Watching the Defectives



 Organization  Year  Category  Description  Details
Bohai Harvest 2013 Item Bohai Harvest RST registered -- Hunter has 10% of $2.1 Billion company Bookmark
2023 Item Hunter and Devon Archer still own their 10% shares Bookmark
Burisma 2014 Item Vadym Pozharskyi meets Joe Biden Bookmark
2014 Item The Burisma deal earned the Bidens $10,000,000 Bookmark
2014 Object "SitRep" about Uktaine political situation suspected sourced from stolen documents Bookmark
2014 Object Pozharskyi email to thank Hunter for introducing him to his father, Joe Bookmark
2014 Object Joe Biden shared State Department/CIA reports with Hunter Bookmark
2014 Object Hunter takes credit for father Joe's Ukraine speech Bookmark
2015 Item Bidens accused of extortion Bookmark
2015 Item The Burisma smoking gun -- "the deliverables" Bookmark
2015 Object Pozharskyi wants to know where his "deliverables" are Bookmark
2015 Video Joe Biden extorts Ukraine president Bookmark
2016 Item $10 million deposited in Satabank (Malta) Bookmark
CEFC 2017 Item 2017 -- CEFC China Energy -- $31,000,000 Bookmark
2017 Item The "Belt and Road Initiative," is a global infrastructure development strategy, adopted by Red China in 2013 Bookmark
2017 Object $10 million per year for introductions? Bookmark
2017 Object "10 held by H for the big guy" Bookmark
2017 Object "The Biden's are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants" Bookmark
2017 Object $100,000 payment from CEFC to OWASCO PC Bookmark
2017 Object Hunter threatens Chinse official as his father sits by Bookmark
2023 Object Bank records of payments from China to Robinson Walker, LLC Bookmark
DoJ 2021 Item The DoJ stands up a specialized unit to combat domestic terrorism Bookmark
ePlata 2015 Item ePlata -- 8.25 percent Bookmark
FBI 2021 Item FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide on "Militia Violent Extremists" Bookmark
2021 Object FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide on "Militia Violent Extremists" Bookmark
2022 Item Intimidation of Joe Biden's political enemies Bookmark
2022 Item The demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy Bookmark
Fisker 2012 Item Fisker Karma -- $529 million Bookmark
HillStone 2010 Item HillStone International -- $1.5 billion Bookmark
Inteco 2012 Item Inteco Management AG -- $100 million Bookmark
Kazakhs 2012 Item The Kazakhs -- $ not known Bookmark
Lankford 2011 Item Lankford & Reed -- $140 million Bookmark
News Media 2015 Item The media, especially NBC, CBS and ABC, simply ignored all of it Bookmark
State Energy 2017 Item $3,000,000 payment to Robinson Walker, LLC Bookmark
2017 Object How a $3 million payment was divided Bookmark
Wanxiang 2014 Item Wanxiang was the hookup to Xi's pet trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative Bookmark
2014 Item Joe Biden was to be high profile in the Belt and Road Initiative Bookmark