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Democratic Senators call for cutting off Elon Musk's companies from federal government contracts  More
Leftist George Soros and Son are all-in for Joe Biden‘s campaign  More
Jack Smith and the DoJ (with the support of leftist DC judges) have created "enemies lists" of Americans who have "favorited," "retweeted," or "replied" to Trump tweets  More
The WHO's proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO "to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health"  More
President Xi Jinping is planning to invite 50,000 American teenagers to visit China for "learning"  More
People who have had their political opponents arrested  More


Democrats want Trump dead  More
The Biden administration spends another $3 billion to bribe foreign countries into adopting its climate agenda  More
If the Democrats are really going all-in for Joe Biden, one has to wonder what monkey-business they have planned for the 2024 election?  More
Is this what the Red Chinese paid Joe Biden for?  More
Everybody in Washington knew Joe Biden was corrupt -- they didn't care  More
It's pretty clear whose side the Biden administration is on  More
Kamala, why do "we" have to rebuild Gaza?  More
The Biden administration is committed to increasing federal contracting by 50% for minority and underserved businesses  More
Joe Biden claims he cut the national debt "in half" -- that is total nonsense, he's added trillions to it  More


A substitute English teacher at New Beginnings High School in Lakeland (FL) sent teens “videos of himself masturbating, via Snapchat"  More
TikTok is a superior platform for groomers and pedophiles, Elon  More
Are you buying this nonsense?  More
*** Disney Grooming Syndicate CEO Bob Iger admitted defeat Wednesday, pledging to stop with the left-wing propaganda and start entertaining again ***  More
A twice convicted prostitute who was working as an active escort, was on various school committees and decided the sex ed curriculum in Texas school district  More
Is this why you send your kids to school?  More


This is a growing and very public problem  More
Court orders Jussie Smollett back to jail for hate crime hoax  More
This is "counter storytelling" -- it is a component of Critical Race Theory -- it encourages people who have no history to make up their own  More
Democrats delight in no white people in thier district  More
Netflix’s ahistorical Ibram X. Kendi "documentary" is more racist and radical than you can imagine  More
"They {Republicans] are still mad that a black man is free in this country" ~ Mayor of Chicago  More


The Left encouraged these wackos -- now they have to live with them ( thread )  More
Exactly how will the White House stop buggery?  More
Disney's corporate management, which is based upon agendas and personal feelings instead of "bottom line," is a loser  More
These people define "moron"  More
The young Kansas City Chiefs fan Deadspin tried to cancel over false "black face" and racism accusations is a Native American  More
Keith Olbermann is certifiable!  More


"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More
I bet he wasn't ready for this!  More
There's no fixing this  More
"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More
The Rap industry is a tough business  More
Former gang member/“rapper” Nardo Wick’s bodyguards send fan to the hospital with a concussion and severe brain bleeding just for asking for a picture  More


Hamas supporters are raiding New York retail stores  More
I dug out this 16-year-old music video, since it applies currently -- stars slow, but you just might dig it!  More
*** "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hamas supporters shut down Hillary Clinton's class at Columbia University ***  More
Muslims and Democrats wage war on Christianity and attempt to shut down the Fox Nes Christmas Tree Lighting ( )  More
This is a FREAKING MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL -- it’s no longer an option, militarize the border  More
Terrorists, assh*les, or both?  More

useful idiots

The Washington Post wants biological males to play girl’s sports  More
Chicago Democrats have had it -- at least some of them?  More
Cassidy Hutchinson is revealed to be a liar  More
The DHS used tactics developed abroad by the U.S. military against the American People  More
The DoJ fined a Tennessee trucking company $700,000 for asking workers to identify their legal status -- a violation of Joe Biden's anti-discrimination clause of the Immigration and Nationality Act  More
Jack Smith has until December 15th to turn over all documents between Smith and the DoJ concerning the decision to indict President Trump  More


What kind of a mind even conceives of this stuff? -- and where do they find a volunteer?  More
Unhinged!  More
"This is disturbing"  More
Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got worms in my tummy"  More
Where do these notions come from?  More
America is doomed!  More


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