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More than 100 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

Seven shot in gun-controlled California’s fourth mass shooting in a week  More 2023-01-28
Competence is not a requirement for high government office when one is a Democrat  More 2023-01-28
Coldest winters in the country and Minnesota Democrats are betting on mirrors and windmills.  More 2023-01-28
The entire federal government is f*cked because Joe Biden is corrupt -- the Perkins Coie graduates are handling everything  More 2023-01-28
When Joe Biden and Company tell you how good the economy is, remember this  More 2023-01-28
*** Hunter Biden was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis -- used G2 to promote Biden Crime Family business ***  More 2023-01-27
Harvard/Harris 2024 survey reports a significant number of Democrats doubt Joe Biden’s mental fitness for office  More 2023-01-27
Hunter Biden comes to the aid of other dissolute Bidens  More 2023-01-27
Ilhan Omar is angry that she has been dumped from her committee assignments  More 2023-01-27
Meet Joe Biden's new manager  More 2023-01-26
Nearly 300,000 Maricopa County ballots in the 2022 election would fail signature verification  More 2023-01-26
The White House is angry that DeSantis won't allow Critical race Theory and Queer Theory to be taught in Florida schools  More 2023-01-26
Would you like some cheese with that whine, Ilhan?  More 2023-01-26
Adam Schiff is whining, lying and fundraising on the Chinese Commies' TikTok  More 2023-01-26
John Kirby tells Peter Doocy that Joe Biden eventually self-reported the classified documents, so all is well -- a complete lie ( )  More 2023-01-26
Adam Schiff is having a hissy-fit-and-a-half over Trump's return to social media  More 2023-01-26
Why Nancy Pelosi held an Exorcism at her house -- a judge has ruled Paul Pelosi's "Hammertime" videos must be released  More 2023-01-26
Biden administration plans to mandate "fairness" ( )  More 2023-01-26
Biden will send 31 Abrams tanks worth $400 million to Ukraine -- no debate, no discussion  More 2023-01-25
The story behind the Hunter Biden $49,510 rental application -- there's a lot of money moving around ( )  More 2023-01-25
Former Democrat mayor Beaverton (OR) has been sentenced to 6 months in federal prison for possessing child sex abuse pornography  More 2023-01-25
Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell have been thrown off the House Intelligence Committee ( )  More 2023-01-25
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduces "PELOSI Act" to ban Congress from trading stocks  More 2023-01-25
*** Hunter Biden emailed Devon Archer information that is sourced to Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents ***  More 2023-01-24
Border city of Yuma (AZ) is "on the brink of collapse" due to illegal alien border crossers  More 2023-01-24
White House shuts down "documents" scandal -- throws it to Garland's Justice Department  More 2023-01-24
This is called incitement  More 2023-01-24
"We do not have different rules for Democrats or Republicans, different rules for the powerful or the powerless, different rules for the rich or the poor" ~ Merrick Garland  More 2023-01-24
"Why should the American People believe that this president takes classified material seriously?"  More 2023-01-24
Obama's White House Counsel and Perkins Coie alumnus, Bob Bauer, is in charge of Joe Biden's documents scandal  More 2023-01-24
Hunter Biden’s laptop led to the discovery of Biden’s stolen TOP SECRET (SCI) documents  More 2023-01-23
New York, Connecticut and Virginia are among states where proposed legislation would prohibit anyone convicted of participating in an insurrection from holding public office  More 2023-01-23
Dick Durbin throws Joe Biden under the bus.  More 2023-01-23
State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-PA) was listed as a sponsor for this “queer prom” for kids as young as 13-years-old  More 2023-01-23
Kamala Harris eliminates the "right to life" from the Declaration of Independence  More 2023-01-23
The Democrats, the federal government and all the media, must now pretend that Joe Biden was not grossly negligent in his handling of TOP SECRET (SCI) documents -- for six years  More 2023-01-22
A new location has been added to where Joe Biden's TOP SECRET SCI documents have been stored  More 2023-01-22
Nancy Pelosi performed an exorcism over her San Franciso mansion to "banish evil spirits" after her husband’s bizarre incident  More 2023-01-22
Twitter documents show how Adam Schiff deceived the public and has earned his ouster from the Intelligence Committee.  More 2023-01-22
Check out what Joe Biden considers "success"  More 2023-01-22
Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" has a photo of tattered "important docs" cardboard box in Delaware garage  More 2023-01-22
*** White House statement about Joe Biden's TOP SECRET SCI documents is total bullsh!t -- it completely ignores standing law ***  More 2023-01-22
How Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents got to "the closet" -- and Hunter Biden's name pops up  More 2023-01-21
Someone knew Joe Biden had the TOP SECRET (SCI) documents "all along" and told the White House lawyer where to look for them  More 2023-01-21
Joe Biden is named as a participant in a conference call in 2017 email discussing multi-million dollar gas deal with China  More 2023-01-21
The unintended consequences of Joe Biden's shutting down the Keystone Pipeline ( )  More 2023-01-21
Kamala Harris explains -- "equality" is when every student is given the same test -- "equity" is when every student gets the same grade  More 2023-01-21
Laurence J. Peter, the creator of the "Peter Principle," could never have even imagined a Kamala Harris  More 2023-01-21
Joe Biden's propagandists all used to worked on the TV show, "The West Wing" ( )  More 2023-01-21
Joe Biden and his top advisers kept the discovery of TOP SECRET (SCI) documents hidden for 68 days in the hope it would all just go away  More 2023-01-21
House Majority Whip says he is open to the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas  More 2023-01-21
While Biden’s “Corvette standard” for storing classified documents was baffling, his declaration of “no regrets” is downright infuriating ( thread )  More 2023-01-20
The 2022 Joe Biden Calendar -- a disaster for every month  More 2023-01-20
John F'n Kerry in Davos  More 2023-01-20
The White House and DoJ agreed to hide Joe Biden’s TOP SECRET (SCI) scandal from the American people until it leaked to the press  More 2023-01-20
Fact -- Joe Biden’s TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information) documents case is more similar to Hillary’s than to Trump’s  More 2023-01-20
Joe Biden tells reporters there’s "no there there," concerning classified documents -- he's lying!  More 2023-01-20
DHS Sec. Mayorkas' claim -- Joe Biden is "executing a comprehensive strategy to secure our borders and build a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system" -- is a damnable lie  More 2023-01-20
Joe Biden says he has "no regrets" about how he handled TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information) documents found in two states (so far)  More 2023-01-20
Joe Biden's government spent $2 trillion last year -- and $2 trillion the year before that  More 2023-01-20
Kamala Harris explains electricity  More 2023-01-20
Joe Biden said he had no misgivings about concealing his mishandling of government secrets from the public  More 2023-01-20
Joe Biden doesn't look very comfortable for a guy who's been in the Black church for 50 years  More 2023-01-19
Good job, Democrats! -- U.S. government is likely to reach its debt ceiling today!  More 2023-01-19
Al Gore goes full-on raving mad at Davos  More 2023-01-19
Joe Biden was "grossly negligent" in handling TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information) documents -- now the entire Executive Branch has to cover for him  More 2023-01-19
John Kerry is selling solar-panels like he owns the comapny  More 2023-01-19
CNN turns on Joe Biden  More 2023-01-18
Joe Biden may have been "grossly negligent" in handling TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information), but what about Jan. 6?  More 2023-01-18
The "nuclear football" is not accessible to Joe Biden on his regular trips to Delaware -- and it's now public knowledge  More 2023-01-18
It’s almost like Joe Biden’s being set up by his own people, says Republican  More 2023-01-18
What Americans need to understand, is when Democrats talk about "coming together," they mean do it their way  More 2023-01-18
*** John Kerry saves the planet ***  More 2023-01-18
"If you got the briefing I got from the FBI, you wouldn't have Eric Swalwell on any committee either"  More 2023-01-18
Joe Biden thinks his TOP SECRET problem is a laugher -- and what is it with "journalists?"  More 2023-01-18
The White House elevates the clusterf*ck to bold new heights ( )  More 2023-01-18
White House won’t say if feds are searching for more classified documents mishandled by Joe Biden  More 2023-01-18
Joe Biden has been the victim of ridicule online after forgetting the name of the wife of Martin Luther King III while singing her happy birthday  More 2023-01-17
I missed it the first time, Jose!  More 2023-01-17
Food for illegal aliens is thrown out while America's homeless go hungry in New York City  More 2023-01-17
Joe Biden vows -- again -- to ban the semi-automatic rifle  More 2023-01-17
Joe Biden's tax returns suddenly disappear from campaign website -- Hunter claimed he lived at Joe’s Delaware home for years ( )  More 2023-01-17
Joe Biden celebrates Martin Luther King day by declaring that auto insurance is racist  More 2023-01-17
The Secret Service keeps no visitor logs at Joe Biden's Delaware home -- which will surprise no one  More 2023-01-16
Joe Biden says we need to retrain police officers to not shoot, to not use deadly force  More 2023-01-16
The Marco Polo Report documents 459 violations of state & federal laws & regulations by Hunter and Joe Biden and their associates/friends/family  More 2023-01-16
Sir David Attenborough narrates "a sloth in a hurry"  More 2023-01-16
Oversight Committee demands White House release Joe Biden’s Wilmington Residence visitor logs  More 2023-01-16
None of Joe Biden's lawyers, who have been handling the TOP SECRET documents, are cleared to handle them  More 2023-01-16
Is it a bigger sin for Joe Biden to lie in church than it is for him to lie elsewhere?  More 2023-01-16
"We’re trying to make it easier for people to get here." ~ Joe Biden  More 2023-01-16
"500 to 1000 government agents from almost every agency were involved in Twitter censorship" -- "it may be more than that"  More 2023-01-16
Joe Biden is toast -- first Weissmann -- Now Schiff!  More 2023-01-16
Joe Biden's "TOP SECRET" problem is a real-time, public cover up of a massive, classified documents breach  More 2023-01-15
The Biden Economy -- banks are preparing for billions in losses in 2023  More 2023-01-15
Actual headline -- "Biden Leaves Crime Scene Home in Delaware to Attend Mass"  More 2023-01-15
*** This tweet telegraphs the end of Joe Biden ***  More 2023-01-15
Hunter Biden is a world-class scumbag  More 2023-01-15
Five more classified documents from Joe Biden’s time as vice president were found at his Wilmington, Del., residence on Thursday  More 2023-01-15
How low can Democrats go? -- illegal immigrants are now to be rewarded for ratting out the American citizens who hire them  More 2023-01-14
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