Biden Corruption and the FBI

Bye, Bye, Biden!

Biden Corruption and the FBI

Biden Corruption and the FBI

The Dam Has Burst
Biden Corruption and the FBI

Biden Corruption and the FBI
Chuck Grassley
Biden Corruption and the FBI
Is A Tough Old Bird
Biden Corruption and the FBI

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Senator

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Congressman
Joe Biden Corrupter

Every week there are new reports of Biden corruption

Two weeks ago, we saw the Biden brothers take $600,000 from Americore, a failing healthcare company, ostensibly to help Americore get a Mideast loan to avoid bankruptcy, but the Bidens took the $600,000 and just walked away from Americore, which is now a defunct corporation. The Big Guy's take on that one was $200,000. That's how the Biden's roll.

We also saw reports documenting the fact that Joe Biden -- a fifty-year veteran of "public service" -- bought his Rehoboth beach house for a cool $2.75 million -- CASH Money!

Last week, it was revealed that the FBI and the DoJ are major players in the Biden Crime Family drama and they've been in the game for 15 years.

What was the game, you ask? Why covering the Biden's asses, but now there are new questions -- why? -- to what end?

The Foreign Influence Task Force

Last Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released a copy of a seven-page letter he had sent to Attorney General Merrick Garland. In the letter, Grassley details how the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force used a bogus "Guardian" assessment, opened by FBI headquarters, to collect, collate and store information about the Biden Crime Family for fifteen years. During that period, the FBI was receiving reports on the Bidens foreign activities from forty (40) confidential human sources (CHS) from all over the world.

FBI Headquarters then falsely branded the information contained in those reports as “foreign disinformation.” in its press releases and leaks to the media.

Grassley writes:

    “Based on the information provided to my office over a period of years by multiple credible whistleblowers, there appears to be an effort within the Justice Department and FBI to shut down investigative activity relating to the Biden family. Such decisions point to significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors. Our Republic cannot survive such a political infection and you have an obligation to this country to clear the air.”

Grassley’s letter summarizes his multi-year investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business deals, as well as legally protected disclosures from multiple DoJ whistleblowers warning of improper tampering with key information streams, which has reportedly stymied investigative activity.

Biden Corruption and the FBI

Grassley’s explosive news suggests the DoJ and FBI’s Biden-family protection program encompassed many more players than previously known, but it is the involvement of the Foreign Influence Task Force that demands an immediate response by the House, namely the launching of an impeachment inquiry of FBI Director Christopher Wray, under whose leadership this task force was formed. It's charter -- which they abused -- was to interfere in a presidential election.

Here are some of the highlights

  • FBI maintained over 40 confidential human sources reporting to various field offices across the United States who provided criminal information (FD Form 1023s) relating to Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden.
  • DoJ and FBI officials conducting an early review of one FD-1023, the form for CHS reports, alleging a criminal conspiracy involving Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky and Joe and Hunter Biden lacked the authority to fully investigate its contents. Despite those administrative challenges, they were able to verify some information in the document and recommended a further investigation.
  • The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York coordinated in reviewing the confidential human source at the center of the FD-1023 and found no hits to known sources of Russian disinformation.
  • An FBI task force at FBI headquarters sought to discredit all 40 CHS's information as "foreign disinformation."
  • FBI Washington Field Office even went so far as to close a Kleptocracy case into Zlochevsky in December 2019.
  • In Grassley's letter, he informs AG Garland that he will seek interviews from at least twenty-five DoJ and FBI personnel involved in these activities.

Former Trump advisor Kash Patel said:

    "That's a lot of taxpayer dollars implemented towards one target or one target set. Any national security prosecutor, like myself, will tell you that usually you have a couple or maybe a handful, but 40? That's the most I've ever heard of. That's more than are assigned to mob cases and RICO cases."

The FBI buried evidence of Biden Crime Family

On the same day that Grassley released his letter, former Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney Scott Brady told the House Judiciary Committee that his team found enough credible evidence in its initial review of Hunter Biden’s dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and possible corruption by Joe Biden to refer criminal matters to three separate U.S. Attorney's offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Delaware for further investigation.

Biden Corruption and the FBI

Brady told the committee that he immediately encountered resistance from the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware that at times required him to escalate his reports to his bosses in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

    “It was a challenging working relationship. I think there was reluctance on the part of the FBI to really do any tasking related to our assignment from DAG Rosen and looking into allegations of Ukrainian corruption broadly and then specifically anything that intersected with Hunter Biden and his role in Burisma. It was very challenging.”

    "I would have thought that would be something, especially as has been publicly reported, there's information relating to Hunter Biden's activities on the board of Burisma in Ukraine, that might have been helpful in our assessment of the information that we were receiving about him. I would have expected that be shared,"

Brady continued, his testimony by adding that he encountered similar resistance trying to hand off evidence to the now special prosecutor of Hunter Biden, David Weiss, and his deputy Lesley Wolf in the fall of 2020.

    "Speaking generally, from a process perspective, I think there was both a skepticism of the information that we were developing, that we had received, and skepticism and then weariness of that information. I think they were very concerned about any information sharing with our office.

    "It became problematic at different points, which required Mr. Weiss and me to get involved and level set, as it were, but it was regularly a challenge to interact with the investigative team from Delaware."

Grassley is far from finished

The Iowa lawmaker further indicated that he had identified twenty-five DoJ and FBI personnel that he wants interviewed, "who either had a direct or indirect role in the allegations" in the letter. Grassley further requested AG Garland provide him with a semi-truck-load of records on the Biden family.

The DoJ already faces allegations of slow-walking the tax investigation into first son Hunter Biden. A pair of IRS agents who worked on the case came forward earlier this year with allegations that Biden-appointed officials had worked to stifle the investigation and prevent the bringing of more sever charges against Hunter Biden.

Grassley's requests come as the House of Representatives continues its own investigations into the first family. Those efforts have thus far uncovered extensive foreign payments linked to Biden family businesses but the Swamp remains committed to protecting its own.

The FBI is beyond control

The FBI has become an absolutely terrifying organization. They have committed enormous crimes against Donald Trump, his supporters, and the country, and now, to avoid prosecution they will attempt to keep him out of office "by any means necessary."

Once the Praetorian Guard had established itself as the guardian of the Roman emperors, they were able to consecutively determine who was placed into that role, with most of them being puppets. Do we see the same situation evolving in our own government?

Reflect, for a moment, on the fact that the FBI's Washington Field Office repeatedly shut down subpoenas, search warrants, and investigations into the Biden Crime Family, according to the documents obtained by Grassley.

Still, everybody knew.

Barack Obama knew. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Chuck Schumer knew. The CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the DoJ, and the DHS knew. The FBI’s own 40 informants who spied on the Bidens for 15 years knew, and every U. S. intelligence agency in between knew.

Joe Biden is an irredeemably corrupt president

The corruption around the Biden Crime Family is so deeply embedded and far reaching that it shocks the senses. There is no longer any doubt that Joe Biden's avarice and the Democrats need to hide it has produced a very sophisticated network of bureaucrats that have infected every facet of our government.


Everybody in Washington knew going in that Biden was corrupt. He had been for decades. They had to have developed contingency plans to keep the rest of the country from finding out, but things are changing simply because the Biden Crime Family wheeling and dealing was just too in-your-face.

What now?

We really have to be grateful for Hunter's lifelong addiction to cocaine, which Robin Williams described a, "God's way of saying that you're making too much money."

Had Hunter not been bombed out of his mind, he never would have lost his laptops and Joe Biden would be cruising into his second term, but the Lord works in mysterious ways, and we all owe Him a little "thank you" prayer.

Biden is dropping like a rock in the polls. There's the proxy war in Ukraine. The Middle East is on fire. The economy is in the dumpah. There are no American borders. Hamas supporters are shutting down American cities. Our kids are being indoctrinated with the twin poisons of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory and the evidence of the Bidens corruption has become overwhelming. It can no longer be hidden or conveniently disposed of as "disinformation."

Americans are pissed at this administration -- and it's not just the Right that has had enough of the Barack Obama-Joe Biden Team.

Some of us suspect that the information the FBI has hidden deep in its headquarter's files has always had a dual purpose. The first, to keep the Biden corruption hidden from the public, and the second to control Joe Biden.

The question now is, will the FBI have a"come to Jesus" moment and -- in the interest of Democratic Party politics -- decide to do a 180 and cooperate with the various oversight committees and dump it all, driving a stake into Joe Biden's heart and at the same time give that scumbag, Christopher Wray, an opportunity to attempt to sell himself as a patriot.

Campaign 2024 is underway and Biden is underwhelming and underwater. The Democrats see this and are becoming aware that it's time for Joe to go. They have no more use for the old guy. So, what do they do? They cue up their next in line and send the newly anointed prodigal off to campaign in Israel and Beijing.

Biden Corruption and the FBI

Now we get to wonder what the FBI has on Governor Brylcreem.


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Biden Corruption and the FBI
Biden Corruption and the FBI

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Biden Corruption and the FBI

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