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Even if this kid was factually wrong, he should still be free to express himself  More
Why is the Left trying so hard to protect the Chinese Communist Party?  More
"Your speech is violence"  More
In time, they will corrupt the Supreme Court as well -- it's what they do  More
What culture war?  More
“We’ll keep them happy with drugs and video games"  More


Are we just supposed to forget about what the Democrats did?  More
Well, that's one -- only eleven or twelve million more to go  More
Joe Biden has no plan to stop Iran from getting nukes  More
"Somebody has to say it -- I just think someone 80+ years old is too old to be president -- there has to be better options"  More
On some streets in San Francisco, almost every other retail store is vacant  More
City of Dallas employees can now be fired for using the wrong pronouns  More
Mayor Muriel Bowser designates Washington, DC as the “District of Pride” -- raises LGBT Pride flag at city hall  More
Navy Secretary says America's warships are “beacons in every port of call” for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” in celebrating Pride Month  More
The Jan. 6 Committee doctored video evidence for prime-time TV hearing  More


There are no "do overs!"  More
Could this physician possibly have a particular world-view -- an agenda?  More
Disney is expected to lose millions with its latest WOKE offering  More
Mom raises money so her daughter, who thinks she’s a boy, can get a double mastectomy  More
Predator says he celebrates pride month at school by selling trans and progress pride flags which hopefully leads to “conversations”  More
An Edmond Public Schools (OK) parent filed a lawsuit against the district, claiming her 15-year-old daughter was attacked and "severely beaten" by a 17-year-old transgender student in the girl's bathroom  More


A Utah school district has banned the King James Version of the Bible  More
"Turn all of the white characters black"  More
Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Yeah!  More
Leftist rules -- some hate is cool  More
"I'm tired of being around white people"  More
Why won't the media criticize this racist behavior? -- it's not uncommon  More


Anheuser-Busch sells Bud Light back to the guys that created the beer  More
Nearly 10,000 Hunter Biden vids, photos, documents posted to the Internet  More
Are you familiar with Quora?  More
Sometimes, making demands doesn't work  More
Hunter Biden is in trouble for mixing drugs and guns -- and recording it on video ( )  More
Hunter Biden will claim the 2nd Amendment protects his right to own a gun while addicted to crack  More


Three Asian women are run down in the street and beaten in Oakland's Chinatown  More
Nearly thirty children have been reported missing in Cleveland in the last two weeks  More
Rookie mail carrier's second day on the job  More
Shoplifter's unattended infants are injured when car bursts into flames  More
It's only going to get worse.  More
Reparations-R-Us  More


Atlanta activists, linked to fiery police protests, have been charged with fraud and money laundering  More
Meet the openly anarchist Antifa-affiliated Michael Loadenthal -- the terrorist behind the DHS’s "Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization" initiative  More
Dozens of U.S. AT-4 weapons systems, originally shipped to Ukraine, have been acquired by the Cartel Golfo in Mexico  More
Two pro-life advocates, 73 and 80 years old, were severely beaten outside Planned Parenthood by "abortion escort"  More
Alphabet radicals sent dozens of bomb threats to Target stores after Target pulled down its Pride Month displays  More
The power of the Alphabet People is on full display as major league baseball forces its players to recant social media comments  More

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CNN’s Kirstin Powers calling for the complete censorship of Republicans’ speech  More
This is what Artificial Intelligence thinks of us ( may be the greatest thread ever )  More
Cathedral of St. John the Divine -- the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the seat of its bishop  More
Six Flags will present "All-Ages Drag Queen Shows" at its parks nationwide throughout June  More
Fusion GPS withheld 1,500 documents from Durham investigation on the origins of Russiagate and the Special Counsel let it slide  More
Herr Dr. Fauci's National Institute of Health knowingly funded the PLA's "gain of function" research -- weaponization of viruses -- referred to products as "mutants"  More


Perversions are no longer perverted  More
Joe Biden's favorite nuclear trash, Sam Brinton, has been arrested for the third time for luggage theft  More
But he can't breastfeed because he cut off his mammaries  More
*** Woman breastfeeds a cat on an airplane -- and it's not just any cat ***  More
Do you know the gender pronoun rules?  More
"First, do no harm" ~ Hippocrates  More


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