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John F'n Kerry says the U.S. needs to work with China and Russia on climate change.  More
As far-left ideologies further embed themselves into American society, growing evidence shows that companies embracing woke capitalism tend to alienate customers, drive away potential employees, and lose profits for investors  More
What the Left has always hated most about the Western canon is that it cultivates independent thought  More
A Michigan project with $1.14B in taxpayer backing must adhere to the rules of the Chinese Communist Party  More
Nothing says “we respect women” like elbowing them out of their own domain  More
"Women 2023"  More


Equity at work -- Biden nominee for FAA chief goes 0-for-7 on aviation policy quiz by Senator Ted Budd  More
Joe Biden has been lying so long and so often it has become who he is ( )  More
Joe Biden lies about everything, but blaming Republicans for border problems is a bridge too far  More
Joe Biden's Big Lie -- the "I know nothing" defense crumbles as the National Archives rats Joe out  More
"LGBTQ+ rights are a core part of our foreign policy"  More
Blinken is asked why American taxpayer money is paying pensions in Ukraine  More


For those that believe genderism isn't harmful  More
Kentucky's Democratic governor vetoed a bill that bans sex change surgeries and hormones for minors  More
This is the inevitable leftist future -- a 13-year-old boy in drag, dancing for pedophiles  More
Some might accuse this mother of torturing her child over a fantasy  More
Pentagon doctors claim 7-year-olds can make decisions about taking puberty blockers and hormones  More
Why would the Pulaski Community School District be asking these questions of kids?  More


University of Maryland to offer students a minor in "Anti-Black Racism" -- race-baiting goes legit  More
CNN's John Blake says, "If you're White and you've posted a GIF or meme of a Black person to express a strong emotion, you may be guilty of wearing 'digital blackface'"  More
The New York City chapter of the Amrican Federation of Teachers will host a seminar on "The Harmful Effects of Whiteness"  More
Florida NAACP requests its national board issue travel advisory warning to the state for black people to avoid Florida due to "safety concerns"  More
Anti-White racism is a fundamental of the Equity training in Joe Biden's Pentagon  More
Black Lives Matter activists executed a shocking $83 billion shakedown of American corporations  More


ChatGPT computes -- "men who won’t date a woman with a penis are transphobic"  More
Fareed Zakariah interviews Jon Stewart and CNN loses another 100,000 viewers  More
AOC says straight men are the problem  More
Echoes of despair -- “the walls are closing in on Donald Trump”  More
The liberal  More
Keith Olbermann is a trip!  More


Family Dollar employee, Kevin Salas Madrid, is under arrest after shooting a shoplifter at least ten times  More
Cop takes a bullet to the brain while tasing a suspect ( )  More
Progressive policing  More
Even the Beverly Hills Mall is not exempt -- Houston we have a problem  More
It's so odd that reposting these videos elicits criticisms, but there's rarely criticism of the behavior  More
Asians aren't taking it anymore  More


Leftists are super-aggressive till they're knocked on their asses -- then they switch immediately to victim -- know the game  More
The Alphabet People believe they are above criticism and that only they have a right to speak -- that's the behavior of NAZIs  More
It appears that a radical Seattle trans leftist named "Eucytus," left this mortal coil during a gunfight with sheriff deputies  More
Antifa are sharing Twitter instructions on making projectile weapons to be used against people and property  More
Tell me again, who are the fascists?  More
Do what I want you to do, or I'll harm you  More

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Green campaigners are not "following the science" -- they are promoting a Biblical fantasy.  More
CAPTCHA asks: "Select all squares that contain a woman" -- progressives stumped!  More
The WOKE  More
“This video clearly evidences undercover law enforcement officers urging the crowds to advance up the stairs and scaffolding towards the Capitol on Jan. 6"  More
In honor of Women's History Month, ESPN wants us all to applaud the biological men competing in women's sports  More
Stanford is going all in on diversity -- will have ZERO white men on their 2023 surgical team  More
The Biden administration is now going after air conditioners with new regulations to "reduce the nation's carbon footprint"  More
Diversity training makes soldiers feel "included"  More
Ukraine is “an important national interest that’s fundamental to” EU and US security ~ Gen. Mark Milley  More


A 65-year-old New York man repeatedly broke into a day care center, stole diapers and left money and bizarre notes for staff that asked them for "bigger diapers"  More
This stuff used to be called blasphemy -- now it's "inclusion"  More
"Once again, it's ma'am"  More
Trans woman left sobbing in JFK airport after TSA agent hit her in the balls  More
Unidentified  More
Only in America -- Dylan Mulvaney is now doing speaking engagements for $30K–$60K a pop  More


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