Keeping an eye on the political Left

the damndest collection of loose nuts ever!

What makes this video surprising is the source, not what he has to say Link

Where's the $90 million? Black Lives Matter fragments after Patrisse "trained Marxist" Cullors' real estate spending spree Link
"The Poison in Our Schools" -- Filmmaker exposes Critical Race Theory indoctrination Link
This is one mother that's had it with the political Left's teaching 5-year-olds about anal sex Link
Marxist LA City Councilman Mike Boni weeps and wails for the bums that have occupied Venice beach Link
Things haven't changed a bit in the last 70 years Link

Kamala's secret mission -- plotting a Marxist regime change in Guatemala Link
This short video is just for fun! Link
It's distressing to see the "Leader of the Free World" being led by the hand like a child Link
Morons run the White House -- Joe Biden changed "mothers" to "birthing people" in his budget request Link
This is so stupid it's great! Link

How the hell does a self-loathing idiot like this ever get to command infantry? Link
Federal judge stays Biden's anti-White farm bill, available only to farmers who are Black, American Indian or Alaskan native, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian American or Pacific Islander Link
Lightfoot's lawyers argue injunction is unnecessary since mayor only discriminated a little bit Link
Babylon Bee spoof of the Hunter Biden "N-word" controversy is drawing attention to its absence in the press Link
LGBTQXYZ tyrants are still tyrants. Link

New Jersey school district abolishes holiday names from calendar to avoid "hurt feelings" Link
If there was ever any doubt that the world was being run by fools, this should settle it Link
Joy Reid spins wild conspiracy theory about Trump planning to use the Insurrection Act Link
Don't litter! -- an object lesson Link
M.O.M.: Mother of Madness comic book will debut in July -- it's about a superhero who gets her power from her period Link

An argument at a Glendale, Arizona, Burger King moved into the parking lot for the gunplay Link
The Walmart Chronicles Link
Savages! What else would you call these two? Link
Residents of ritzy Atlanta suburb push for separate police force as crime rages in "war zone" Link
A split-second shootout leaves three wounded Link

It's interesting the number of people defending this jihadii's actions Link
Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management is a former eco-terrorist given an immunity deal by the feds Link
This woman may be sitting in Congress, but she's 100% jihadii as far as I'm concerned Link
The National Guard's "slow response" to 1/6 blamed on leftist abuse for its quick response to BLM riots Link
Gang of thieves rob high-end stores in coordinated attack Link

Oxfam training document says "privileged white women," sexually abused by "black and other marginalised people," shouldn't be treated as victims Link
Austin newspaper decides how to report the news based on its liberal ideological (2nd item) Link
Asheville, N.C. has got to be the WOKEST city in the south Link
Picture of Joe Dementia taking on Putin is ridiculous and sets a new low in garbage journalism Link
Oh, no! Our betters have decided it's tim for "Climate Justice" -- LeftCode for a massive redistribution of wealth Link