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Every member of Gov. Newsom's "reparations" board is a communist!  More
"The notion that the State of California can limit the information patients can receive from their doctors about deeply personal and important matters is constitutionally intolerable"  More
The lockdowns have resulted in Americans spending more time alone ( )  More
The Boston City Council approved a petition to allow 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections  More
Americans don't trust their elections anymore ( thread )  More
"How green was my valley"  More


The newly elected "Leader" of the House Democrats is a big-time election denier, who claims the 2016 election was "illegitimate"  More
Hillary is one of America's great disinformers and misinformers -- and the media only encourges her  More
Hiding the truth about Hunter Biden  More
It's not a Hunter Biden story  More
Democrats lie with impunity -- and the damned "news media" backs them up!  More
Did the Democratic National Committee violate American's 1st Amendment rights?  More
Janet Yellin, the Secretary of the Treasury, blames Americans for inflation  More
San Francisco is a hellhole for a reason -- Democrats!  More
Joe Biden has been warned to stop redirecting air marshals to the border -- there have been "major security incidents' on recent U.S. flights  More


High school cuts ties with LGBTQXYZ club that is running a "dick match" game  More
A NJ high school recently held a drag show during school where students performed for select staff to watch ( thread )  More
When high fashion and QAnon collide  More
The animated film for kids, "Mama Has a Mustache," is sponsored by the company that sells chemical castration drugs to convicted pedophiles and "transgender children"  More
Wisconsin middle school quietly helped a young girl transition against the wishes of her parents ( thread )  More
“Drag queen story hour” a nonprofit which receives tax dollars to go into schools and public libraries to teach kids about drag- admits that they use drag to introduce kids to queerness  More


"Shut Down White Supremacy" is an attack on "traditional" America -- the Left wants all of it gone  More
Alan Dershowitz says diversity is a "phony concept"  More
Racism, practiced against white people, has become socially acceptable on the Left  More
*** A former Seattle municipal employee has filed suit against the city for anti-white racial discrimination ( thread ) ***  More
A statue of young Abraham Lincoln was vandalized with red paint on Thanksgiving Day  More
Don Lemon wants you to accept that "hands up, don't shoot" may be fake, but it's accurate  More


Maryland county bans "natural" energy source  More
We are officially in The Twilight Zone  More
his kid should get six months for the crime of "stupid"  More
When did stupid become hip?  More
California legalized pot, but taxed it so much that smokers are turning to the black market  More
CNN declares Daylight Savings Time "racist"  More


Honestly, what country has this become?  More
Student didn't like teacher speaking to his parents -- so he beat the teacher bloody ( )  More
All those men and not one set of balls -- California has achieved WOKE  More
Equity! -- "If we have to get off, everybody has to get off!"  More
Guy robs a Philly convenience store with a needle  More
GRAPHIC -- Philadelphia scumbag calmly walks up to a traffic enforcement officer and shoot him in the head  More


Leftists attempting to prevent Charlie Kirk from speaking are pushed back by police  More
The man who was arrested for making terrorist threats against The Heretic gay club in Atlanta is a gay leftist and HuffPo contributor named Chase Staub ( thread )  More
Somebody should tell these Antifa people that there's no crying in terrorism ( thread ) ( )  More
Antifa is miffed at Elon Musk, so they're planning on attacking Tesla dealerships  More
The real fascists are being banned from Twitter and they don't like it ( thread )  More
Antifa lunatic barricaded himself next to a Seattle-area Tesla, started a fire and threatened to blow up the building ( )  More

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Political activism in the newsrooms -- WaPo's new communications chief moonlights as a board member of a "racial justice organization" funded by a dark money behemoth  More
Joe Rogan on Apple and capitalism  More
Meme demonstrates how the media spin is applied  More
Isn't this interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign state?  More
Comedy is not dead!  More
*** The Twitter Files ( thread ) ( ) ***  More
Right after the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story broke, a small group of Twitter execs decided to label the NY Post’s story as “hacked material” -- the rest is history  More
The FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election  More
Jan. 6 Committee implodes!  More


“Biological sex is fake”  More
Sam Brinton -- what Joe Biden put in charge of America's nuclear waste ( cursor down )  More
Biden's nuclear waste weirdo was arrested for grand larceny for stealing a woman's luggage at the airport (thread ) ( )  More
Imagine walking into your child’s classroom and seeing this -- what do you do?  More
Men, for the love of God, raise your sons to be warriors  More
From skoliosexual to graygender -- the most vexing of San Francisco’s 130 gender options  More


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