Scumbag Biden

Joe Biden Is Destroying America

Scumbag Biden

Destroying America
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Destroying America

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Destroying America
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Destroying America
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Destroying America
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Destroying America

Has Joe Biden lost his mind, or is he just evil?

Joe Biden finds another way to flood the country with illegals -- Air Biden!

In addition to the millions of illegal aliens Joe Biden invited to cross our southern border, Biden has secretly flown 320,000 illegal immigrants from Latin American to airports in forty-three U.S. cities. At least 140,000 of them are from Haiti according to Todd Bensman.

The illegals that are flying "Air Biden" are using the Customs and Border Protection's One app to apply for travel authorization and temporary humanitarian release from those airports. The parole program allows for two-year periods of legal status during which adults are eligible for for all the usual free stuff-- the cellphones and service, the EBT cards, the free housing, clothing, food and medical care -- and this bunch gets work authorization, which means they get green cards and green cards mean Social Security Numbers and SSNs means drivers licenses and that means the Motor Voter Law, and that means they can register to vote if they happen to be in a county controlled by Democrats.


Despite facing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from theĀ Center for Immigration Studies, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has refused to identify the 43 airports used to dump these immigrants after their direct flights from the Caribbean and Latin America.

The administration claims it is keeping the cities secret because it is concerned “bad actors might undermine law enforcement efforts to ‘secure the United States border’ if they knew the volume of CBP One traffic processed at each port of entry” -- which, of course is bureaucratic, double speak, bullsh!t.

"Bad actors" have not only have been freely entering the U. S. ever since Joe Biden's swearing in -- his administration is loaded with "bad actors."

Joe Biden sends $10 billion to the Iranian mullahs

On Wednesday, Joe Biden approved a sanctions waiver that unlocks $10 billion in frozen funds for the Iranian government. The waiver allows Iraq to convert dinars into Euros and then transfer the Euros into Iranian banks in Oman.

The State Department's story is that the funds can only be accessed by Iran to pay for humanitarian supplies, like food and medicine, but everyone knows money is fungible, and that the waiver frees up cash for Iran to spend on its global terrorism operations in Gaza (Hamas), Yemen (Houtis), and Lebanon (Hezbollah), and worse, Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Last fall, Biden paid a ransom to Iran of $6 billion for the release of five American hostages. The administration claimed the $6 billion was held up after Hamas invaded Israel on October 7th, but Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that the “the country has the freedom to utilize the funds based on its needs," adding, "We have secured the necessary assurances in this regard."

Want to guess where those "assurances" came from? It's a sad day when Iran is more believable than the Biden regime, which somehow managed to blame Trump.

Trump took a much tougher line against Tehran than predecessor Barack Obama and withdrew the United States from Obama's crappy Iran nuclear deal.

In January 2020 Trump sent Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force, to meet his 72 virgins. Trump then threatened to strike fifty-two Iranian sites if Iran retaliated -- and as much as the Democrat media try to spin the story, Trump never sent any frozen funds to Iran.

Joe Biden sends another $300 million to Ukraine -- promises more to come

Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says, "On behalf of President Biden, I'm announcing an emergency package of security assistance of $300 million worth of weapons and equipment" for Ukraine.

Presidential advisor, Jake Sullivan, said that the package announced last Tuesday would only be enough to sustain Ukraine”s forces for "a couple of weeks.”

    “There was an imperative to act and we had on our side -- an ability to help the secretary [Defense Secretary Austin] and the president -- with a way to at least cover the cost of this one package, but that’s this one package. It’s not a fountain of money that is going to sustain us.”

The entire Democratic Party Machine is pressing for the passage of Biden's "Border Bill" which reportedly contains an additional $60 billion for Ukraine. It is difficult to find an answer to the simple question, "How much money has the United States sent to Ukraine." Statista places the number at $68.72 billion, but that doesn't include the monies funneled to Ukraine via third parties. Here is a list of the known contributions.

Joe Biden won't stop the Haitian invasion

Joe Biden has all the authority he needs to stop the coming invasion from Haiti, but he won't stop it. What's happening on our border with Mexico tells us that.

The ingredients for a maritime mass migration are fully in place. The Haitian state has failed. Haitians are getting on boats and they're not going to Cuba. The first ones are already landing in Florida. One vessel was seized with 32 Haitians aboard who were in the possession of guns, drugs and night vision googles.

Biden can interdict them at sea with U. S. Navy and/or Coast Guard assets and turn them back to Haiti or Guantanamo Bay -- which has been done in the past -- or, he can allow them to hit the sandy beeches of Florida and then process them into the U. S. as refugees.

If Haitians get a sniff that Biden is letting them in, then you will have an immediate mass migration by sea greater than that of the Mariel boat lift in 1980. Florida will be overrun.

As of now, Biden has ordered the Coast Guard to follow the boats, rescue any Haitians who are distressed at sea and to let them land in Florida. There are no orders for the Navy to do anything. That will teach DeSantis to screw with Biden's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.

Today, the leading edge of the flotilla is about two days out, and they should start to hit the Florida Keys in just 48 hours. Some boats have already landed, and when they have, the invaders are processed right on the spot and they are allowed in. No one is being repatriated.

Biden has already surrendered the American embassy in Haiti. That makes six embassies abandoned on Joe Bidens watch -- the others were in Afghanistan, Sudan, Niger, Belarus, and Ukraine. What a guy!

The Bidens tried to sell Westinghouse nuclear to the Red Chinese

On Thursday, Just The News reported that Hunter Biden and his partners aided CEFC China Energy in Red China's attempt to acquire Westinghouse's nuclear technology while Joe Biden was vice president.

At the time, Westinghouse was U.S.-based but owned by Japan's Toshiba and one of the leaders of the nuclear industry due to its new AP1000 reactor, a smaller and more advanced power generator. However, Westinghouse was suffering financial strife due to cost delays and overruns at a planned nuclear power plant in Georgia that would eventually force the company to file for temporary bankruptcy protection.

Hunter Biden and his associates saw the Westinghouse situation as an opportunity to acquire an ownership stake by Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), their China-based and Bank of China financed company

Since the international Nuclear markets are still massively influenced by the U.S. administration through licensing, oversight and operational prospective, CEFC would have nearly total market dominance. By owning Westinghouse and retaining its U.S. status, CEFC would be the commanding influence on all international programs and would align the U.S., Chinese and prospective countries interests.

This sentiment was echoed by Hunter associate James Gilliar in his nearly 60-page confidential proposal that he prepared to sell the Chinese on the acquisition play.

This is the document and a key snippet -- to give China a monopoly -- is just below.

Destroying America

The CEFC deal fits a pattern that Hunter Biden was willing to take money from countries or companies adversarial to the United States.

There was just one problem: “It would be highly unlikely that the Japanese-owned Toshiba would sell Westinghouse to Chinese or Korean interests."

Hunter's associates attempted to do an end run around his problem by using James Gillar's European Energy and Infrastructure Group -- and Bernhard Capital Partners would “implement an acquisition structure” that would “create the correct support in Washington that guarantees CEFC to receive the right support and U.S. promotes for its operations," but eventually the deal fell apart -- it was just too hot.

Joe Biden sets out to bankrupt America

Is Joe Biden plannings to bankrupt America and Americans with his massive $7.3 trillion budget for Fiscal Year 2025 contains $5.5 trillion in tax hikes. Biden's 2025 budget would drive the national debt to $45 trillion in 10 years -- 106% of the country's Gross Domestic Production (GDP).

Biden massive budget would place the "'highest burden" in U. S. history on Americans. Biden's argument is that billionaires will pay these taxes, but billionaires have better tax lawyers and CPAs than the government and they will surely find loopholes to avoid their "fair share" -- as they always do -- and this extraordinary burden will fall upon the middle class -- as it always does.

Biden's budget proposal sets aside billions of dollars to push progressive climate change, gender, sexuality and race ideology at home and around the globe. There are also billions to pay for processing and supporting Biden's hordes of illegal alien migrants.

America owes $34.5 trillion today. It's time to retrench -- to cut back spending -- but that's not what Democratic Socialist do. They just put the pedal to the metal until the drive of they financial cliff -- and then blame the Republicans.

*** What do you think? -- Request for submissions ***

We all know that Joe Biden is in no condition to face the rigors of a presidential campaign and if the current polls are any indicator, Donald Trump has an excellent chance of being elected the next president., but there are those lingering questions.

  • How will Joe Biden avoid debating Donald Trump?
  • How will the Democrats try to steal the 2024 election?
  • What will the Democrats do should Donald Trump win the election?
Destroying America

I am asking you, the reader, to answer one or more of the above question by sending your answers to me via the "Feedback" link. I will be posting this request for the next couple of weeks and will prepare and publish a report based upon your answers in the near future.


Destroying America
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