Democrats want Trump dead

Democrats Want Trump Dead

Democrats want Trump dead

Democrats want Trump dead
Worse Than Hitler

And Hitler Deserved Death
Democrats want Trump dead

Democrats want Trump dead
Kathy Griffin Returns
Democrats want Trump dead
Democrats Think It's Funny
Democrats want Trump dead

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Senator

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
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Joe Biden Corrupter

Is this crazy thinking or America's political reality?

As Democrats run four parallel prosecutions at Donald Trump, the former president has grown only stronger. He now leads in several polls and is up big in battleground states.

These facts have provoked panic in the Democratic Party, and the Left is responding with words that shake the seismic needle.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Joe Scarborough, formerly a conservative congressman, and now a paid shill for the Left (at $8 million per), begins his anti-Trump rant in the clip to the left with an insane rant -- “He will do; he will get away with; he will imprison; he will execute...,” and it just gets crazier from there.

Watch it before proceeding.

Yes, words matter, especially when they are threats to life and liberty

The extreme language coming from Democrats is not just coming from a bunch of hyper-emotional people being illogical. This "othering" of their fellow citizens is thought out and justifies extreme action against anybody they label as evil.

    When you are labeled a terrorist, everything is permissible.

    When you are labeled a NAZI or Hitler, everything is permissible.

    When you are labeled a white supremacist, everything is permissible.

It has become impossible to avoid hearing these descriptions of conservative Americans and their leaders. They have become ubiquitous. They pollute the networks and social media.

This is not politics. This language substitutes the tools of war for politics. It's a declaration of war by the Democrats upon their political opponents.

Democratic prosecutors want to "rid" America of the "meddlesome" Trump

Federal prosecutors have asked an appeal court to impose a gag order on Donald Trump after he criticized Special Counsel Jack Smith in a speech last week, although the prosecutors neglect to tell us what Trump said that would allow the court to strip Trump of his 1st Amendment and presidential rights.

In their filing on Tuesday, the prosecutors ask the appeal court to reimpose a gag order that was placed on Trump by Tanya Chutkan, the election-interfering judge overseeing Trump's "election interference" case.

In their filing, prosecutors cited Henry II's words before four of his knights murdered the Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas à Becket:

    "Repeated attacks are often understood as a signal to act -- just as King Henry II's remark, 'Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?' resulted in Thomas à Becket's murder."

By making the historical parallel, prosecutors, who want to show the alleged danger of Trump's criticism of special counsel Jack Smith at Trump campaign rallies, are dropping a seed. Even if, like Henry II, the former president doesn't directly call for violence, he should be "rid" -- eliminated!

Jack Smith wants to imprison Trump for the rest of his life -- possibly worse?

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s August indictment against former President Donald Trump for questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election -- his right -- includes several weighty felonies, including one for which death may be a penalty.

According to Reuters, a Department of Justice spokesperson said President Trump “does not face the possibility of the death penalty because the indictment did not include the ‘special findings’ necessary to seek that sentence,” but what's out today, could be in tomorrow. We have seen how flexible these states prosecutors are.

As it stands, If Trump is convicted of all four charges, and receives the maximum non-lethal penalty, he could be imprisoned for 55 years if the sentences are set to run consecutively. That, in addition to the possible 450 years in prison in the “documents” case that Smith is prosecuting in federal court in Miami, brings Trump’s maximum federal prison term to 515 years, over half a millennium.

Democrats believe that these insane sentences are justified, while defending Biden's corruption, a stolen election, open borders, DoJ and FBI lawfare, SWAT Team raids, cruel sentencing, surging crime, grooming, and all the other crap we've witnessed in the last three years.

Democrats explicitly call for "eliminating" a former president

Two weeks ago, during a appearance on former White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s MSNBC show, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) was in the midst of a standard boilerplate rant when he capped it off by saying that the opposition party front runner had to be “eliminated,” a comment that only underscores the modern Left’s philosophy that violence is acceptable when it comes to the political opposition of the Democratic Party.

Goldman’s suggestion that there may be only one certain way to get rid of Trump as a threat to Democrats’ control of the White House sparked such an intense backlash that the filthy rich heir to the Levi Strauss family fortune desperately tried to put the toothpaste back into the tube, claiming he didn’t really mean what he clearly said, but he did.

This was no "slip of the tongue." It was a carefully worded statement. Watch it again.

Goldman is far from alone

A few months back, Stacey Plaskett, a Virgin Islands Democrat, appearing on MSNBC‘s “Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart” said, while discussing Trump‘s recent indictment.

    “Having Trump not only have had the codes, but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort with anyone and everyone who comes through, should be terrifying to all Americans. He needs to be shot.”

Plaskett‘s word choice would be taken literally by the corporate media had she been a Republican politician and we'd still be talking about it, but since she's a Democrat, her threat upon the life of the former president disappeared from the news overnight.

Normalizing the death of Trump

The left-wing media is diligently falling in line by normalizing the idea that Trump could be assassinated before the 2024 election.

The partisan Democrats over at Business Insider published a piece fantasizing about what might happen if President Donald Trump suddenly died ahead of the 2024 election.

Titled, “Here’s what happens if Donald Trump dies while running in the 2024 presidential election,” the piece, which references Trump's death seven times, points out that if the Republican front runner was “eliminated” there would be other Republicans who would look to replace him along with what that process would look like.

Many speculate that this media push to normalize the idea of Trump’s death comes ahead of a left-wing plot to actually “take care” of the former president themselves.

Pollster Richard Baris says:

    “I think it’s pretty clear what message they’re sending when they speculate about the death of a candidate they claim is ‘worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini combined'."

    “The last time they did this, a lefty nutcase decided it was heroic to shoot Republican representative Steve Scalise and four others during a baseball game.”

The Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. First, they liken Trump to some of the most evil dictators in history, then casually suggest to their mentally deranged followers that someone needs to “eliminate him” to “save America” while the media suggests it’s all perfectly normal.

If the Gateway Pundit or Breitbart published similar essays and news reports about Joe Biden, an FBI SWAT team would assault their offices and arrest everybody in sight.

Stochastic terrorism on steroids

It wasn't that long ago that the Left introduced a new phrase into America's lexicon for this behavior, stochastic terrorism, defined as, "an unpredicted act of targeted violence stemming from political demagoguery."

The Left knows all about "stochastic terrorism." They invented it and have been deploying it for years. Madonna, Johnny Depp, and that red headed clown woman. Even the prestigious, Shakespeare In The Park, put on a play where Trump as Caesar was murdered, but no one in the media complained. It was art. It was totally fine.

Threats against Trump aren't new and not just from Democrats

Donald Trump is "the single most dangerous threat" the US faces as he seeks a return to the Oval Office, according to Liz Cheney, the Trump-hating Republican whose opposition cost her the congressional seat she held for six years.

"He cannot be the next president because if he is, all of the things that he attempted to do but was stopped from doing by responsible people … he will do. There will be no guardrails and everyone has been left warned."

Rick Wilson, a former Republican political strategist, media consultant and co-founder of The Lincoln Project, an ant-Trump organization, takes it all the way.

And all the Democrats on the panel agree!

The threats have multiplied and intensified over the last six years

Democrats have been promoting the assassination of Trump in one way or another for years in the hope that an unhinged Biden voter will make an attempt on his life. The entire Trump family is under heavy security because the Left and the deep state want them all dead.

Any casual search of any social media site demonstrates that there are millions of leftists, Democrats, and country club Republicans, who have lost the ability to reason when it comes to Donald Trump. Many are convinced that as this language intensifies over the campaign and the media continues its propaganda attacks against the great man, one or more of the most unhinged will make an attempt on his life. Tucker Carlson agrees.

The same people that claimed Benghazi was over a video; that Trump colluded with Russia; that Hunter's laptop was "Russian disinformation," and who have denied Joe Biden's corruption for years, will call this crazy thinking -- another "conspiracy theory," but their own words and actions put lie that nonsense. It isn't crazy when it's everywhere.

So, who will you believe, -- the Trump haters. the "stochastic terrorist" Democrats and other Trump haters -- or your own eyes and ears?

Pray for Donald J. Trump!


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Democrats want Trump dead
Democrats want Trump dead

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Democrats want Trump dead

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