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These aren't your daddy's Democrats

More than 100 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

When Democrats call for toning down the rhetoric, they don't mean for themselves  More 2024-07-16
Joe Biden attempts to defend his hateful rhetoric  More 2024-07-16
Joe Biden’s parole pipeline has welcomed almost 1.2 million foreign nationals -- roughly the size of Dallas (TX) -- to the United States since its inception in January 2023  More 2024-07-16
Helen Comperatore, the widow of the man who was murdered during a gunman's attempt to assassinate former President Donald Trump, refused to take Joe Biden's phone call  More 2024-07-16
Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when the president was still a senator, has returned to the U. S. and is moving to pursue criminal charges against Biden for his alleged crimes against her  More 2024-07-16
Joe Biden's delusion  More 2024-07-16
Joe Biden holds a pity party for himself on national TV  More 2024-07-16
One has to wonder if Joe Biden has any morals at all  More 2024-07-16
If you wonder why someone might be inspired to assassinate Trump look no further than this incitement from Hillary Clinton  More 2024-07-15
The Biden administration will continue to try to jail Trump, even if he wins the election  More 2024-07-15
The Democrats don’t want ‘"unity" -- they want a reset -- don’t give it to them  More 2024-07-15
Biden sent an open invitation to the world, warning Trump is “a threat to our freedom” -- “a threat to this nation” -- “a threat to our democracy” -- “a threat to everything America stands for”  More 2024-07-15
Nine House Democrats tried to nix Secret Service protection for Trump before assassination attempt  More 2024-07-15
A senior House Democrat reportedly told Axios that many in Congress have resigned themselves to a second Trump term following an assassination attempt on the former president’s life  More 2024-07-15
After nearly nine years of attacking President Trump, labeling him a “dictator” and “threat to democracy” Joe Biden wants us to “cool it down"  More 2024-07-15
Starting today, Joe Biden's campaign will focus on how much Joe Biden abhors violence  More 2024-07-14
Democrats now decrying assassination attempt spent eight years fanning the flames of hatred for Trump  More 2024-07-14
Shooting Donald Trump -- the unthinkable has happened!  More 2024-07-14
*** They missed! ***  More 2024-07-13
Conflict between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris might be what’s keeping Joe Biden in the race  More 2024-07-13
Democrats have until August 19th to replace Joe Biden through the open convention process  More 2024-07-13
Obama, Pelosi, Carville, Hillary and Bill Clinton are working behind the scenes to get rid of Joe Biden  More 2024-07-13
Nate Silver says Joe Biden has a 27% chance of winning  More 2024-07-13
Joe Biden’s phone call with Hispanic lawmakers goes off the rails  More 2024-07-13
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign violated federal election law spending by $6 million  More 2024-07-13
Democrats remain in panic over Biden’s reelection ~ Politico  More 2024-07-13
Joe Biden can't fill a high school gym in Detroit (MI) -- and then the Hamas supporter  More 2024-07-13
The "Fear and Loathing" campaign marches on -- nobody lies like Joe Biden lies  More 2024-07-13
Joe Biden tells the, "I was a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania at the time," lie  More 2024-07-13
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is fitting into Rep. Adam Schiff's (D-CA) shoes nicely -- does it bother you that members of Congress lie with such ease?  More 2024-07-13
The handwriting is on the wall  More 2024-07-12
CNN is reporting that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have had multiple private discussions on how to "find a way out" of the scandal around Joe Biden's cognitive decline  More 2024-07-12
These two videos are about an hour apart  More 2024-07-12
Joe Biden says "Vice President Trump" while meaning to say "Vice President Harris" ( thread )  More 2024-07-12
Split screen shows Zelensky's face as Joe Biden calls him Putin  More 2024-07-12
Joe Biden is in no condition to serve another six months, much less another four years -- a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris  More 2024-07-12
Joe Biden talks out of both sides of his mouth  More 2024-07-12
Joe Biden, who has the lowest approval rating of any president in modern U.S. history, falsely claims "at least five presidents" had lower "numbers" than he does ( lie )  More 2024-07-12
The Biden campaign is testing VP Kamala Harris' odds against Trump in the election according to the NYT  More 2024-07-12
Joe Biden threatens to communize real estate  More 2024-07-12
This woman is definitely not in her right mind, but she is in Congress -- no wonder the country is in trouble  More 2024-07-12
"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are responsible for the worst child trafficking operation in US history" ~ John Solomon  More 2024-07-11
George Clooney -- Joe Biden meme  More 2024-07-11
If the Democratic Party didn't steal elections they would cease to exist  More 2024-07-11
Stealing America -- it's just this simple  More 2024-07-11
Daily Show focus group of black New York voters did not go as planned  More 2024-07-11
Joe Biden's "Invasion" has flooded Springfield (OH) -- population 58,000 -- with 20,000 Haitian migrants  More 2024-07-11
Joe Biden threatens to veto bill requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to vote -- he didn't bring 10 million illegals here for nothing  More 2024-07-11
*** House Democrats just voted to allow foreigners to register and vote in America's elections ***  More 2024-07-11
Gov. Whitmer (D-MI) has signed bills into law prohibiting election recounts conducted due to allegations of fraud  More 2024-07-11
Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries says the Save Act, is meant to "jam people up and prevent Americans from voting"  More 2024-07-11
Joe Biden goes off-script in remarks to union leaders  More 2024-07-10
Nancy Pelosi is still trying to sell the Trump-Russia story  More 2024-07-10
Do you know about GARM?  More 2024-07-10
In 2022, Jill Biden made the Marine Corps Band compose a special song just for her official White House functions entitled “Fanfare for the First Lady”  More 2024-07-10
There’s only one reason Democrats oppose requiring proof of citizenship to vote  More 2024-07-10
*** The largest illegal alien camp in America is, “massive and almost no one has heard of it -- It's a 60 square mile city full of illegal aliens in the middle of Texas ( ) ***  More 2024-07-10
According to The New York Times, Joe Biden recently told Democrat governors that his "health is fine, it’s just my brain"  More 2024-07-10
Joe Biden's Hamas pier in Gaza will be permanently dismantled after costing U.S. taxpayers $230 million, and working for 21 days  More 2024-07-10
"I think it is a wonderful idea to have a registry of every gun that is owned by a civilian in the United States" -- Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ)  More 2024-07-10
Joe Biden's campaign secretly registered the domain "" in an effort to deceive voters into thinking Trump was behind the 900 page Project 2025 paper that Biden has shared with more than 1.5 million X users  More 2024-07-09
*** The White House has formally announced that Joe Biden will veto the Republican bill that seeks to prevent noncitizens from voting ***  More 2024-07-09
The House Democratic Caucus meeting about Joe Biden's future is starting to empty out -- one House Democrat said, "it felt like a funeral"  More 2024-07-09
The Heritage Foundation just recorded the 1,500th proven instance of election fraud in recent years in our Election Fraud Database.  More 2024-07-09
The Biden's "Fear and Loathing" campaign continues -- it's all they got  More 2024-07-09
it’s all coming to an end! ~ Simon Ateba's take on Joe Biden's team  More 2024-07-09
Democrats hate democracy -- North Carolina Democrats are trying to block ballot access for third-party candidates, Robert Kennedy and Cornell West, in an effort to boost Joe Biden’s flailing campaign  More 2024-07-09
Illegal aliens can often get more in federal payouts than Social Security recipients who worked their whole lives to qualify for their meager payouts  More 2024-07-09
"Democrats are running Kamala Harris for president -- one way or another" ~ Van Jones  More 2024-07-09
An expert on Parkinson's disease visited the White House eight times over an eight-month span between last July and March of this year, including one visit with Joe Biden's personal physician  More 2024-07-09
81% of Americans want proof of U.S. citizenship to vote -- Joe Biden's Democrats oppose bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote  More 2024-07-09
There is something inherently wrong with the lies Rep. Maxine Waters (R-CA) tells her constituents  More 2024-07-09
Joe Biden saying he needs to sleep more and work less shows "integrity," according to Rep. Shontel Brown (D-OH)  More 2024-07-09
Immigration lawyer says his client voted in federal elections despite not being a U. S. citizen because she was automatically registered when renewing a driver’s license  More 2024-07-08
Even insiders can’t break through the Biden inner circle enough to know what decisions Joe Biden is in on ~ PJMedia  More 2024-07-08
Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) explains how Joe Biden and his leftist allies have weaponized the justice system against President Trump.  More 2024-07-08
Democrats oppose the "Save Act" -- they want 20 million illegal alien Democrats to be able to vote in out elections  More 2024-07-08
Joe Biden’s social service programs for migrants almost ensure they are never deported  More 2024-07-08
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is calling for Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race  More 2024-07-08
Joe Biden's performance over the last three-plus years has left America with a broken border, spiraling crime, high inflation, and a world on fire  More 2024-07-08
A senate audit and two different forensic examiners confirm Gov. Katie Hobbs and SoS. Adrian Fontes inserted 25,000+ counterfeit ballots into the Arizona 2020 General Election  More 2024-07-08
“I’m proud to be the first black woman as vice president under a black president.” -- Joe Biden --July 4th, 2024  More 2024-07-08
New Kamala ad  More 2024-07-08
There will be no more 2AM counterfeit bulk ballot dumps -- too obvious -- if allowed, fabricated "votes" will be injected throughout the cycle, not in bulk.  More 2024-07-08
*** House Democrats are uniting in an effort to vote against a Republican-backed election bill that would require voters provide proof of citizenship to cast ballots in federal elections ***  More 2024-07-08
Democrat civil war has officially begun  More 2024-07-07
Joe Biden even gets kickbacks from his doctor  More 2024-07-07
The unthinkable may be unthinkable, but Democrats are thinking it -- and saying it!  More 2024-07-07
Rep. Dan Goldman says Trump wants "to become an Adolf Hitler or a Kim Jong Un"  More 2024-07-07
Democrat megadonor says there is "almost no support" left for Joe Biden  More 2024-07-07
California governor, Gavin Newsom  More 2024-07-07
"Unlike Joe Biden, Trump and his family used politics to enrich themselves" ~ Jamie Raskin ( )  More 2024-07-07
Joe Biden's "Fear and Loathing" campaign  More 2024-07-06
It’s so disgusting that they let Joe Biden appear on camera like this  More 2024-07-06
New York Mayor Eric Adams rationalizes giving free money to illegal aliens who shouldn't be in New York City  More 2024-07-06
*** Joe Biden refuses to take a cognitive test ***  More 2024-07-06
Joe Biden seemed “detached from reality” during his ABC News interview with host George Stephanopoulos ~ Van Jones  More 2024-07-06
Senator Warner (D-VA) is organizing a group of Democrats to discuss Joe Biden's future  More 2024-07-06
The debate and the damage done  More 2024-07-06
"One day we will realize that the Barack Obama presidency was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people" ~ Clint Eastwood ( )  More 2024-07-06
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