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These aren't your daddy's Democrats

More than 100 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Do you think it's possible that Joe Biden doesn't know?  More 2023-09-29
"Some of the worst poling since Jimmy Carter"  More 2023-09-29
Sen. Dianne Feinstein will not return to the Senate  More 2023-09-29
$7 a gallon --‘$100 to $150 a tank -- San Diego (CA)  More 2023-09-29
"They need more support -- these migrants need federal support"  More 2023-09-29
Kamala Harris is described as "vapid" -- "showing no intelligence or imagination" ~ Cambridge Dictionary  More 2023-09-28
Democrats’ election-takeover ballot amendments violate both the Michigan and U.S. Constitutions  More 2023-09-28
Q: What kind of a man kicks a dog in the head? -- A: The Joe Biden kind  More 2023-09-28
The impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden will focus on answering four key questions related to his involvement in his family’s extensive foreign business dealings  More 2023-09-28
James Carville knows -- if "the election was November 3rd,Trump would be a betting favorite -- somebody better wake the f*ck up.'  More 2023-09-28
The Joe Biden impeachment inquiry begins this morning at 10 AM (EST)  More 2023-09-28
This isn't even good propaganda!  More 2023-09-28
Joe Biden comments on the "big lie" - election secrets  More 2023-09-28
"At what point does [Biden's border crisis] become an invasion of our country?" ( )  More 2023-09-28
Gavin Newson throws his hat into the presidential race  More 2023-09-28
Senate unanimously votes to restore the dress code in humiliating rebuke to Chuck Schumer and slob Fetterman  More 2023-09-28
At least Fetterman had a stroke -- Hank is just Hank!  More 2023-09-27
Authoritarian Democrats only understand power  More 2023-09-27
40% of Baltimore’s public schools do not have a single student proficient in math  More 2023-09-27
Joe Biden used his home address to receive money wires from China -- file under "no evidence"  More 2023-09-27
Democrats "seem terrified, believing they might be empowering the only Republican candidate who would stoop to use their own tactics against themselves"  More 2023-09-27
Joe Biden's dog bit another Secret Service agent -- the 11th!  More 2023-09-27
"I knew I'd get that response" ~ Kamala Harris  More 2023-09-27
Wisconsin is forcing female inmates to share a prison with a transgender man who raped his ten-year-old daughter  More 2023-09-26
The gamblers have flipped -- Joe Biden is no longer favored  More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden is just going through the motions now and has adopted a "what, me worry?" mindset  More 2023-09-26
Hillary Clinton warns election-interference deniers that Putin will interfere with the 2024 election and if we're not careful Donald Trump could win the presidency  More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden says that if Democrats can't continue with endless, reckless spending, the world will end  More 2023-09-26
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) blames Republicans for conditions brought about by Democratic policies (as usual)  More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden plays the race card  More 2023-09-26
Michelle Obama will be paid more than $700,000 for a one-hour lecture on “diversity and inclusion” in Munich  More 2023-09-25
California Gov. Newsom signed a law requiring foster parents to show they will support children’s "sexual orientation or gender identity"  More 2023-09-25
Just 31% of Americans have a favorable view of Kamala Harris  More 2023-09-25
Joe Biden's approval among black voters is down a whopping 17 points  More 2023-09-25
Joe Biden refers to actor and rapper, LL Cool J, as "boy" during his speech at a Congressional Black Caucus event  More 2023-09-25
"You don't impeach a man for being a father to his children" ~ Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)  More 2023-09-25
More than 261,000 illegal aliens illegally crossed southern border in August, a record for month  More 2023-09-25
"I don't see any sign that the economy is in risk of a downturn" ~ Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury  More 2023-09-25
When does Joe Biden declare Ukraine as the 51st state?  More 2023-09-25
Democrats expose themselves as the real fascists  More 2023-09-24
10,000 illegal border crossings a day -- coming from all over the world  More 2023-09-24
Obama is still "The Boss"  More 2023-09-24
Joe Biden continues to boldly lie about the state of the nation and the economy  More 2023-09-24
Mayor Adams has slashed the NYPD counter-terrorism unit by 75% to help pay for housing illegal aliens  More 2023-09-24
The never-ending line of illegal alien men  More 2023-09-24
Biden drops behind Trump by nine points -- 51-42 -- in new Washington Post/ABC poll  More 2023-09-24
Three confirmed cases of Tuberculosis in El Paso (TX)  More 2023-09-23
Well-known firearms expert, Joe Biden, says, "If you need 80 shots in a magazine, you shouldn‘t own a gun"  More 2023-09-23
7.5 million illegal aliens, 5.2 million of which are single adult males, 249 identified as terrorists, and 18,359 Communist Chinese nationals have crossed what used to be the southern border on Joe Biden's watch  More 2023-09-23
Left-wing zealot, California Gov. Newsom, slandered a federal judge as a "right-wing zealot" for upholding the Constitution  More 2023-09-23
Joe Biden has created an office full of 2nd Amendment activists and propagandists in the West Wing  More 2023-09-23
Gotham has a new villain -- The Giggler!  More 2023-09-23
The mayor of Chicago is creating city-run grocery stores to replace the real ones fleeing the city due to predatory city government, collapsing social order, and industrial-scale shoplifting  More 2023-09-23
Joe Biden says he has been to every mass shooting  More 2023-09-23
72% OF American voters are worried that their country is turning into a police state ~ Rasmussen Reports  More 2023-09-22
Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) has been under investigation for years -- he's one of the few guys in Congress that can rival Joe Biden for corruption  More 2023-09-22
The Biden Plan -- "spend more money to get more illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote for Democrats"  More 2023-09-22
KJP demands Republicans, "Stop playing political games with peoples’ lives" and do what Democrats want -- spend another trillion!  More 2023-09-22
Many are betting Governor Newsom will be the Democratic candidate in 2024 -- will he run on "climate change?"  More 2023-09-22
Joe Biden brags, "We're significantly expanding legal pathways to entry so businesses can get workers they need -- I've also directed my team to make historic increases in the number of refugees from Latin America"  More 2023-09-22
In the same speech, Joe Biden blames the illegal alien invasion on MAGA Republicans  More 2023-09-22
House Democrats' leader, Rep. Jeffries (D-NY) announces "forever war" ( )  More 2023-09-22
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson awarded a $29 million contract to build illegal alien camps  More 2023-09-22
Half of America says Joe Biden "did something illegal regarding Hunter"  More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden granted legal work status to half-a-million Venezuelans today -- that's a half-million competitors for American jobs, pushing wages through the floor  More 2023-09-21
Reporter asks Kamala Harris a question about high prices  More 2023-09-21
KJP can't answer and won't answer questions about the southern invasion of illegal immigrants  More 2023-09-21
New York politicians had wet pants about being a "sanctuary state" -- now listen to them -- they have no understanding of the Law of Unintended Consequences.  More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's Obama-run government created a bushel of "emergencies" and is now emptying the treasury with "emergency spending"  More 2023-09-21
The clown from Pennsylvania is just more evidence that the Democratic Party is actively promoting the American cultural decline  More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's "American Climate Corps" is nothing more than a federally funded training program for 20,000 climate activists  More 2023-09-21
AG Garland comes unglued by a simple, direct question -- "did you have personal contact with anyone at FBI headquarters about the Hunter Biden investigation?"  More 2023-09-21
Rep Massie (R-KY) demands AG Garland explains why Ray “I orchestrated it" Epps is only charged with a misdemeanor  More 2023-09-21
Story Time with Kamala Harris ( accompanied by some fantastic Venn Diagrams )  More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's concerns about death aren’t exactly the best argument for another four-year term  More 2023-09-21
Who votes for this guy?  More 2023-09-21
Gavin Newsom is worried about "misinformation" and "micro-cults" online because his son is asking him about Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, and Joe Rogan  More 2023-09-21
Janice Deccio , the liberal mayor of Yakima (WA), called the police on residents at a local Walmart gathering signatures for conservative ballot initiatives  More 2023-09-21
Every day after day, after day, after day . . .  More 2023-09-21
Slander -- what would Democrats do without it?  More 2023-09-21
Former Capitol Police Chief Sund testified that he had three Calls with Pelosi on Jan. 6 -- Pelosi claims it never happened -- Sund has the receipts  More 2023-09-20
Massachusetts governor, Maura Healey, has chosen to house illegal aliens at Boston's Logan International Airport  More 2023-09-20
"Senator Fetterman, is it true that . . ."  More 2023-09-20
A new player and new information have been introduced into the evolving Burisma scandal -- Fran Person, Joe Biden's "trusted aide" and a "critical meeting" in the West Wing  More 2023-09-20
Joe Biden has fallen behind Trump in RealClearPolitics' average of polls  More 2023-09-20
Democrats establish a "Taylor Lorenz Relief Fund" with $5 million for "traumatized journalists" ( )  More 2023-09-20
Obama is thrilled -- drivers licenses for everybodyin Pennsylvania (and automatically get registered to vote)  More 2023-09-20
New York City has no money because of being overrun with illegals, so it forms a "Reparations Task Force" -- brilliant!  More 2023-09-20
Joe Biden can't kill the oil industry quick enough, proposes 50-year drilling, mining ban for thousands of acres of land in New Mexico  More 2023-09-19
Ya gotta admit, these Democrats are a class act  More 2023-09-19
Crime is so bad in DC that Congress is distributing tips to avoid being carjacked in capital  More 2023-09-19
California is trying to bump Trump off its ballot, even if the ruling is ultimately overturned -- they just want him off the ballot because they know he's a winner!  More 2023-09-19
Impeachments -- then and now  More 2023-09-19
Bidenomics -- America's child poverty rate doubled in 2022  More 2023-09-19
Joe Biden says displacing Whites in America "is not a bad thing"  More 2023-09-19
Independent journalist who filmed Jan. 6 crimes is found guilty of filming Jan. 6 crimes  More 2023-09-19
It's no longer Mexicans and Central Americans -- here come the Chinese spies and saboteurs  More 2023-09-19
The grift is back on for the Clintons  More 2023-09-19
Biden drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to unprecedented levels to artificially suppress high gas prices as long as he could, but gas is back up anyway  More 2023-09-19
The face of the Democratic Party  More 2023-09-19
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