Barack Obama is still the boss

Obama Is Still "The Boss"

Barack Obama is still the boss

Barack Obama is still the boss
Just Followin' My Orders

Willingly Or Unwillingly?

Barack Obama is still the boss
Barack Obama
Barack Obama is still the boss
Has Always Been A Revolutionary

The Plan

Is A Go!
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Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Senator

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Congressman
Joe Biden Corrupter

Everybody knows it, but nobody talks about it, especially the news media

Let's remember who Joe Biden is

You can say what you want, but Joe Biden has a history. Biden was 30 years old when he was first elected and sworn into the Senate in 1972 -- that's 50 years ago. For 48 of those years, Biden was a good old boy who was best known for being on both sides of every issue. In those 48 years, no one ever hung the label "socialist" or "revolutionary" around his neck. Yet, Joe Biden has been behind the greatest revolutionary change in the federal government since the founding of the country.

This is Joe, speaking in favor of the Democrats "Crime Bill." If you haven't seen it before, please watch as much as you can before reading further. It's a doozy!

Biden's self-described mentor was Ku Klux Klan member, Sen. Robert Byrd. The Big Guy even eulogized Byrd at his funeral, remembering him as, "a friend, a mentor and a guide."

Byrd, a much-admired Democrat senator -- adored even -- held the title of "Exalted Cyclops" and functioned as a "kleagle" -- a recruiter -- in the KKK. Oh, and Joe also eulogized Strom Thurmond, a staunch segregationist.

Obama, always the pragmatist, made a deal with the Devil

Barack Obama had spent eight years installing social justice warriors in key slots throughout his government. He had placed the pieces on the board, but Obama needed four more years at least to finish the transformation. He didn't want to be on the firing line where he could take a hit when it happened, however. His game was to control events from a safe distance -- from "my basement, in my sweats." Obama didn't want his name on what was to happen.

Obama needed a beard and Joe Biden and his family had "needs."

Barack Obama is still the boss

NPR had reported that, "Biden rose from roadkill status in early February. He had been the Democrats' putative front-runner, but he stumbled along the way and nearly washed out early. Socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, panicked the Democrats, especially Obama, so, Joe Biden got a phone call. Obama had a plan.

Biden was subsequently nominated to be the Democratic Party's 2020 candidate for the Office of the President of the United States of America and sent home to Delaware for the duration. Obama ordered Joe to set up a TV studio in his basement and stand by -- just leave the rest up to "the Boss."

An election was stolen . . .

The Democrats and the media had been conspiring, slandering and libeling President Trump for four years, labeling him with every pejorative and every crime in the book, yet Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party couldn't leave anything to chance, so they rigged and stole the 2020 election.

President Trump carried a lead in the 2020 election late into election night and into the early morning hours Wednesday, when, a wonder to behold, trucks with "mail-in ballots" from the Democratic strongholds of Milwaukee and Detroit were added to the vote totals. By daylight Wednesday, what had been a healthy lead for Trump turned into a slim lead for Biden in the battleground states.

And then, a miracle occurred!

Joe Biden hadn't been out of his basement in the eighteen months of the campaign, and boom! He was president and there was a pile of finished, 2,000-word, detailed executive orders, all ready for the new president's signature.

Barack Obama is still the boss

Biden didn't know where he was in the first hour of his administration, but Team Obama had the old man sitting at a desk and signing executive order after executive order. The first one Biden signed, stated, "It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality."

Now, let's look at what Joe Biden did

Right after Joe Biden took the oath of office, he signed Executive Order 13985, "Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government," establishing the concepts contained in Critical Race Theory as the core philosophy of the federal government.

Barack Obama is still the boss

    For too many, the American Dream remains out of reach.  Entrenched disparities in our laws and public policies, and in our public and private institutions, have often denied that equal opportunity to individuals and communities. 

    It is therefore the policy of my Administration that the Federal Government should pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.

The above assumptions and statements, postulated decades ago by the racist Harvard professor (and good friend of Obama) Derrick Bell and accepted as the foundation of Critical Race Theory are easily discredited, but now have the force of law..

The second thing that Joe Biden did was to sign Executive Order 13988, "Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation," establishing the concepts contained in Queer Theory also as part of the core philosophy of the federal government.

Barack Obama is still the boss

Oddly, a Politico report that celebrates Biden's marathon signing of seventeen executive orders "in his first hours as president," excludes Executive Orders #13985 and #13988 for some strange reason. As fraudulently "non-partisan" as Politico is, they likely didn't take it upon themselves to omit these two key executive orders. For reasons of his own, Obama clearly didn't want the existence of these foundational documents to be know -- at least not on Inauguration Day -- with all the media looking.

Although the EOs became effective the moment they were signed, Biden's "equity plan" was not publicly announced until sixteen months later, on Apr 14, 2022. Obama had a second agenda -- to defend his plan -- his revolution, and he needed the year to set it in motion.

Obama saw "equity" as the keys to the kingdom

Biden's "Equity Plan" and "Gender Equity Plan" are breathtaking in their audacity and scope. That it was Susan Rice, one of Obama's closest aides and spinners, who finally presented the "equity plan" to the public. tells us who is driving this bus. Obama's boast that, "ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration are continuing and building on my policies," reinforces that notion.

Rice was the Biden administration's "Domestic Policy Advisor" and headed the Domestic Policy Council. Rice was the linchpin in Obama's plan and was directing the plan's implementation until she recently resigned and returned to Netflix for her financial reward for exemplary service.

"Historic investments in underserved communities" is an euphemism for reparations and libspeak for the billions of dollars from congressionally-approved, already allocated budget items that are being re-allocated and funneled down to left-wing interests. The real "end user," the POCs and Alphabets rarely get to see any of it. These EOs have a single purpose and that is funding and implementing Obama's "transformation."

Where do you think all those Drag Queen Story Hours suddenly came from?

Equity is just another arrow in the quiver of the social justice warriors who want to replace free-market capitalism with state-run socialism. Equity is simply an euphemism for socialism.

Why Obama kept his plan secret

Immediately after signing the stack of executive orders, Biden was handed another document to sign This was a tasking order, directing his national security team to lead a 100-day comprehensive review of U.S. Government efforts to address domestic terrorism, which Biden would later claim to have evolved into the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faced.

The document charged the intelligence community to produce the first-ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism to address this challenge to America’s national security and improve the federal government’s response. Time was needed to produce and review the plan and Obama didn't need any meddling until he was ready.

Defending the agenda -- the political war on Americans begins

By the beginning of the second year, Joe Biden was quietly removed from the daily decision-making in regards to the domestic policy of the country. He spent long weekends in Delaware and would helicopter in and out of the White House for TV face time. He was handed a schedule and his cue cards and he did what he was told to do (see video top left). Obama, through Rice, had everything under control.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, and in response to Biden's "domestic terrorism" directive, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen, who leads the Department of Justice's National Security Division, announced the formation of a specialized unit to combat domestic terrorism, saying investigations into violent extremism have skyrocketed.

Please note, he didn't say that violent extremism has skyrocketed, he said "investigations into violent extremism have skyrocketed" -- what you will see in the media is, "violent extremism has skyrocketed." Also, please note, that with all the wars, rebellions, insurrections, riots and attacks that have occurred in our 250-year history, no president ever thought we needed a "unit to combat domestic terrorism," until now.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Olsen said, "this group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, helping to ensure these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the Department of Justice and across the country.”

The focus of Olsen's "investigations" wouldn't be Black Lives Matter or Antifa, whose "mostly peaceful protests" accounted for at least 25 deaths, injuries to 2,000 law enforcement officials and an unknown number of civilians and $2 billion in damages. No, the focus of the white supremacist-hunters were the parents of schoolchildren who are pissed their kids were being indoctrinated with the twin poisons of racial and gender politics and being raped in school lavatories by boys in dresses.

The war against parents

At the start of the school year that fall, parents of school-children in one Washington, DC suburb were disturbed about the race and gender indoctrination going on in their school and they started making a lot of noise, so, believe it or not, the White House organized an honest-to-God-conspiracy to silence them.

Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona colluded with the National Association of School Boards (NASB) to establish a narrative that the white parents of America's school children were "domestic terrorists."

Right on cue, Attorney General Merrick Garland produced a personally signed document saying that the NSBA's "worries about threats," was the starting point for plans for a task force to protect members of school boards.

It was all a plot organized by the federal government that conspired with a special interest group to falsely accuse American citizens of being domestic terrorists. The plot attempted to use the Patriot Act against loyal Americans -- and for what? -- objecting to their kids being taught that they were racists and white supremacists -- objecting to their daughters being raped in school lavatories by transvestites.

The war against political opponents

On June 23rd, the FBI conducted what is believed to be the first of the now infamous "FBI raids," when FBI agents staged a pre-dawn raid on the home of Trump DoJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who was forced into the street in his underwear. This was the "test case," the "lessons learned trial run" for all the subsequent raids on perceived political and religious opponents.

Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark was an Assistant Attorney General of the United States of America, and here the FBI has him in his underwear, handcuffed in his driveway for all his neighbors to gawk at. The media ate it up!

The Intercept opined that the raid was significant because it provided a tentative sign that the Justice Department was finally conducting a criminal investigation into Trump and his allies for their attempt to stage a coup, but the fact is, this was the first FBI raid against an American on a "speculation" -- and there would be more to follow -- including the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

In August, the FBI raided the Mar-A-Logo home of Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States. The predicate for this raid was a planted media report that President Trump had stuffed classified papers down a toilet.

The outrage that followed forced the court to demand the DoJ release the warrant affidavit, the document that describes the reason and justification for the raid. This is what the court allowed, and what the American People got from Merrick Garland's DoJ in response.

Trump Hate

Corporate media's coverage of the documents dispute between the DoJ and Trump's is largely the script from seven years ago, when the Democrats, federal law enforcement agencies, and the media first worked together on Russiagate.

DoJ lawyers are fighting in court to keep the artifacts stolen from Mar-a-Lago from the American People, while at the same time, DoJ staffers are selectively leaking prejudicial information into the hands of their favorite "journalists" at the Washington Post for publication as Jack Smith continues his persecution of the former president.

One day after the federal agency raided the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate, FBI agents stopped Rep. Scott Perry and seized his cell phone, and several Pennsylvania state lawmakers were issued subpoenas or "visited" by federal agents looking for information about Perry. Some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI.

Former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon was charged with six felony counts, to include money laundering in the second degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, and conspiracy in the fourth and fifth degrees, but to rub salt into Bannon's wound and further humiliate the man.

Trump Hate

The FBI has followed up on the arrest of Steve Bannon, with raids on the homes of as many as 50 major Trump supporters across the country, seeking documents and other artifacts, most of which are protected by the 1st and 4th Amendments.

Then the Feds have turned their attention on Christians who oppose abortions, the abortion industry and the queering of America. Anybody and anything that stood in the way or posed a perceived threat to Obama's agenda became -- and remains -- a target.


The intimidation wasn't enough. Americans were outraged and Trump started moving up in the polls, so, the DoJ has taken unprecedented steps to prosecute [persecute] former President Donald Trump in the federal courts and a gaggle of state's attorneys in state courts. Americans see what they are doing and instinctively know it's wrong.

A dedicated cadre of unelected bureaucrats are acting with clear political bias and they are using U.S. law as a weapon against their political enemies. The only thing that rivals their level of bias against Trump and his supporters is their lack of appetite for an investigation into the corruption of the Biden Crime Family. 

Trump Hate

The DoJ has chosen to use criminal indictments and prosecutions to deal with what the White House [Obama-Rice-Biden] sees as their “political problem” -- Donald Trump -- and therein lies an unconstitutional and dangerous precedent. 

Make no mistake, the Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump. Obama fears him as an impediment to his revolution and Biden fears Leavenworth. They know that if he is elected to the White House again, heads will roll. This knowledge makes the leaders of the coup -- and it is a coup -- highly motivated to destroy Trump, and what he represents, forever!

This was always about Obama's revolution

This isn't just about Trump. This has always been about locking in the revolution. This is about the socialization of America, and like the meme at the top of the left sidebar implies, Barack Obama can taste it. The Congressional Progressive Caucus can taste it. The Democratic Socialists of America can taste it. Black Lives Matter and the Alphabets can taste it. They are that close. Trump is the one thing they see as an obstacle. Without Trump, their opposition would fall apart.

They can't stop. Joe Biden and several cabinet secretaries are exposed to treason, high crimes and misdemeanor charges. Bureaucrats could lose their jobs and maybe their pensions. Hundreds, maybe thousands would be disgraced. Many will go to jail. These people are all-in whether they want to be or not!

Now, here's something to ponder. Are there any limits to what these people will do to keep Trump away from the Oval Office and retain control of their revolution? Are they capable of the unthinkable?

Scary thought, isn't it?

Behind it all, Barack Obama has always been the boss -- he is still the boss. -- and he hasn't left a single fingerprint on anything.

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Barack Obama is still the boss
Barack Obama is still the boss

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Barack Obama is still the boss

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