Watching the Defectives

These aren't your daddy's Democrats

70 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Democrats still support slave labor -- some things never change More
Hunter Biden and a Serbian foreign agent plotted an investment meeting with Serbian president and oligarchs ( ) More
Hunter Biden’s therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, repeatedly alluded to Joe Biden's struggle with dementia More
The Donks will have to cheat their asses off in the next couple of elections to overcome the Biden-Harris disaster More
Kamala's spokeswoman quits -- third bailout in two weeks More
"I'm a loser, baby!" More
Most Americans believe Biden is dividing the American People More
There have been 1,009 homicides to date in 2021 in Cook County More
When you read this item you will understand why it's logged under "Democrats" More
A government built and sustained on lies and fantasies can not endure More
Everything is going to be wonderful -- we just have to take the Red pill More
Biden met with the country's largest retailers and grocery stores and is pleased to report everything is wonderful ( ) More
The most dangerous person in the Biden administration More
Joe Biden expected his 10% piece from a deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC More
Joe Biden can't visit Waukesha because it's too complicated More
This guy is in charge of everything that moves into, through and out of the United States More
Only 13% of Donks would support Kamala Harris in a run for president More
Washington, DC is a small town -- the "club" is even smaller More
Pray for Joe Biden! More
How Donks make political appointments More
Everything is worse and everyone knows it! More
Biden is using Carter's playbook of restricting production, increasing prices and practicing demagoguery More
New York Donks want to give the vote to 800,000 illegal aliens More
Bugttigieg finally went to the office -- here's his first work product More
Biden is betting the farm on controlling the Wuhan and that can only mean tightening the screws on Americans More
After releasing oil from the strategic reserves to lower energy prices, Biden moves to increase energy prices More
Surveys from Donk strategists show the party’s brand is in shambles nationwide More
Mayorkas is the most dangerous radical in the Biden administration More
Bragging about having food on the shelves is not a good look, Biden. More
The only people unhappy with the outcome of the two trials were Joe Biden and the Left More
Biden's executive order on diversity and stuff French kisses every race, nationality and gender on the planet -- except you know who More
Hillary is back and she's running! More
During the fall of Afghanistan, Biden loaded planes with Afghanis so press could report people were evacuated -- now he's sending the Taliban back ( ) More
Biden’s secretary of energy has no idea how many barrels of oil the US consumes per day More
China was feeding Biden intelligence on how to defeat President Trump More
This is what a lifetime of toiling for the People in the public service brings you More
This is just a bold-faced lie and it isn't the first by Biden More
Donks want windmill power and they don't care who gets hurt to get it More
The staffers that shape Biden's and Kamala's message both just quit! More
Great news! Biden will run in 2024! More
When Biden became the nominee, Hunter withdrew from the board of a Chinese conglomerate involved in a $3.8 billion cobalt deal in the Congo -- doesn't say if the money stopped More
Donks want Biden to raise the taxes and increase regulations on energy -- oh, and lower gas prices More
Bill Maher has some good advice for Donks -- unfortunately the Donks are too all-in with their culture war to listen More
Biden's plan to cripple America -- shut down Keystone, then shut down Michigan 3 and then ship a record 1.6 million barrels of crude from the strategic reserve to Asia every month More
Biden's initial statement -- "I stand by what the jury has to say. The jury system works" -- was updated later in the day More
Arrrgh! Kamala was "acting" president for 85 minutes this morning More
It's never what they say they're gonna do -- it's what they do ( ) More
The people running the show know the pain they’re inflicting on you and your family More
Someone should tell Biden to 86 the creepy kid stuff. More
Biden claimed that his Build Back Better legislation will cost "zero" -- the CBO says $367 billion More
The best the Democrats have -- a doddering old man and this absolute moron More
Joe Biden says, "I gotta take orders" -- the question is, from whom? More
Joe Biden demonstrates the proper circumstances for wearing one's mask -- watch it all More
A recent USA Today poll revealed that Kamala Harris has an approval rating of only 28% More
The twitterati are debating which member of Congress has the lowest IQ More
"Until the 6th circuit or Supreme Court rules otherwise, the OSHA mandate is now off" More
Rittenhouse prosecutors have withheld drone video evidence of shooting -- defense files motion for mistrial More
"Familiarize yourself with the confirmation process" for replacing a vice president More
Since everything is racist now, it had to happen -- Kamala’s staff is accusing Biden of racism More
Pray for Joe Biden! More
Biden walked back a comment describing Taiwan as "independent" after Xi threatened Biden in a virtual meeting that those supporting the island nation would get "burned" More
The Attorney General of the United States of America is a tool of the Democratic Party More
Donk says "Let's go, Brandon should be equated with burning the flag More
This Mayorkas guy is a piece of work More
Donk strategists are planning to double down on Critical Race Theory and painting parents as "white supremacists" More
Biden shuts down oil pipelines as gas prices continue to climb ( ) More
The vilest man in America, Adam Schiff, a proud Democrat More
Everything they tell you is a lie More
Mommy, is that a man or a woman? More
No! It’s not racism or sexism -- Kamala Harris just flat-out sucks at the job More
"This is brutal!" More
They gotta be having meetings in the White House about this, "Let's go, Brandon," stuff More
Trillions of dollars of spending on top of trillions of dollars in debt is Biden's answer to inflation More
Kamala is feeling blue -- feeling unappreciated ( ) More
CIA Director Brennan briefed Obama on Hillary’s "Donald Trump is a Russian operative" conspiracy in August 2016 ( ) More
Serial liar Schiff was an integral part of the Hillary-DNC plot to destroy a president More
"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up" ~ Barack Obama More
"Defending every border but our own!" More
The day will come when universities will be falling all over themselves to award this ditz honorary doctorates More
Citizens ignored as Seattle cops become bodyguards and escorts for county employees during crime wave More
Biden nominated pro-censorship radical, Gigi Sohn, who has a history of attempting to shut down conservative news operations, to serve on the Federal Communications Committee. More
Key prosecution witness in the Rittemhouse trial had two charges dismissed on October 28, 2021, just days before he testified More
As Team Biden busies itself with Building Back Better socialism, 111 container ships languish off the coast of California More
This ditz could be President of the United States of America. -- contemplate that for a moment More
The attorney general never does answer the question,"were the George Floyd riots domestic terrorism?" More
Nobody ever accused Joe Biden of being smart -- glib? sure -- but smart? never! More
"The most ambitious dirty trick ever pulled in an American election and its aftermath" More
The Border Patrol expects 1,800,000,000 border apprehensions in fiscal year 2022 -- no telling how manymore will sneak on in More
Team Biden is creating new Donks as fast as they can -- more than 2,300 legal immigrants are being naturalized every day More
Democrat Rule #1: Always blame the other guy for doing what you are doing. More
"And the survey says!" More
Even Joe Biden is shocked at the price of gas -- whoever is running the country needs to keep the BIG GUY updated! More
There is no one on Earth as rapacious, greedy, and materialistic as a socialist politician More
Sitting member of congress and chair of House Democratic Caucus is a champion of criminal justice reform -- but only if you have the proper ideology More
Kamala just finished filming the latest scene from The Kamala Movie, in which Kamala lectures [real] scientists [not actors] More
De Blasio declares NYC the "safest place to be" in the U.S. ( search on--> NYC ) More
How Soros's secret network used Ukraine to cover for Hillary, Hunter, and target Donald Trump More
Biden’s former White House Senior Adviser for COVID Response confirms the Donks want the COVID19 pandemic to last forever More
The White House doesn't want to talk about when Joe Biden will get a physical -- if ever? More
Sen. Maria Cantwell leads the push to compensate news organizations for their loyal support -- Fox News an Breitbart are up Schidt's Creek More
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