Democrats Very Bad Week

The Democrats' Very Bad Week

Democrats Very Bad Week

Democrats Very Bad Week
The Big Guy

Wasn't Involved
Democrats Very Bad Week

Democrats Very Bad Week
Magical Thinking And Lies
Democrats Very Bad Week
Won't Help Joe

Democrats Very Bad Week
Joe Biden's Approval?
Democrats Very Bad Week
Is InThe Dumpah!
Democrats Very Bad Week

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Senator

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Congressman
Joe Biden Corrupter

There was no good news for the Democrats last week

Hunter Biden's Capitol performance did more damage than help

Last Wednesday, Hunter Biden made a public appearance outside of the Capitol and criticized Republicans for attacking him and his family, and then he did what all scumbags do when they are caught red-handed -- he lied, blamed others, and played the victim.

The thrust of Hunter's dramatic address to the nation was that he would submit to a public hearing, but not a closed hearing. This gambit undoubtedly came from Hunter's $855-per-hour attorney, Abbe Lowell, but was nothing more than a dodge. The subpoena was for Hunter to appear for a closed-door hearing, not a public hearing.

Hunter doesn't get to choose.

There is a very real reason for this subterfuge, however. In a public hearing, Republican questioners get five minutes to question the witness, and are subject to Democrat interruptions and "point of order" distractions. We have all seen how this works.

In a closed hearing, questioners get one hour to interrogate the witness. Get the picture? Both of Trump's sons appeared at closed hearings and were questioned for hours. They had nothing to hide. Hunter does.

This clip is five minutes. It's longer than usual, but please watch the entire clip. Listen to the words. Watch the facial expression -- the ease with which the lies roll off Hunter's tongue. The false sincerity!

This apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Hunter says, "They belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me," but what he doesn't say is that he has been a cocaine addict since the age of eighteen when he was arrested for possession. It got him thrown out of the U. S. Navy and caused him to lose his laptop, which has put Joe Biden's ass in the wringer. Hunter was snorting cocaine on the White House balcony last July 4th, just two days after cocaine was found stashed in the West Wing.

He continued, "they displayed naked photos of me during an oversight hearing," which this moron saved to the laptop -- and there are hundreds of them and dozens of videos.

Displaying no shame, he says, "they have no shame. For six years, MAGA Republican have impugned my character," he says with a straight face. What character? This guy has zero character. He has floated through life doing just as he damn well pleases, and every time his ass gets caught in the wringer, his daddy pulls it out.

"I have been the target of the unrelenting Trump attack machine shouting, 'Where’s Hunter? Well here’s my answer: I am here."

Unfortunately for Hunter, that's not where he was lawfully supposed to be. Now, he will be held in contempt of Congress in addition to the 42 years in prison he faces for tax evasion and gun charges in an ongoing investigation in California.

Hunter is already threatening to flee the country if Trump is elected. He knows he's in deep doo-doo and so does the entire Biden administration which has gone all-in to defend these people.

Joe Biden slipped deeper into the darkness

Now, Hunter may believe he just helped his father's defense of corruption allegations by arguing he was not "financially" involved in his business deals. He didn't!

Here's the thing: There is no "business" without Joe Biden.

Hunter & Company's sole asset was Joe Biden. Not one of the Biden Crime Family's twenty-four companies had a product. They provided no service. These "shell" companies existed for only one reason, to launder millions of dollars in payments from criminal Euro-trash in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan, and of course -- the communists in Red China!

The effort to separate Joe Biden from Hunter's illegal deals is the ultimate gaslighting operation, but it will never work. It's a smokescreen with no smoke.

Hunter Biden’s legal problems will continue to damage his father politically as it already has, but it will become far more intense as the campaign season progresses.

“This Hunter story has the legs to ruin things for Biden,” a Democrat strategist told the Messenger

Yes, Biden will be impeached. He just won't. be removed from office because he will be acquitted in the Senate. The same thing as happened to Donald Trump twice. You can fully expect Trump to make good use of the fact that while he was impeached based on allegations alone, and which have since been proven to be bogus, Biden will be impeached based on real solid evidence that is piling up week after week.

Four days ago, the House of Representatives formally voted for and approved the Biden impeachment inquiry. Now, the real investigation into the Biden Crime Family's corrupt business operations begins. This formal inquiry provides the three committees -- Oversight and Accountability, Judiciary, and Ways and Means -- with additional powers to depose and interview members of the Biden family and their associates about the Biden's alleged influence-peddling schemes which yielded the millions and millions of dollars the Biden Crime Family raked in -- while avoiding the tax system -- from China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and half a dozen other countries.

Trump will savage Joe Biden and the "no evidence" Democrats defending him with cold, hard facts, and solid documentation for the next eleven months. It will be brutal and fun to watch.

Biden could even be found guilty by the Senate for the simple fact many Democrats don't want him to run in 2024. They see the handwriting on the wall. So, this is the perfect opportunity to knock him out and then replace him with a candidate they believe would have a better shot at the presidency. Remember, their cultural revolution is on the firing line. IF Trump wins, it's over and done.

Democrats see Joe Biden falling poll numbers. They are insane. Joe Biden disapproval ratings are worst ever seen for an occupant of the Oval Office:

    64% of all voters disapprove of Joe Biden
    37% of Democrats disapprove
    43% of Blacks disapprove
    63% of Women disapprove
    63% of Hispanics disapprove
    68% of those aged 18-29 disapprove

Just imagine the levels of fraud the Democrats will have to try to pull off to overcome these numbers. Even the dead people -- always a strong Democrat constituency -- aren’t going to vote for Joe again.

Bottom line, America despises Joe Biden, the man who "won" with the “most votes of all time”

The White House Press Secretary screwed up big time!

As press secretary for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre’s job is to cover for Biden and keep him out of trouble, a not-unsubstantial task, at least when one considers the verbal incontinence our Biden displays on a regular basis.

However, one constitutional scholar contends the "historic" KJP’s words, meant to bail out Hunter, may have buried his father.

KJP's statement, that, “The president was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say, today.” is a problem. That statement implies that Joe Biden had discussed Hunter's statement before his contemptuous performance in front of the Capitol.

If proven to be true, that constitutes "obstruction" and one of the four most obvious potential articles of impeachment is obstruction. Jonathan Turley says:

    "If this latest allegation is true, the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt. Hunter was refusing to give testimony focused not on his own role but on his father’s potential role in the alleged influence peddling. The House can pursue evidence on that conversation and how the president may have supported his son’s effort.”

How this will end, remains to be seen, but there's potential good news about the Democrats' lawfare campaign.

In his zeal to "get Trump," Jack Smith shot himself in the foot!

Many think he did, and you know it's a bad sign when even CNN admits Jack Smith's prosecution of Donald Trump is political and meant to affect the 2024 election.

Trump's new legal team has filed four Motions to Dismiss with the courts. They are:

    Motion to Dismiss for Presidential Immunity
    Motion to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy
    Motion to Dismiss for Selective and Vindictive Prosecution
    Motion to Dismiss on Constitutional Grounds

Greg Rubini believes all four of the Trump indictments will be dismissed, and soon. He bases this opinion on the great legal job that Trump lawyers have done in crafting these four motions.

The Motions to Dismiss were prepared very carefully and were not prepared for the corrupt Judge Chutken, but for the Appellate and Supreme Court courts.

The Motions to Dismiss for Presidential Immunity, and the Motion to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy are at the Appellate Court, forcing Chutken to "stay" the proceedings. For now, the case is out of her filthy hands. Everything is suspended, until the Appellate Court decides on these two motions.

IF the Motion to Dismiss for Presidential Immunity is recognized as valid by the Appellate Court, the entire Jan. 6 indictments will get dismissed and the deranged special prosecutor, Jack Smith, will be left with nothing -- no trial and no conviction -- bupkis!.

The same holds true for the Motion to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy. IF recognized as valid by the Appellate Court, the Jan. 6 Trump indictment gets dismissed, and not just the Jan. 6 case, but IF either of the two Motions to Dismiss are recognized as valid Fanni Willis' Georgia indictment falls automatically.

This is why Jack Smith became desperate and sent the Presidential Immunity question to the Supreme Court, praying that SCOTUS takes it, and decides against Trump and "immunity" in the shortest possible time. Either way his "rush to judgment" timeline will take a hit.

Smith's move may be suicidal IF, SCOTUS rules President Trump indeed had the Presidential Immunity on Jan. 6 to question the results of the 2020 election -- which many assert he had -- Smith's entire Jan. 6 case collapses, and gets thrown out.

The original Jack Smith-Chutken-Garland-Biden plan was to begin the Jan. 6 Trump trial on March 4, 2024, the day before "Super Tuesday," the hot period of the Republican primaries in order to impact Trump's candidacy, but the Trump lawyers have now forced a "stay" in the proceedings. By filing their motions in the Appellate Court, the trials are placed on hold and this means delay, delay, delay! The one thing the corrupt prosecutors and judges don't want.

The March 4, 2024 for the Trump trial is finished. It will inevitably move to a later date -- even if both of the motions are not granted -- because of the other motions. Plus the case has 13 million pages, and thousands of hours of videos, which means that the real date for the Trump's trial may may be pushed back for years, well after the 2024 elections.

You see where this is going? It's starting to fall apart.

Having the Trump trial after the 2024 elections defeats the whole purpose of their political prosecution of Trump. After his victory in the 2024 elections, Trump will be president again, and there will be no trials at all. Again: this is IF both the Supreme Court and the Appellate Court do not grant the presidential immunity and the double jeopardy motions.

If the Supreme Court or the Appellate Court grants either the presidential immunity or the double jeopardy motions, it is all over -- no trial -- case dismissed.

In either case, Trump wins.

Dismiss everything? It is highly likely. The Supreme Court will not want to set such a dangerous precedent, so, both the Constitution and the legal history will force SCOTUS to uphold the Presidential Immunity clause.

The NY case has already fallen apart and there will be an appeal for mistrial, which again will delay the final finding or throw out the case entirely.

Only the Florida case remains -- the "classified documents" case -- but Trump has a real judge there, Aileen Cannon. So, there won't be any problem in Florida -- case dismissed.

There's a lot of IFs involved, but everything, as it stands right now, helps Trump.

It was a terrible week for the Democrats


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Democrats Very Bad Week
Democrats Very Bad Week

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Democrats Very Bad Week

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