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These aren't your daddy's Democrats

More than 100 declared socialists sit in the United States House of Representatives . . .

KJP, America's favorite affirmative action hire, explains why grocery prices are sky high  More 2023-06-08
*** They're gonna do it -- Joe Biden's DoJ informed Trump he will be indicted next week on charges of "gathering, transmitting or losing" national defense documents ***  More 2023-06-07
I heard some deep blue cities were having trouble finding cops, but . . .  More 2023-06-07
Two of San Francisco's largest hotels are bailing out  More 2023-06-07
Nancy Pelosi threw out the first pitch at the Washington National's "Pride Night"  More 2023-06-07
Hakeem Jeffries can't stop gushing over Biden, whose favorability among Americans nears an all-time low  More 2023-06-07
Afghan American store owner says San Francisco has become "worse than Afghanistan"  More 2023-06-06
Chicago is housing illegal aliens in its colleges for the summer  More 2023-06-06
Another Joe Biden lie, but the bigger question is, "why does a man have a need to pump up his resume when he's president of the United States?"  More 2023-06-06
Report confirms contract driver, Jesse Morgan, hauled a trailer with an estimated 144,000 to 288-000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania on October 21, 2020  More 2023-06-06
AOC goes on anti-Christian rant and claims it goes against the “scripture” to reject genital mutilation of children  More 2023-06-06
Arizona governor, Katie Hobbs, vetoed a new law making it illegal to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts in government buildings and classrooms  More 2023-06-06
New York mayor wants to house illegal aliens in private residences -- "they have spare rooms"  More 2023-06-05
Non-citizens will soon have arrest powers as armed police officers In Illinois  More 2023-06-05
Rep. Jamie Raskin wants you to believe that Comer's Biden investigation is to "get Trump's poll numbers up"  More 2023-06-05
Are we just supposed to forget about what the Democrats did?  More 2023-06-04
Well, that's one -- only eleven or twelve million more to go  More 2023-06-04
Joe Biden has no plan to stop Iran from getting nukes  More 2023-06-04
"Somebody has to say it -- I just think someone 80+ years old is too old to be president -- there has to be better options"  More 2023-06-04
On some streets in San Francisco, almost every other retail store is vacant  More 2023-06-04
City of Dallas employees can now be fired for using the wrong pronouns  More 2023-06-04
Mayor Muriel Bowser designates Washington, DC as the “District of Pride” -- raises LGBT Pride flag at city hall  More 2023-06-04
Navy Secretary says America's warships are “beacons in every port of call” for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” in celebrating Pride Month  More 2023-06-03
The Jan. 6 Committee doctored video evidence for prime-time TV hearing  More 2023-06-03
Minnesotans must now pay the college tuitions of illegal aliens  More 2023-06-03
Arizona governor wants to force children into state schools  More 2023-06-03
*** Joe Biden is in deep sneakers ***  More 2023-06-02
The Senate has again put the kybosh on Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness/vote-buying program -- sets up Joe Biden's fifth veto  More 2023-06-02
"Your class is one of the...most diverse classes in the history of this academy...that's why we're strong" ~ Joe Biden  More 2023-06-02
There is no way in hell that Joe Biden will be the Democrats 2024 candidate -- if he is they plan to steal the election  More 2023-06-02
US Embassies show the world who is running America  More 2023-06-01
Emails show Hunter Biden advised then-Vice President Joe Biden’s office on who to invite for state occasions involving China, as well as where to visit on a trip to Africa  More 2023-06-01
Emails show Hunter Biden and his associates had direct contact with Joe Biden's staff at the White House  More 2023-06-01
The Biden scandal, which is set to unfold over the coming weeks, will be bigger than anyone imagined  More 2023-06-01
Obama knew what Joe Biden was doing and he allowed it to continue for years  More 2023-06-01
Here we go again -- "the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming"  More 2023-06-01
The komplete Kamala  More 2023-06-01
Joe Biden proclaims June as LGBTQ+ Pride month -- denounces oppression  More 2023-06-01
Portlanders vote for the same people over and over, like the current "optimistic" mayor  More 2023-05-31
How Joe Biden became president  More 2023-05-31
Democrats are panicked by the possibility of a 3rd Party -- "no labels" -- candidate in 2024  More 2023-05-31
Why Joe Biden fought so hard to raise the debt ceiling  More 2023-05-31
Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, has a staff of 45 and a $16.5 million budget  More 2023-05-31
Kraft-Heinz farmers would be exempted, of course ~ John Kerry  More 2023-05-31
*** FBI Director Wray will not surrender the unclassified Joe Biden foreign business scheme documents subpoenaed by the Oversight Committee ***  More 2023-05-31
Maricopa County report reveals thousands of ballots in 2020 didn’t have any proof of citizenship  More 2023-05-30
Under the Democrats, today’s most “controversial,” “offensive” and censored speech is almost always the most truthful, rational and moral speech  More 2023-05-30
Saint Hillary enumerates Trump's many faults  More 2023-05-30
Joe Biden is sending American troops to police Peru's political and ethnic problems  More 2023-05-30
Rep. Loudmouth spouts the wildest Democratic fantasies on CNN  More 2023-05-30
The “Zombie Apocalypse” occurring in Democrat-run, 3rd world cities, is caused by fentanyl and heroin, sometimes with tranq mixed in -- the Democrats still won't close the border  More 2023-05-30
Is there anything a Democrat won't say? -- is there any lie too greeat?  More 2023-05-30
Joe Biden will lift sanctions on Venezuela so the socialist regime can pump more oil to fill our near-empty Strategic Oil Reserve  More 2023-05-30
San Francisco office vacancy in the first quarter of 2023 ranged between 26.4% and 29.4%, depending on the tally  More 2023-05-29
Gas stoves are racist!  More 2023-05-29
Joe Biden is infusing anti-White racism into every corner of government with Marxist CRT, remaking the American government into a systemically racist system  More 2023-05-29
Should Adam Schiff (D-CA) pay a price for repeatedly telling the American People that has has, or has seen "evidence" of Trump crimes when none ever existed?  More 2023-05-29
Tampering with voting machines in Maricopa County (AZ)  More 2023-05-29
Joe Biden's lust for money is destroying the Department of Justice  More 2023-05-28
85% of the senior class of Marlin High School, near Waco, Texas, failed to earn their diplomas  More 2023-05-28
Clueless Kamala Harris tells West Point Cadets that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge the military will face  More 2023-05-28
Sasha Obama is a nicotine addict  More 2023-05-28
San Francisco Old Navy to become latest store to shut down in crime-ridden city  More 2023-05-27
How many years has Bob Menendez (D-NJ) been under investigation -- four or five, at least  More 2023-05-27
When it was about AIDS they made an Oscar-winning movie -- now the Democrats just give them more free needles  More 2023-05-26
Jill Biden becomes aware that nobody is listening to them anymore  More 2023-05-26
Through slavery; the confederacy; Jim Crow; KKK; anti 13th/14th/15th Amend; Southern Manifesto; gun control; min. wage; welfare state; open borders; anti-school choice; anti-merit and soft-on-crime D.A.s, Democrat policies have hurt blacks  More 2023-05-26
Hunter Biden is being protected by the Justice Department says IRS whistleblower  More 2023-05-26
How critical can the "debt crisis" negotiations be? -- Joe Biden is off to the beach for the long Memorial Day weekend  More 2023-05-26
Joe Biden says U.S. government agencies will take over 100 "bold and unprecedented" actions to "fight hate" and antisemitism  More 2023-05-26
Obama is getting the band back together  More 2023-05-26
Jerry the Hutt woke up from his nap long enough to underwrite a Ukrainian invasion of Russia  More 2023-05-26
House Ethics Committee concludes two-year investigation into Eric Swalwell's affair with the Chinese spy, Fang Fang -- says no further action will be taken -- as usual  More 2023-05-26
Leftists could not exist without slogans  More 2023-05-26
Joe Biden wants to be our friend  More 2023-05-26
Congress-critter gaslights her constituents to advance the windmill agenda  More 2023-05-26
The Biden regime lumps Christians, conservatives, and Republicans into the same category as NAZIs in new DHS anti-terrorism program  More 2023-05-25
"This proposed rule is not a ban on gas stoves -- we are regulating indoor air pollution"  More 2023-05-25
Nordstrom to axe 380 jobs in soon-to-be-shuttered stores in crime-plagued San Francisco  More 2023-05-25
Hillary Clinton claims Trump "rigged" the 2020 election -- predicts the "end of democracy" if he wins in 2024  More 2023-05-25
Missouri v. Biden alleges that the US Government was not only threatening and coercing social media companies to censor Americans on social media, but they were also working with social media companies to accomplish that goal  More 2023-05-24
Here's the real reason Democrats are desperate to raise the debt ceiling  More 2023-05-24
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced a resolution to fine Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff $16 million for his claims that former President Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election  More 2023-05-24
Joe Biden says your children do not belong to you  More 2023-05-24
Not since Jimmy Carter has a president's poll numbers been as low as Joe Biden's  More 2023-05-24
RAND Study Finds Democrats are lying on our veterans -- veterans do not support "extremism" and are not "extremists"  More 2023-05-24
Joe Biden spent $1 billion to get schools electric buses -- this Michigan district says their buses have "significant" performance issues  More 2023-05-24
The entire upper echelon of the Democratic Party were either personally involved or knew of and approved of Russiagate  More 2023-05-24
Describes the Democrats pretty well, I'd say  More 2023-05-24
No developed nation should ever have cities that look like this -- San Francisco is a disaster  More 2023-05-24
Rep. Jayapal (D-WA) threatens "a huge backlash... in the streets." if Democrats don't get everything they want in debt ceiling negotiations  More 2023-05-24
Senator Fetterman’s office handpicks journalists “that will say exactly what the f*ck we want them to”  More 2023-05-24
It would be swell if the House Republicans ever really did more than threaten these corrupt bastards  More 2023-05-23
The Colorado Secretary of State "accidently" sent postcards to 30,000 illegal aliens encouraging them to register to vote ( tells me they are already in the database )  More 2023-05-23
Rep. Jayapal threatens insurrection if Democrats don't get their way  More 2023-05-23
Joe Biden lies about his son Beau's death.  More 2023-05-23
Joe Biden doubled down on Globalism at the G7 meeting  More 2023-05-23
Most registered voters think Joe Biden and his son Hunter engaged “in an illegal influence peddling scheme while he was Vice President”  More 2023-05-23
The Government Accountability Office has produced a report saying America’s missile defense system is in tatters  More 2023-05-23
The Democrats are really going to have to cheat in the 2024 election the way thigs are going for Joe Biden  More 2023-05-23
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