Watching the Defectives

These aren't your daddy's Democrats

70 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Forget vice president, and attorney general of California. how did Kamala Harris ever get out of high school?  More
NYC sounds unlivable  More
The White House is preparing to have Joe Biden take executive action to protect 600,000 DACA "Dreamers"  More
Donks want to put people who say the 2020 election was stolen into prison -- but 2016 was "different"  More
The Democrats decision to abandon due process and historical precedent to impeach President Trump  More
The District Attorney of Philadelphia says, "Eight out of ten of the most violent cities are Trump cities," with a straight face!  More
This should be a far bigger story than Martha's Vineyard -- it's not -- there is a lesson there  More
"The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea" ~ Kamala Harris  More
The taxpayer burden for Joe Biden's Student Loan/Vote Buying scheme keeps growing -- it's greater than $450 billion now -- PhDs benefit most!  More
The consequences of the Great Reset  More
John Fetterman scrubbed "Black Lives Matter” from his campaign website  More
"A lot of people I know have stopped looking at their 401(k)s"  More
The Mayor of Chicago must be watching her own movie, because she's ridiculously out of touch ( )  More
Trump legal team claims Biden's DoJ misled the court. The FBI actually seized "200,000 Pages" of documents from Mar-a-Lago during raid  More
"This is the first time in history, honestly, that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been used as a campaign credit card to buy down political risk for the midterms"  More
Why are federal taxpayer dollars funding the cancel culture on college campuses?  More
Meet the Chinese spy who worked for Hunter Biden  More
What's amazing about these numbers is that it only took 18 months for the Democrats to destroy the economy  More
Illegal immigration is about power  More
"Our Democracy" ( )  More
Was Trump right about the DoJ planting evidence?  More
Joe Biden’s office is concerned about the "political sensitivities" of releasing his senate papers that are currently hiding at the University of Delaware  More
$9 trillion in wealth has been stripped from the stock-market by Joe Biden's economic plan THIS YEAR!  More
The Joe Biden student load boondoggle is blatantly illegal, but can it be stopped?  More
The concept of "equal justice under the law" has ended under Joe Biden -- just one example  More
Hillary's "NAZI" talk has been turned into a meme -- it's a masterpiece!  More
So, Kamala couldn't go to Japan, and smile and stuff -- no, she just had to open her mouth -- and out came the usual  More
With midterms' prospects sagging, Donks preach violence  More
Researchers predict that home heating cost will increase 17% this winter -- the $1,200 average increase will be the greatest in 10 years  More
Joe Biden's focus on CRT and the LGBQTXYZ agenda has produced the greatest loss of household wealth ever -- the stock market has lost $8 trillion since he took office  More
"Jen Psaki says that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats -- why would she say that?"  More
Good ole Joe Biden has morphed into America's first authoritarian  More
When Democrats dispute elections, it's "symbolic" -- when Republicans dispute elections it's "domestic extremism"  More
Joe Biden's GESTAPO!  More
Kamala Harris is the perfect vice president for this disaster of an administration  More
Clinton Foundation Auditor Sanctioned – Numerous Material Issues Including the Clinton Foundation and Its Auditor Ignoring $483 Million Error  More
This is what they have been waiting for -- a seditious conspiracy conviction to “prove” Jan. 6th was an “insurrection,” and tie it all to Trump  More
The Obama's prove the rules are for the little people, as they park in Handicap spot for a two-hour dinner  More
FBI whistleblower says SWAT Teams are being misused -- Jan. 6 defendants' rights are trampled  More
NY governor Hochul supporters are mailing "official-looking," pre-filled-in applications for absentee ballots ( )  More
Gavin Newsom is “undeniably, unequivocally” planning to run for president in 2024 -- his platform is to turn the United States into California ( )  More
KJP will believe anything -- they got voodoo where she comes from -- the problem is, she wants you to believe it too  More
Why is the Secret Service sniffing around this local matter involving Hunter Biden's .38 revolver?  More
We’re losing farmland to China that "we're never going to get back"  More
Donks are being mugged by reality, so, they are pivoting to "law and order" -- but only until the election is over  More
When was the last time you paid less than $3.00 per gallon? -- Joe Biden has become the Wizard of Oz!  More
What if CornPop was a really good dude, and was just protecting small children from a creepy lifeguard that wanted his leg hair petted? ( )  More
Biden, the Democrats, and their financiers are demanding the U. S. become as dependent on China, as Europe is on Russia, for energy  More
John Fetterman may be the perfect symbol for the Democratic Party, but he's never going to see the inside of the Senate  More
Hillary tried to destroy Trump with her Russiagate conspiracy and failed -- so she's elevating her game -- Trump is now Hitler, and Trump supporters are NAZIs ( )  More
California banned the sale of natural gas furnaces and heaters by 2030  More
Joe Biden was definitely NOT supposed to say this about the FBI  More
Democrats kick the cultural revolution into high gear -- vote $62 million-plus for the destruction of monuments  More
McDonalds CEO asks, "What's going on in Chicago?"  More
These drag queen shows are promoted and financed by the Biden administration ( )  More
"Democrats don’t want anyone to know who Ray Epps is -- that’s why the New York Times wrote a bizarre puff piece on him"  More
"Creepy" Joe Biden gets even creepier!  More
"They ruined the entire infrastructure of global finance."  More
Hunter Biden gone wild! ( )  More
The average American needs an annual wage increase of $11,500 to keep up with Joe Biden inflation  More
The average cost for powdered formula for babies who are formula-fed exclusively is $400 to $800 per month ( )  More
Member of the Jan. 6 Committee, Jamie Raskin, denies knowing who Ray Epps is ( )  More
Biden Crime Family sought lucrative deals with China on fossil fuels that Joe Biden now seeks to eliminate  More
Joe Biden says people who "have a different view of how the institutions should function," are a threat to the country  More
Joe Biden's behavior is actually a bit disturbing  More
Business owners and residents in "Our Democracy" have had it!  More
Abortion is at the core of everything Democratics do, but this is nuts  More
House Judiciary Committee Democrats just voted to support "non-citizens" voting in our elections  More
Using the slogan “MAGA” is an example of covert racism and white supremacy, according to an instructional video available through Maine’s Department of Education  More
California will allow "human composting" after death to combat climate change  More
House passes Liz Cheney’s "Trojan Horse Elections Bill" enabling a Democrat takeover of the ballot box  More
US Senate candidate's campaign walks back his call to "free" all second-degree murderers  More
Let's go, Brenda! -- Joe Biden's first speech after transitioning  More
Analysis of the New York Attorney General's civil suit against the entire Trump family ( thread ) -- "I hope red AGs are taking note of the new rules"  More
Cry me a river, Steny  More
Joe Biden continues to "other" his fellow citizens as "MAGA Republicans" -- the dreaded domestic extremist  More
Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) totally believes and preaches that a Capitol Police Office was bludgeoned to death on Jan. 6  More
"Watch me" ~ Joe Biden ( comments )  More
Joe Biden executive order furthers the transhumanism movement  More
48 Days before her own election -- NY AG files civil charges against the Trump family -- an embarrassingly political prosecution, even for a Democrat  More
Democrats try -- for the 78th time -- to hang something on President Trump on the same day that House Democrats killed a resolution to investigate Hunter Biden  More
KJP tells it like it is -- illegals will be allowed into America, and flown around the country as long as Joe Biden is president  More
House Democrats kill resolution to investigate Hunter Biden  More
Budget analysts conclude Joe Biden's policies will add $4.8 trillion to the national debt  More
Dems hinging midterm hopes on abortion  More
Kamala's word for Tuesday is "community" -- "community… community… community"  More
Biden Trump 60 minutes  More
"She's [Kamala] a joke and everybody knows it" ~ Martha's Vineyard resident  More
"Biden was on 60 minutes -- I heard he asked how long the show was" ~ Tim Allen  More
Reporter: "Why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, Mr. President?" -- Biden: deploys Democrat Rule #3, "that's different"  More
Lyin' Joe Biden is the worst thing to ever hit America  More
63% of Americans say they are falling behind the cost of living  More
Joe Biden wants to stop the sale of ALL semi-automatic firearms -- says the continued sale of "semiautomatic weapons is bizarre"  More
Y'all was played!  More
An NBC poll found that by a "2-1 margin, folks say [Biden has] more hurt the economy than helped the economy"  More
Note how often Democrats demand not only the censorship of their political opponents -- that's everyday -- but also their arrest by FBI and prosecution by DoJ ( thread )  More
Border encounters with illegal immigrants have passed 2 million in a single year for first time  More
Denver approves monthly cash payments for homeless women, families and trans individuals  More
Majority of Democrats believe there are "tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans"  More
For the fourth time, Joe Biden said that the U.S. would send forces to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack -- and for the fourth time, Biden’s handlers walked back the comments  More
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