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The Alfa Bank conspiracy was based upon a false report produced by operatives from the Hillary Campaign that claimed a secret communication channel existed between the Trump organization and the Russian Alfa Bank and on the basis of DNS (Domain Name System) logs, that two internet servers belonging to Alfa Bank had looked up the address of the Trump Organization server 2,820 times between May and September 2016.

The folly of this exercise is that their focus was a third-party computer server in Pennsylvania used for Trump Organization hotel marketing. If you ever stayed at a Trump hotel, it is a good bet you automatically received such emails.

Clinton operatives such as Mr. Sussmann, a partner at Perkins Coie law firm, dossier organizer Fusion GPS, and even Hillary herself, spun the election yarn that Moscow’s Alfa Bank was in cahoots with Mr. Trump.

The FBI concluded in February 2017 that no Alfa-Trump link existed.

The definitive case against the Alfa Bank conspiracy


Manos Antonakakis Collected the DNS data for the Alfa Bank project More
James Baker Recipient of Michael Sussman's kompromat More
David Dagon Collected the DNS data for the Alfa Bank project More
Rodney Joffe Crowdstrike executive that ran the operation More
April Lorenzen Assembled the data that was on the Sussman jump drives More
Jake Sullivan Created the hoax to distract from the Hillary server story More
Michael Sussmann, Esq Hired Crowdstrike and gave kompromat to FBI More

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