Watching the Defectives

The American Political Left

If 2022 isn't the year America ends the madness, then when?


A California mother has sued Spreckels Union School District (CA), alleging two teachers secretly groomed her 11-year-old daughter and manipulated her into thinking she was a boy Source
"I'm Superman, not Superqueer! Source
Denver elementary school teachers express excitement about teaching kindergarten and 1st graders about disrupting the nuclear family. Source
Herr Dr. Fauci will be lucky if he's not tarred and feathered before this is all over Source
This is just awful -- how could they do this to children? Source
"Because I care about the truth!" ~ Matt Walsh Source


Pelosi's police are "gathering intelligence" on Hill staffers and citizens who meet with lawmakers Source
Biden's decision, to pay Iran’s U. N. dues, is "a staggering act of appeasement" -- Biden's also hiding details of a new Iran treaty from Congress ( ) Source
Psaki admits Donks are responsible for the surge in crime ( ) Source
If Biden can't handle a twenty-something reporter, how is he ever going to go face-to-face with Putin? ( ) Source
New Mexico governor is calling in the National Guard as substitute teachers Source
Being a Democrat means never having to say you're sorry! Source
Another glaring example of Team Biden using Democrat Rule #3 -- "that's different" Source
The first thing Joe Biden did upon assuming office was to close down the XL Pipeline, now we're importing more oil from the same Russia Joe Biden is threatening to go to war with Source
No sane person wants any part of Joe Biden's "Wag the Dog" -- the Europeans don't want it Source


All 14 black Democrat senators walked out of the Mississippi Senate to protest a bill that prohibits teaching children any race is superior or inferior to another Source
More proof that white people are racist Source
Q-Tip is one of the biggest racists on TV-- it's how he makes his living -- MSNBC is the only clown show that will have him. Source
Joe Biden has been a "bigot" and "propagandist" throughout his entire career in politics ( ) Source
COVID tyranny -- so, who really are the NAZIs? ( ) Source
Rationalizing the hatred of his fellow man Source


Dead is forever! -- more WOKEness from Biden's military Source
Neil Young must believe somebody besides a bunch of old fogies remembers the worst singer ever pressed into vinyl Source
This is going to really help bring an end to the shortages -- they just don't understand the Law of Unintended Consequences Source
Michigan school placed a litter box in the lavatory for students that identify as cats -- little shaky, but? Source
The end of democracy Source
Liberal logic -- California senator wants the state to establish drug houses for junkies Source


Philadelphia -- city of brotherly love indeed Source
Decriminalization has been a great success in Philly and across the US -- for the criminals! ( ) Source
Motorcycle thief gets recycled Source
Detroit man, who set his pregnant girlfriend on fire using lighter fluid, released on $5,000 Source
Gun battle in a barbershop Source
Decriminalization visits the nation's capital Source


Black Lives Matter (DC) is upset that police officers, shot in the line of duty, are treated as heroes Source
Black Lives Matter has "buckets of blood on their hands" Source
Antifa makes threats -- Dartmouth cancels conservative speakers -- another successful partnering of leftists Source
Biden administration silent on how the Texas jihadi, who was on the terrorist "watch list" and being monitored by the British, got into the US ( ) Source
Democrat Party terrorists prepare for another anti-free-speech action Source
The event that triggered the FBI to reverse their narrative on the Colleyville terror attack Source

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Looks like the "women's movement" has moved on Source
When Biden loses NBC it's all over -- Chuck Todd says, "Biden is no longer seen as competent and effective” Source
NBC releases a poll demonstrating a complete collapse of support for Joe Biden Source
CBS host is stunned -- not one member of Face the Nation's focus group believes America is in a better place after one year of Joe Biden Source
NIH transgender monkey experiments consume about $20 billion -- "about half of NIH's budget" Source
Bill Gates is challenged to prove his "cows emit more pollution than a car" comment Source


Meet the new chairperson of the Gwinnett County (GA) Public Schools, Tarece Johnson ( ) Source
This kind of self-abuse can only be found among liberals Source
Progressives want you to accept this as normal Source
How much self-mutilation does it take to feel good about one's self? Source
Did you know that pink is the most aggressive color? Source
Warning: You will not be able to unsee this! Source


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Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire
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Critical Race Theory
critical race theory

It's a hustle, a scam!

Race and Gender

More important than you?


Except for ideas


Nuthin' equitable about it!


There's no 'I' in CRT

Queer Theory
Queer Theory

It's not what you think

Culture War
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The Frankfurt School

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