Watching the Defectives

The American Political Left

Day after day, in a thousand ways, the Left is destroying America


Donk chairman of the Jan 6 Star Chamber says pleading the 5th is a sign of guilt Source
CIA has just published a document, "Trump, A Unique Challenge," that is being described as a "hit job" Source
Men competing against women is not only wrong, it's no longer sport -- and what kind of a "man" would pull this crap in the first place? Source
The Left believes that only they are entitled to free speech -- a right that they abuse Source
If corporations don't buy diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) programs Black Lives Matter will sue them for whatever ( used to be called extortion ) Source
Doctors warn new medical school guidance would lead to unqualified physicians and unscientific medicine Source


Democrats still support slave labor -- some things never change Source
Hunter Biden and a Serbian foreign agent plotted an investment meeting with Serbian president and oligarchs ( ) Source
Hunter Biden’s therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, repeatedly alluded to Joe Biden's struggle with dementia Source
The Donks will have to cheat their asses off in the next couple of elections to overcome the Biden-Harris disaster Source
Kamala's spokeswoman quits -- third bailout in two weeks Source
"I'm a loser, baby!" Source


Black Lives Matter wants to boycott "white" companies to show your support for black xmas, whatever that is? Source
Jussie had selected the intended audience for his racist hoax Source
"White companies" -- those would be the companies that are resisting Critical Race Theory's "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE) training. Source
Interesting that the Jussie Smollett trial isn't on TV ( thread ) ( ) Source
Smollett should have the book thrown at him, instead, he'll end up with a book and movie deal Source
The Democratic Party encourages this stuff -- "I am for all of you white bitches dying like flies" Source


Everything the Left touches turns to sh!t Source
Progress! Source
Massachusetts liberal visits New Hampshire Source
"it's not clear how many of these social justice-based innovations will help medical students be better doctors" Source
Even the French know that American Progs are nuts! Source
Tweet demonstrates the hypocrisy of progressives nicely -- "trust science: Source


Stupid is as stupid does! Source
Decriminalization impacts Christmas in Los Angels and it's news to the sheriff Source
Murderer was wanted for four carjackings -- let go from July armed carjacking arrest ( ) Source
LA SWAT neutralizes hostage taker Source
Philadelphia teenager, 14, chased before being shot 18 times Source
NY man robs woman at knifepoint; arrested; released no bail; robs another woman hours later Source


"We need to embrace any means necessary" Source
Antifa valedictorian only gets probation after attacking senator's office with an axe Source
A well-known Milwaukee Black Lives Matter activist said the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack may be signaling "the revolution has started in Wisconsin" Source
The threat, "there are going to be pipelines blown up," will be ignored by a media obsessed with "white supremacists" Source
Portland Black Lives Matter shut down road by laying on the street in support of the convicted serial child sex offender killed by Rittenhouse Source
The Rittenhouse verdict brought the vermin out of their holes but they don't socialize well Source

useful idiots

Waukesha Christmas parade mass murder coverage is low point in American journalism Source
Peter Doocy nails Herr Dr. Fauci right between the eyeballs Source
Alec Baldwin wants you to believe he never pulled the trigger -- the gun shot itself Source
Who reads The New York Times other than the leftiest of lefties -- Pravda was a more reliable news source Source
The story that's too hot for the media to touch won't go away Source
DeSantis tears the media a new one Source


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It's easier to fool the masses
than to convince them
they are being fooled
~ Mark Twain
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Race and Gender

More important than you?


Except for ideas


Nuthin' equitable about it!

Critical Race Theory
critical race theory

It's a hustle, a scam!

Culture War
criticle theory

The Frankfurt School

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Those who can get you
to believe absurdities
can get you to
commit atrocities
~ Voltaire
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Watching The Defectives
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