will require sustained leadership and partnership with all communities. These plans are an important step forward, reflecting the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to make the promise of America real for every American, including communities of color, Tribal communities, rural communities, LGBTQI+ communities, people with disabilities, women and girls, and communities impacted by persistent poverty. They are part of a broader equity agenda, which also includes implementing the first-ever national strategy on gender equity and equality; working to ensure the federal government is a model for diversity equity, inclusion and accessibility in the workforce; delivering environmental justice through the Justice40 Initiative; and advancing LGBTQI+ civil rights. They also reflect attention to the reality that some individuals experience discrimination based on multiple factors and are particularly underserved.

Indoctrinate, indoctrinate, indoctrinate! What else do you think they're talking about here. The "promise of America" used to be, "the ideal of equal opportunity," as the bedrock of American democracy," but the commies canceled that in the second paragraph above, because equal opportunity has been replaced by equity and equality of outcome. Excellence is now officially dead.

I don't even know what to say about the federal government making such a strong statement in support of the queering of America, but there it is. Make of it what you will. If this goes on for ten more years, parents will have no say in a child's education -- and if you home school, you'll get the "threat" tag.

It's no oversight that there is a really large segment of American society that isn't mentioned in this document or Biden's Equity Plan? I guess it's because it's not about taxes -- about who is going to pay the bill for all this socialist largess.

  • In releasing these action plans across the inter agency, as well as snapshots of the largest agency’s plans here, the Administration commits to deepening the conversation with communities, advocates, and all stakeholders on how we can partner with communities to deliver equitable outcomes.

The thing about leftists, is that they will tell you what they are up to. They want to trash the concept of "equal opportunity" for one of "equitable outcome." It's been the goal since the beginning.

Biden Equity Plan

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs is "equity," and equity is socialism, which, according to this document, is now the official policy of the United States government.

And when you read those words, remember, they were written by a man who never held a real job in his life and lived off his writings, but mostly his friends.

But wait till you get to the part stating, "WE’RE TAKING ACTION." The commies that are now in charge of the federal government have a plan for everything -- and check out the all-American language:

I don't see how this gets rolled back. Biden has almost three years remaining, and by the time Biden is gone, everybody working in the federal government will be thoroughly indoctrinated in all this social justice/equity bullshit. Those that resisted will have been pushed out and only the true believers will remain. The bureaucracy is already 90% left-of-center. How much will it really take?

This document is garbage -- filled with lie, after assumption, after lie. It is amazing that this isn't the biggest story in the country, but there is nothing in the news or media. You have to go searching for information on government initiatives, such as this.

They just stood up a Ministry of Truth. The only possible reason for this bunch is they will use the "bureau" to influence, manage and censor speech. One week later, it was the Ministry of Environmental Justice to influence what you buy, make, use, or dispose of.

All of this is backed up by the first-ever, National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, which is backed up by the first-ever specialized unit for combating domestic terrorism.

Whaddaya think? Are these commies serious -- or what?

Consider sharing this information with your friends and associates. People have a need to know, and I don't see this stuff on the 6 O'Clock News.

We do not merely
destroy our enemies
we change them
~ George Orwell ~
line flipped