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Klaus Schwab, delights at the thought of a future without elections  More
*** "Multiculturalism" is the greatest failure of the last 100 years ***  More
Is there a crime greater than genocide?  More
Queer Theory is all about making the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal  More
World Economic Forum "agenda contributor," Jemilah Mahmood, deliberates with John Kerry's daughter, Vanessa Kerry, about how to leverage the "emotion" from the "pandemic" to help advance the "climate crisis" narrative, using "storytelling"  More
The WHO's proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO, "to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health"  More


Do you think it's possible that Joe Biden doesn't know?  More
"Some of the worst poling since Jimmy Carter"  More
Sen. Dianne Feinstein will not return to the Senate  More
$7 a gallon --‘$100 to $150 a tank -- San Diego (CA)  More
"They need more support -- these migrants need federal support"  More
Kamala Harris is described as "vapid" -- "showing no intelligence or imagination" ~ Cambridge Dictionary  More


"Heaven must have as much glitter as a pride parade"  More
WTF is going on in Cleveland -- and why isn't this national news?  More
A new poll reveals a major shift in Republican voters’ attitudes, emphasizing "culture war" issues such as the transgender agenda  More
California will fine schools that attempt to ban LGBTQXYZ pornography from school libraries  More
Adults who harm children should receive the harshest penalties  More
Knotts Berry Farm has an attraction called “Knott’s Scary Farm” which is open to kids -- it includes this show which has people dressed up as Satan and in bondage/fetish gear, dancing extremely provocatively.  More


Judge Chutkan is conflating her assumptions of Trump with her assumptions of Jan. 6 -- it is disturbing and legally improper ( thread )  More
Teachers receiving DEI training at New Prague (MN) Area Schools were shown this racist video that compares white people to mosquitoes  More
"Your time is officially up -- black power forever!"  More
Brothers who killed Ethan Liming by stomped on his chest and breaking his neck during a carjacking were acquitted of involuntary manslaughter  More
LeVar Burton claims blocking children’s access to pornography is ‘"white supremacy"  More
Destroying the guy's ax is one thing, but stealing his tips?  More


Hunter and James Biden's banking records have been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee  More
*** Hunter and James Biden have been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee ***  More
Hunter Biden signed off on a Burisma memo -- "Moreover it is imperative that allegations of criminal activity made to the media about Burisma and/or Nikolay Zlochevsky come to an end" ~ Hunter Biden  More
Houston Jack-In-The-Box employee shoots at customers over missing curly fries ( )  More
Future Leavenworth resident, Travis King, must be some piece of work -- North Korea doesn't want him either  More
MSNBC superstar, Rachel Maddow, interviews Mark Meadows's former secretary on the future of the Republican Party  More


A woman was beaten by scumbags during violent dognapping ( )  More
Why are trannies so violent?  More
This is actually funny -- Apple bricked all of the phones the Philly BLM looters stole this week  More
Over 100 shots fired in DC gang battle  More
The "situation" is not fixable -- it will only worsen ( )  More
"If somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike -- that’s reparations"  More


Antifa thug attacked a 16-year-old and was unmasked during his arrest -- make him famous  More
Linnea Pugmire, who uses they/them pronouns, didn't like something he read in the newspaper, so, he attacked the mayor of Orem, Utah  More
The FBI has zero interest in these Black supremacists  More
Compare a real terrorist's crime and sentencer to the 22 years the Democrats gave Enrique Terrio  More
Queer Wars -- Antifa and Trantifa attack Gays Against Groomers  More
Will these mini-insurrectionists get any jail time, or is jail time just reserved for conservatives, like the Jan. 6 people?  More

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Former-MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, has been sued by Donald Trump over his infamous "pee dossier" which claimed that Russia had compromising material on the former US President  More
The Department of Homeland Security is funneling billions in American taxpayer dollars to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) running the illegal alien invasion  More
The FBI has been sued by John Paul Mac Isaac, who is demanding the bureau return the laptop, an associated hard drive and other data that it seized from him in December 2019  More
“Google is either the most incompetent search engine on the planet, or it is intentional -- this is not a coincidence"  More
It’s looking ever more likely that Jan. 6 was a "fedsurrection"  More
Philadelphia Inquirer makes excuses for rampant looting  More


A half-naked woman patiently waits to board airplane at a Florida airport  More
Mother doesn’t want her kids anymore because she’s tired and her new boyfriend doesn’t want kids  More
After a hard day at work, Tom returns home and becomes a dog  More
Sex work is work!  More
How to use "voidself" pronouns  More
Paganism goes mainstream  More


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