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Critical Theory Is The Brainchild Of Marxist Shrinks

Marxists believed that Europe was ready for socialism after WW I. When that didn't happen, Felix Weil funded The Institute for Social Research to find out why. It was determined by the members that Church and family roots prevented "godless" Marxism from taking hold. For Marxism to flourish, the critical theorists determinrd, the Church and the family had to be weakened or destroyed. This was the "original intent" of the Marxists of what would be come to be known as the Frankfurt School. Max Horkheime came on board in 1930 and continued the Marxist inspiration, but interpreted the Institute’s mission to be directed towards a Marxist-psychological attack on the culture using the social sciences. Psychoanalysis in the Frankfurt School was conceived in terms of a synthesis of Marxism and Freud.

Who is to say what is good -- what is just?

The members of the Frankfurt School reconciled Marxist theory with what they perceived as the reality of what the people and governments of the world were experiencing in the 1920s by modifying Marx's theories with some of Sigmund Freud's and some of their own peculiar notions. These ideas came to be known as Critical Theory -- with emphasis on the "critical." This theory placed an emphasis on negation and contradiction and would be used to attack the positivism and materialism of the American People for the purpose of breaking down the family, therby making its members more susceptible to Marx's socialism. They preached that even a partial breakdown of parental authority in the family would increase the readiness of a coming generation to accept "social change." Critical Theory's prime directive is to go negative and stay negative. Attack everything in American society -- and be relentless.

When new members of the school added moral relativism, there is no truth, and free love and drugs to their philosophy, it was all over.

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