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The Biden Crime Family watched the millions pour in

Hunter Biden had until last Wednesday to hand over documents to the House Oversight Committee related to his foreign business dealings or else face a potential subpoena from Republicans. Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., said in a statement:

    "If President Biden is compromised by deals with foreign adversaries and they are impacting his decision-making, this is a threat to national security," 

Hunter Biden’s attorney has refused to hand over records related to the first son’s controversial overseas business dealings, claiming the House Oversight Committee doesn’t have the power to demand the documents.

The committee is demanding that Hunter Biden turn over any records related to his father’s alleged “involvement” in the family’s financial interests, accusing the 53-year-old and his business associates of having “peddled influence to generate millions of dollars for the Biden family.”

Biden Crime Family

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas., who sits on the committee, told Fox News that a subpoena order would be a "last resort," but said, "I think we're really close to it, frankly."

The Biden family's business is business

A Harvard Cap/Harris poll released last Friday found that 62% of registered voters believe Joe Biden has “participated” in his family business deals.

Though Joe Biden and his staff have claimed at least seven times that he has not been involved in the family business, at least 19 pieces of evidence demonstrate that Joe Biden has played an influential role in his son Hunter's and brother James’s business deals.

So, let's take a look -- especially at the dollar amounts involved!

2010 -- HillStone International -- $1.5 billion

David Richter, president of HillStone’s parent company, told investors that HillStone International won a coveted government contract in part because the company has “the little brother of the vice president as a partner.”

With zero experience in the construction industry, James Biden was hired by the company as an executive vice president, shortly thereafter, the company received a $1.5 billion federal contract to build 100,000 houses in Iraq.

James Biden would have received a partner's share of HillStone's $735 million profit --that's a cool 49% -- for his role. Richter said, "we couldn't have done it without Jim."

2011 -- Lankford & Reed -- $140 million

Jim Biden was hired by the law firm, Lankford & Reed, to help negotiate a secret $140 million settlement between a private US company, Hill International, and the Saudi government in a dispute over fees for building a desalinization plant.

Lankford & Reed partner Thomas Lankford alleged in a sworn statement that Hill International CEO Irvin Richter had told him that he’d retained James Biden because the Saudis “would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal.”

2012 -- Inteco Management AG -- $100 million

Then there's the $3.5 million wire transfer from the richest woman in Russia directly to Hunter Biden. Elena Baturina was the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow, and a close ally of the tyrant, Vladimir Putin, and the money didn't stop there.

Hunter Biden was serving on Rosemont Seneca Partners' advisory board when it received more than $100 million from Inteco Management AG, the Swiss company owned by Baturina. for property investments.

In a single deal, Baturina paid $40 million to Rosemont to invest in office buildings across the United States. That money went toward the 2012 purchase of seven office buildings in Texas, Colorado, Alabama, New Mexico and Oklahoma, according to deal-related emails obtained by

2012 -- Fisker Karma -- $529 million

Fisker Automotive, a "start-up" company received $529 million in loan guarantees from the US Department of Energy to develop the Karma and convert an abandoned General Motors factory in Joe Biden family’s hometown of Wilmington, Del., for a planned line of family-oriented electric vehicles.

Joe Biden claimed that the green-energy initiative would create up to 2,000 jobs for assembly workers and serve “as a roadmap for all we can accomplish if everyone works together,” but it turned out that Fisker was one of the highest-profile failures of the Obama stimulus, which Biden oversaw, and which he has touted on the campaign trail as proof of his ability to handle America’s economic recovery.

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2012 -- The Kazakhs -- $ Not known

Between 2012 and 2014, Hunter worked as a sort of go-between for Kenes Rakishev, a self-styled "international businessman, investor and entrepreneur. Emails from the Central Asian country reveal that Hunter traveled to the Kazakh capital of Astanaheld to meetings with Rakishev, who was looking to invest a portion of his personal fortune in New York and Washington DC. He also traveled to the Kazakh capital of Astana to hold business discussions.

Hunter Biden attempted to persuade Rakishev to buy into a Nevadan mining company, brokering a series of meetings with the firm, before convincing him to invest a cool million dollars with Alexandra Forbes Kerry, the film-maker daughter of Democrat Senator and former Presidential candidate John Kerry.

Rakishev became close to the vice president's son, calling Hunter "my brother!" and "my brother from another mother!" Rakishev liked Hunter so much, he bought him a $142,300 Fisker Karma from a New Jersey dealership in 2014.

2013 -- Bohai Harvest RST -- $2.1 Billion

BHR Partners (Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.) is a private investment fund founded in 2013 by Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Bank of China Limited along with a partnership with Hunter Biden, and whose focus is on mergers and acquisitions, and investment in, and reforms, of state-owned enterprise. BHR Partners says it manages $2.1 billion in assets and has taken a prominent role in Chinese state-backed companies acquiring investments overseas.

The company was registered just 12 days after the vice presidential jet arrived in China’s capital, according to the Wall Street Journal. While in Beijing, Hunter introduced his dad to incoming BHR CEO Jonathan Li in a hotel lobby. Joe Biden later wrote college recommendation letters for Li’s children.

Hunter was involved in several sweet deals as a board member of the Beijing-based BHR Partners investment firm, and is best document in "Riding The Dragon." This is an excerpt:

In October, 2022, a reporter asked the National Security Council’s top spokesman, at a White House briefing, if Hunter Biden still owns 10% of state-backed BHR Partners. White House spokesman John Kirby said he has no information about whether Hunter Biden was still a co-owner, but in 2021, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Hunter Biden was still working to “unwind” his 10% stake in BHR. Online records show that he still holds the stake.

2014 -- Burisma -- $10,000,000

Who could possible question the Ukraine deal? Everybody knows someone who was paid $83,333.33 every month, for five years for a no-show job. That's $5 million, and Hunter Biden couldn't speak the language. He knew nothing about the oil and gas industry. According to a Reuters report, Hunter never visited Ukraine on company business once during those five years -- but he did attend two board-of-director's meetings that were held on the Riviera.

2014 -- Wanxiang -- $1,000,000,000,000+

Bobulinski, a former naval intelligence officer, was hired by the Bidens to form a partnership with Wanxiang, a major Chinese company, and the energy firm at the center of Xi's global dominance project, the "Belt and Road Initiative," the global infrastructure development plan to invest in nearly 150 countries and international organizations. One of China's goals was to position Joe Biden as the front man for this gigantic project. The project will cost trillions of dollars in investment, and is expected to be completed later this century. It is widely considered to be Xi’s pet project.

Bobulinksi told FBI that the deal Hunter and James Biden had with the communist Chinese regime remained "intentionally uncompensated" until Biden left office. Then the millions flowed.

2015 -- ePlata -- 8.25 percent

Emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive prove Hunter was receiving payments from a company named ePlata. ePlata “offers worldwide banking without the need for a traditional bank account,” says a company synopsis, which raises concerns about the platform being used for money laundering and other criminal activities, including human trafficking.

ePlata, a digital banking platform partnered with the Mexican government to enable migrants to send and receive remittances, has deep financial and personnel ties to Hunter Biden.

Documents unearthed from Hunter Biden’s hard drive also reveal that the president’s son held an 8.25 percent stake in ePlata through his company Owasco LLC, although it is unclear if he still retains the position.

Several individuals who have financial ties to Hunter Biden, however, have recently been appointed to the company’s Board of Directors.

2017 -- CEFC China Energy -- Bidens cleared $31,000,000

Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate, CEFC China Energy, and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle. Joe's 10% take from that deal -- $480,000 -- cash!

Hunter Biden received at least $5 million in payments from CEFC, and Ho, a CEFC deputy, also agreed to pay him a $1 million retainer.

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Joe Biden allegedly discussed the CEFC endeavor with Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski in May 2017 shortly after Biden left office as VP, and an email the same month described the “big guy” getting a 10% cut.

Biden Crime Family

Ye famously gave Hunter Biden a 3.16-carat diamond worth about $80,000 and Hunter referred to Ho as the “f–king spy chief of China” in an email recovered from his laptop. Ho was convicted in 2018 on US charges for attempting to bribe African officials.

2022 -- The "Art"-- Up to $500,000 per

Several House Oversight Republicans sounded off after Georges Berges, Biden’s art dealer, told the House Oversight Committee he would not produce the records of the anonymous buyers of the first son’s high-priced paintings.

Hunter Biden

The first son's first foray into the art world has seen his pieces picked up by art dealer Georges Berges, who has priced the younger Biden's artwork between $75,000 and $500,000 depending on the size and scope of the collage artwork, and what kind of a favor the buyer was seeking from the elder Biden. 

That's a pretty big haul when compared to other artists' first sales. In fact, Biden’s pieces are worth more off the bat than a piece by Jean-Michel Basquiat that sold, in 1984, for $53,770.96 in today’s dollars after adjusting for inflation.

"I don't paint from emotion or feeling, which I think are both very ephemeral," Biden told ArtNet . "For me, painting is much more about kind of trying to bring forth what is, I think, the universal truth" -- that money makes the world go 'round.

That's a lot of money!

If the Bidens just received 1% of the moneys involved in these deals, we're talkin' hundreds of millions of dollars!

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