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The unofficial, mostly accurate, history of the Biden years


Precision in language is critical, and that's why the Left is using semantics to blur the meaning of words  More
An generation mutilated beyond repair because when they were three-years old they picked up a toy truck instead of a Barbie doll ( )  More
Everything the Left does is intended to weaken the family and weaken the church -- everything  More
First Boston Childrens, now it's Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh . . .  More
One of the great children's hospitals in the world is offering “gender affirming hysterectomies” for young girls  More
They are out to erase "women" -- there is little doubt -- yet the "women's movement" remains silent ( )  More


When even ABC News has doubts about your propaganda, you know it’s bad.  More
What's good for the goose was never good enough for the gander -- rule #3  More
Nancy Pelosi explains why the Donks are spending $800 billion  More
The Vice President of the United States asserts that, "from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs"  More
It's not embarrassing when you understand that Joe Biden had his hand out because he was expecting the "envelope"  More
Mar-a-Lago raid reveals how all of the other hoaxes were designed ( thread )  More


No big deal -- we do it every day -- and we make big bucks doing it  More
What's the hurry?  More
Whatever happened to, "first, do no harm?"  More
Laws mean nothing to these people -- transition at all cost!  More
Pedophile, with a "license to groom," advocates for “MAPs” (minor attracted persons) -- says pedophiles are “vilified” and “marginalized,” and shouldn’t be referred to as pedophiles  More
Left-wing activists have smuggled radical gender theory into more than 4,000 schools  More


Minneapolis teachers' union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers before"educators of color"  More
Al Sharpton has become a millionaire by promoting racial conflict, but somehow, he can't manage to pay the rent  More
CNN is actually the one associating “groomer” with homosexuals -- heterosexuals can be “groomers” too  More
This isn't divisive, is it?  More
WTF?  More
These retweets are by the self-loathing Director of DIE at Fairfield Public Schools (CT)  More


Once a meathead, always a meathead  More
Starbucks remains the most glaring example of, "go WOKE, go broke"  More
CNN wanker waves goodbye to all his old CNN pals -- replies are interesting  More
Wanker quits CNN!  More
Lefties screamed for Trump to release the raid warrant, so he did -- now, they're crying "foul!"  More
The former Director of the National Security Agency calls for Trump to be executed like the Rosenbergs  More


He never even hit the brakes!  More
Child Protective Services worker encourages 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute  More
Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in New York City -- "our democracy"  More
Completely naked Florida man does push-ups after attempted robbery at gas station  More
Scumbag attempts to rob two female clerks in liquor store with sawed-off shotgun -- the mother and daughter team finish it  More
Social worker abducted and tortured for 15 hours  More


Antifa is composed of 99.44% white people -- so why the self-loathing?  More
Police had to protect Christians at a building connected to St. Patrick's basilica (NY) after it was surrounded by militant pro-abortion protesters.  More
Florida senator says "militant left-wing" Americans are a greater threat to America. than all wars the US has ever fought  More
While the FBI is hunting for white supremacists, most of the fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list are leftists and black identity extremists.  More
As revenge for NYPost investigations into his lavish spending, Shaun ( I used to be a white guy ) King is targeting their journalists ( thread )  More
UC Berkeley stopped construction of student housing, following organized assaults by violent, far-left extremists ( thread )  More

useful idiots

Locking kids up with masks covering their faces for two years didn't help  More
The Left has zero ability to foresee unintended consequences -- blows up in their faces every single time  More
"The FBI is beyond redemption" ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
Long and detailed thread by Margaret Cleveland about the statutes cited in raid warrant  More
First you select the target, then you decide to search -- then you pick the alleged crime  More
The FBI must now reach up just to touch rock bottom, but they react with sanctimonious indignation to suggestions of partisanship  More
Google will not let you search for "mar a lago raid" -- returns "FBI search of Mar-a-Lago" -- try it!  More
Garland's warrant for the raid allows the FBI to search anywhere in Trump's home, and take anything they want  More
"The FBI raid on Melania's closet was justified"  More


Why do they all have nose rings?  More
Meltdown at the Alamo  More
President Trump's home was raided by storm-troopers looking for nuclear papers -- this is Biden's choice to oversee the nation's nuclear papers  More
Middle-school teacher arrested for masturbating in front of his students -- more than once!  More
You tell me!  More
From a culture that's three stories beneath the sub-culture  More


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Mar-A-Lago Raid
Mar-A-Lago Raid
Mar-A-Lago Raid

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Mar-A-Lago Raid

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