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These aren't your daddy's Democrats

More than 100 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Democrats want Trump dead  More 2023-12-03
The Biden administration spends another $3 billion to bribe foreign countries into adopting its climate agenda  More 2023-12-03
If the Democrats are really going all-in for Joe Biden, one has to wonder what monkey-business they have planned for the 2024 election?  More 2023-12-03
Is this what the Red Chinese paid Joe Biden for?  More 2023-12-03
Everybody in Washington knew Joe Biden was corrupt -- they didn't care  More 2023-12-03
It's pretty clear whose side the Biden administration is on  More 2023-12-03
Kamala, why do "we" have to rebuild Gaza?  More 2023-12-03
The Biden administration is committed to increasing federal contracting by 50% for minority and underserved businesses  More 2023-12-03
Joe Biden claims he cut the national debt "in half" -- that is total nonsense, he's added trillions to it  More 2023-12-03
Democrats will never stop trying to outlaw Americans' ability to protect themselves  More 2023-12-02
House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman, James Comer, put Hunter Biden on notice: show up for his impeachment inquiry deposition on December 13th or be prepared to go to court  More 2023-12-02
Joe Biden claims he "taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years" -- Biden never taught a single class  More 2023-12-02
"The drunken sea hag"  More 2023-12-02
KJP says "We do not politicize the Department of Justice" -- watch it!  More 2023-12-02
This is the mindset of a socialist/communist -- Goldman (D-NY) the Levi Strauss heir is worth $253 million  More 2023-12-02
Rep. Loudermilk (R-GA) confirms all videotapes from Jan. 6 Committee depositions are gone  More 2023-12-02
They "brung us" 9 million illegal aliens, mostly uneducated, from all corners of the planet, Kamala -- including hundreds who intend to harm Americans  More 2023-12-02
Joe Biden has only submitted just 14 out of about 82,000 pages of subpoenaed vice-presidential emails to the House Oversight Committee -- but since he's a Democrat, nothing will be done about it  More 2023-12-01
KJP and her deputy, Andrew Bates, violated the longstanding federal ethics law with their June 14th statements denouncing "MAGA Republicans," the Office of Special Counsel found, but since they are both Democrats, nothing will be done about it.  More 2023-12-01
Sen. Chuck Schumer tastes the poisoned fruit of the Democratic Party's deeply rooted antisemitism  More 2023-12-01
Buttigieg's message is, "believe the government, not what you see"  More 2023-12-01
Videotapes of witness interviews that the Democrat-led Jan. 6 congressional committee conducted have vanished  More 2023-12-01
Why are Democrats covering up Epstein’s flight logs?  More 2023-12-01
Chicagoans discover Obama's "elections have consequences" means what it says -- and they will still vote Democrat  More 2023-12-01
Senator Menendez had gold bars inscribed with Arabic in his possession and he is still being protected by his fellow Democrats ( )  More 2023-12-01
Is Joe Biden lying, or is his old brain scramled eggs -- either way he should not be occupying the Oval Office -- and then there's the corruption  More 2023-12-01
Dan Goldman (D-NY) is taking over for Adam Schiff  More 2023-11-30
Thousands of auto dealers tell Joe Biden to 86 the federal government EV mandates  More 2023-11-30
Everything in the Joe Biden administration is rotten -- even the White House Christman Tree  More 2023-11-30
Joe Biden is cooked -- he just referred to President Trump as "Congressman Trump"  More 2023-11-30
Democrats love mass shootings -- they feed into their agenda  More 2023-11-30
Washington, DC spent $270,000 tax-payer dollars to repaint "Black Lives Matter" on a public street near the White House  More 2023-11-30
More Joe Biden corruption  More 2023-11-30
Joe Biden's impeachment draws closer  More 2023-11-30
Joe Biden brags about "blowing up the world"  More 2023-11-29
Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard wrote a check for $561,000 to repave her mother's driveway using tax-payer-funds  More 2023-11-29
$451 billion per year to house and care for illegal alien immigrants  More 2023-11-29
Joe Biden wants to transform federal lands into migrant camps to house illegal aliens  More 2023-11-29
Joe Biden's government looks more and more like the Schutzstaffel every day  More 2023-11-29
Democrats are destroying America to seize permanent power by all means available -- they don't care about you and they don't care about those illegal aliens -- they will never let Trump win  More 2023-11-29
Chicago mayor says racist Republicans are to blame for the problems in cities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades  More 2023-11-29
Imagine! -- Republicans are "dangerously" trying to make Ukraine aid "conditional on passing hard-right border policy" ~ Chuck Schumer  More 2023-11-29
DHS Secretary Mayorkas says we need lawful pathways "for the 12 million people who are here in the United States who have been contributing so fundamentally to our country's well-being -- they're our neighbors, our friends, our fellow congregants."  More 2023-11-29
"There is no evidence of voter fraud," Democrats claim  More 2023-11-28
The Democrats anti-gun campaign is a monstrous failure -- almost a quarter-of-a-million Americans bought guns last Friday  More 2023-11-28
A Virginia election official "altered election results" in the state's reporting system, leading to three grand jury indictments  More 2023-11-28
Joe Biden's latest scheme will use your tax dollars to pay off other people's student loans to buy their votes  More 2023-11-28
Any Americans? -- other than family members of people who bought Hunter Biden "art?" ( )  More 2023-11-28
Democrats are up to the same old shenanigans  More 2023-11-28
Three years later, KJP is still blaming Joe Biden’s horsesh!t economy on Donald Trump  More 2023-11-28
*** The lone U.S. hostage freed is the niece of a woman who overpaid for Hunter Biden's art -- "I was personally involved with the release of that American hostage" ~ Joe Biden ***  More 2023-11-27
Did you know that DJT won the “in person vote” in ALL 50 states in 2020? -- Joe Biden won the “mail-in ballot” vote in every state  More 2023-11-27
Earth to Democrats: Biden presidency is a dumpster fire -- how many warning signs do you need? ~ USA Today  More 2023-11-27
Now, the White House just lies, and lies, and lies . . .  More 2023-11-27
A secretive surveillance initiative, managed by the White House, grants law enforcement agencies unprecedented access to trillions of American phone records, raising significant privacy and legal concerns  More 2023-11-27
Would they dare? -- absolutely!  More 2023-11-26
If you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for this  More 2023-11-26
Joe Biden says, "polls don't matter anymore" -- Democrats will just do what they do -- cheat!  More 2023-11-26
Over 2,500 New York City cops have turned in their badges so far in 2023 -- the Law of Unintended Consequences shall not be denied  More 2023-11-26
Coming to America -- thank a Democrat  More 2023-11-26
How can anybody vote for a member of a political party that is actively and publicly destroying America?  More 2023-11-26
The "Biden Effect"  More 2023-11-25
Washington, DC hit 900 carjackings in 2023 on Thanksgiving Day  More 2023-11-25
Longtime business owner is done with San Francisco -- a city that cares more about its drug users than its taxpaying citizens  More 2023-11-25
Winter is coming and America's "sanctuary cities" are starting to panic  More 2023-11-25
The Democrats push to disarm America has backfired big-time as more than half of America's households now has one or more guns in the house  More 2023-11-25
"Close the fucking border then, dipshit"  More 2023-11-25
How did the get so wealthy on a government salary?  More 2023-11-25
Joe Biden's sub-40% approval rating makes it almost impossible for him to win the 2024 presidential election  More 2023-11-25
The Biden Family Thanksgiving  More 2023-11-24
Joe Biden is now down by 7 points  More 2023-11-24
Every one of these lost souls will vote for Democrats next November -- whether they are drugged, unconscious, sick or dead  More 2023-11-24
What have Democrats become?  More 2023-11-24
New York mayor denies sexual assault allegations  More 2023-11-24
The anti-MAGA talking points the Biden administration released for Thanksgiving Dinner  More 2023-11-24
Speech, like the New York governor's exhortation to "talk about it," used to be correctly viewed as blasphemy -- now, it's just good Democratic Party political messaging.  More 2023-11-23
"The deal is, they're going to turn them into voters."  More 2023-11-23
Arizona's AG has illegally targeted Mohave County for daring to go to paper ballots  More 2023-11-23
The Biden Crime Family gives thanks at Thanksgiving  More 2023-11-23
Fani loses her ass! -- Harrison Floyd will not be locked up for "witness tampering" ( )  More 2023-11-23
Even Democrats are miffed at what Democrat politicians are doing to their communities  More 2023-11-23
Expect Joe Biden's impeachment vote in early spring, 2024  More 2023-11-23
The Biden's have receiverd over $25 million from foreign sources and nobody can show what they did for that money -- on which they paid zero taxes  More 2023-11-23
Democrats are all about buying votes with the taxpayers' money  More 2023-11-23
Rep. Adam Schiff continues to be a lying bag of schiff  More 2023-11-23
Who really are the authoritarians? -- New Jersey bans the sale of gas-powered automobiles  More 2023-11-22
No word from the White House an hour after a terrorist attack at the New York-Canada border near Niagara Falls-- Joe Biden is safe and vacations on Nantucket island  More 2023-11-22
Claire McKaskill says, Trump is “even more dangerous” than Hitler  More 2023-11-22
Joe Biden is off to TikTok investor, Carlyle's David Rubenstein's $40 million Nantucket spread for a free vacation and a little business  More 2023-11-22
"The country has soured on Joe Biden" ~ CNN  More 2023-11-22
New York City Blacks and illegal aliens compete for stuff as the handouts start running out -- the Law of Unintended Consequences will not be denied  More 2023-11-22
Thanksgiving costs skyrocket under Joe Biden  More 2023-11-22
"Fire Alarm" Bowman threatens Israel  More 2023-11-22
The law that granted Joe Biden sweeping powers during the Wuhan is now being used to advance the Left's climate change agenda  More 2023-11-22
There it is -- they don't care what you think  More 2023-11-21
KJP says "I would put Joe Biden’s stamina up against anyone"  More 2023-11-21
Joe Biden is the only commander-in-chief that never, ever returns the salute  More 2023-11-21
“I like kids better than people" ~ Joe Biden ( )  More 2023-11-21
Joe Biden checks in with his boss during the APEC summit  More 2023-11-21
The White House pushes back on Joe Biden being described as "Genocide Joe"  More 2023-11-21
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