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Alvin Bragg's Bogus Case

Scumbag Biden

Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
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Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
The Man Behind It All
Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
This Can Not Be Denied
Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case

Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
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Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case
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Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case

Trump's "hush money" trial is all about smearing Donald Trump

One year ago, New York City district attorney, Alvin Bragg, was asked by a reporter, "What crime did Trump commit to be on trial?", and Bragg replied that he didn’t have to tell him what the crime was, because the law doesn’t require it.

The legal theory behind the People v. Trump

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s "Theater of the Absurd" entered its third week, still without any evidence of crimes committed by the accused.

When Bragg first brought charges against Donald Trump in March 2023, the legal theory behind the indictment remained remarkably unclear. Bragg had charged Trump under New York Penal Law § 175.10, "Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree."

The falsification of business records alone is a misdemeanor under § 175.05, but Bragg had boosted the charge to a felony by alleging that Trump fudged the records with the “intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof,” but what other crime?

The indictment doesn’t say.

The potential object offenses could be a violation of New York election law, federal election law, or tax fraud. Bragg’s legal theory is genuinely tangled.

Further, to build his case, Bragg had to custom-tailor it to apply to Trump. He elevated a misdemeanor charge to a felony charge and he had to change the statute of limitation.

Trial update

So far, the jury has heard testimony from David Pecker, a former publisher of the National Enquirer who allegedly helped “catch and kill” news stories about President Trump’s previous alleged affairs; Gary Farro, a banker who worked with Michael Cohen and detailed his financial activity related to the alleged “hush money” payments; and Keith Davidson, the attorney who allegedly negotiated the “hush money” agreements for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

In a line of questions for Davidson that included discussions of Charlie Sheen, Hulk Hogan, and Tila Tequila, Trump’s lawyers highlighted Davidson’s history of striking agreements with celebrities to keep damaging stories out of the media in exchange for large sums of money. Seeking to undermine Davidson’s credibility, Trump’s lawyers painted Davidson as someone who went “right up to the line without committing extortion.” 

On May 2, the prosecution also played a 2016 audio recording of President Trump and his then-lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly discussing the purchase of Karen McDougal’s extramarital affair allegations. 

As of this week, Trump had already been fined $9,000 stemming from 9 alleged violations of Judge Merchan’s gag order. Another hearing on 4 additional gag order violations was held on May 2, and a ruling is still pending. This week, Judge Merchan also issued a written order threatening Trump with jail time for future gag order violations. Trump has continually referred to the gag order as “unconstitutional.” 

DA Bragg seems utterly unbothered that his charges are ill-defined, illusory, likely to change, and just plain absent. Instead, he’s contrived an histrionic legal fable meant to fool the jury into thinking that Trump should be convicted for assignations with nefarious people like his ex-lawyer and convicted perjurer, Michael Cohen, as well as erstwhile porn star, Stormy Daniels -- and how can there be any intent to interfere in a 2016 election Trump had already won with 2017 acts?

Bragg's case is a mess, while Judge Merchan does his best to make Trump’s trial as salacious as possible.

Judge Merchan

Merchan has ruled that the Access Hollywood "pussy" transcript can be admitted even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the charges. By allowing the prosecution to introduce the transcript of the tape, Judge Merchan has made it possible to expand discussions on sex in an open court.

Merchant has gagged Trump, which many legal experts have declared unconstitutional, thereby restricting the presidential nominee from commenting or sharing information about the trial, and denying the public's ability to hear from Trump directly. At the same time, he is allowing the prosecution to hide the identities of "witnesses" -- who can anonymously say whatever they want -- until 24-hours before their appearance in court.

Basically, Merchan is tilting the playing field to favor the prosecution.

This should surprise no one. Democrat Merchan and his wife have both contributed to Joe Biden's campaigns. His daughter Loren Merchan made headlines over reports that she heads a fundraising agency called Authentic Campaigns that has raised tens of millions off Trump's trial for Democrats and Democratic Party causes.

This judge needs to be stopped. A superior court judge needs to step in, and publicly admonish Merchan for this blatant violation of Trump's civil rights and the rules of evidence, remove him from the bench, and declare a mistrial.

Matthew Colangelo, the DoJ's hand-picked assassin

The lawfare happening to President Trump across the country is coordinated by Joe Biden, who sent Matthew Colangelo -- serving as an Associate Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, the third-highest-ranking official in the DoJ -- to New York to be Bragg's assassin.

That's one hell of a demotion, but it's to make sure that Trump would be found guilty. He'll be rewarded down the road if successful.

Colangelo was involved in some of the most ideologically driven election law decisions of the Eric Holder era -- ranging from attacks on Voter ID laws to failing to enforce federal laws requiring states to maintain voter rolls.

Harvard Law graduate, Colangelo has used his powers and position to advance far-Left ideological agendas.

Colangelo was part of a partisan effort to block South Carolina voter Id laws.  Serving as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division overseeing the Voting Section, manipulated the internal process to block South Carolina from implementing voter ID.

Colangelo also supervised the DoJ Voting Section when it filed a lawsuit attacking Florida’s efforts to prevent non-citizens from voting in 2012.

Colangelo's Voting Section also filed a lawsuit and settlement against Rhode Island mandating that methadone treatment clinics be designated as voter registration centers under federal law.

The ethics of Bragg's attorneys

Mark Pomerantz is a rabid anti-Trump attorney who worked for Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg's office investigating Trump's finances. When he was not allowed to pursue his personal vendetta against Trump, he quit his job, pouted, and wrote a book, “People versus Donald Trump,” and did interviews, alleging that Trump had committed financial crimes and should have been prosecuted more extensively.

Last week, Pomerantz was subpoenaed by Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and was questioned, under oath, about his activities while working in Bragg's office.

Pomerantz invoked the Fifth Amendment on nearly every question asked by Gaetz, including those about ethics violations and breaking laws while investigating Trump.

This will give you some idea of the ethics of the attorneys charged with destroying Trump. They are assassins. They are hitmen -- and they are doing Joe Biden's bidding.

"It was a shakedown"

Stormy Daniels’ former attorney, Michael Avenatti, tweeting from prison, is accusing a key prosecution witness of lying in the "hush money" trial against Donald Trump.

Alvin Bragg'e Bogus Case

Davidson testified in court on Thursday that he worked out the “hush money” deal with Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen just days before the election in 2016, but told the court that Trump never signed the paperwork.

Avenatti told the New York Post:

    “There’s no question [the trial] is politically motivated because they’re concerned that he may be reelected. If the defendant was anyone other than Donald Trump, this case would not have been brought at this time, and for the government to attempt to bring this case and convict him in an effort to prevent tens of millions of people from voting for him, I think it’s just flat out wrong, and atrocious.”

    “I’m really bothered by the fact that Trump, in my view, has been targeted. Four cases is just over the top and I think there’s a significant chance that this is going to all backfire and is going to propel him to the White House,”

Worth remembering, in light of Stormy's lawyer and co-conspirator Keith Davidson’s sketchy testimony, that Mark "I plead the Fifth" Pomerantz, in his book, wrote that, as the DA’s office struggled with the problem of how to bump up false business records into a felony, he suggested the “underlying crime” could be extortion.

This Keith Davidson character is not only involved in the Stormi Daniels/Trump payoff/extortion deal, but he's also a central figure to the Hulk Hogan and Charlie Sheen extortion schemes.

Serial Liar Michael Cohen will be the trial's next "star"

CCP-owned TikTok is paying Michael Cohen to trash President Trump. Highly conflicted Judge Merchan’s gag order prevents President Trump from responding to Cohen’s attacks. This is such a rigged trial.

Cohen breached his fiduciary duty to Trump, engaged in self serving crimes, and was jailed. Now, Cohen appears to be engaging in more self serving crimes and he’s acting like a vengeful ex-girlfriend while doing it.

And the farse of a trial continues . . .

Playwright Samuel Beckett would be proud. The Trump hush money trial is like "Waiting for Godot" -- a chaotic and nonsensical plot of absurdist fiction. The titular Godot, of course, never arrives. It is an apt metaphor for Bragg’s case against Donald Trump. Jurors are waiting in vain for criminal offenses that don’t actually exist in the law.

All of which makes Bragg's trial a trial in search of a crime.


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