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Volleyball girls banned from locker room for refusing to change in front of boy masquerading as a girl  More
Private entities quashed social media posts in 2020 and Team Biden rewarded with millions -- they're back in action for 2022  More
The Federal Reserve "climate finance" replicates the Chinese Communist Party's social credit score system -- all investments subject to process established by the Green Elites  More
Planned Parenthood doctor and Democrat witness, tells Congress that, "Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men." (video)  More
US Army's first openly transgender officer (and Lefty-praised ‘pioneer’) indicted for attempting to sell soldiers’ medical info to Russia  More
It is the opinion of Mike Lindell's attorney, Pat McSweeny, that the DoJ grossly violated Lindell's, and his associates', constitutional rights  More


Forget vice president, and attorney general of California. how did Kamala Harris ever get out of high school?  More
NYC sounds unlivable  More
The White House is preparing to have Joe Biden take executive action to protect 600,000 DACA "Dreamers"  More
Donks want to put people who say the 2020 election was stolen into prison -- but 2016 was "different"  More
The Democrats decision to abandon due process and historical precedent to impeach President Trump  More
The District Attorney of Philadelphia says, "Eight out of ten of the most violent cities are Trump cities," with a straight face!  More
This should be a far bigger story than Martha's Vineyard -- it's not -- there is a lesson there  More
"The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea" ~ Kamala Harris  More
The taxpayer burden for Joe Biden's Student Loan/Vote Buying scheme keeps growing -- it's greater than $450 billion now -- PhDs benefit most!  More


San Francisco schools encourages teachers to facilitate secret child sexual transitions, and affirm students who use the gender pronoun "it" -- genderism's "n-word" ( thread )  More
Millions of children will pay a very heavy price for Joe Biden's gender equity agenda ( )  More
Clinic featured at child trans summit sends legal demand to Post Millennial to censor our reporting  More
They're everywhere, and they're all elementary school teachers -- they have a sign language to identify themselves as whatever!  More
If this doesn't enrage you, nothing will ( )  More
The NEA is mainlining Queer Theory into the public schools -- Queer theorists believe that transgressive sex is a method of liberation  More


This unidentified teacher needs a lot of help  More
My study of the Left's hate speech ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
Jordan Peterson school visit prompts calls to the police -- "who defines hate -- the people you least want to"  More
"The Racists of Martha's Vineyard"  More
MSNBC's Q-Tip says, “white MAGA, bigoted Southerners” like Georgia GOP U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker because he is “stupid.”  More
Uncle Tom II exposes how BLM is "destroying what made America great, and using Blacks as a means to do so" ~ Larry Elder  More


Taylor Lorenz is back -- and she brought her ego with her ( )  More
Atlantic expert explains why a WOKE army is much better than the hyper masculine one  More
Adm. James Stavridis believes he can control the climate -- from former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO to MSNBC hack  More
Is this guy just trying to get laid?  More
Princeton University marks Constitution Day with an event identifying our founding charter as, "a form of geopolitical gaslighting"  More
Hooray! Joe Biden delivers again!  More


"Yesterday was a particularly violent day in New York City"  More
Next town over -- Quincy (MA), City of Presidents joins "Our Democracy"  More
Gunman prowls a Philadelphia street, looking for a victim -- finds one ( )  More
Fleeing suspect moves to shoot Tucson SWAT K9 -- bad move!  More
This probably belongs under "Morons"  More
"I’m from Chicago, bro," says second dumbest armed robber in America  More


Parents beware! -- fentanyl, disguised as candy, is the deadliest result of Biden's open border policy  More
Heavily-armed black militia marches through Austin chanting anti-illegal migrant slogans -- they demand Joe Biden "close the border"  More
Watch events in Katy (TX) -- the Left is organizing a confrontation at an alleged "Christian" church ( thread )  More
*** Jan. 6 was not the rare instance of violence against our Democracy the Democrats say -- let me take you on a journey ( thread ) ***  More
Violent Prog attacks the projector because he doesn't like the presentation -- busted! ( )  More
Texas farmer living near border shows footage of illegal migrants crossing onto his property and breaking into and seizing his 95-year-old grandfathers home  More

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Senate Republicans want to know if "political considerations" led to the FBI assault on pro-life activist Mark Houck's home  More
Federal funding of research on manipulating brains and rewriting DNA should worry us all ( )  More
Glenn Greenwald reminds everyone why they shouldn’t believe a thing John Brennan or his spokesperson, Natasha Bertrand, says ( thread )  More
Truth in advertising  More
CNN’s decline continues -- sparking another round of layoffs -- the staff is "freaked out"  More
The DoJ will spend $57 million to transition to the Department of WOKE  More


WTF?  More
What goes through a mother's mind that results in bringing her child to the Drag Queen Hour in a bar room?  More
Michigan man pleads guilty to killing college student he met on LGBQTXYZ dating app and eating his testicles  More
No punishment is too severe for a child molester  More
The kids are not all right!  More
Tiktoker fantasizes about throwing an abortion themed party  More


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